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  1. agree with jdh. it wont be as "hot pink" but it will darken up and have more vivid colors.
  2. hydnophora
  3. is that day 8 after the cycle? or just day 8 since you got it?
  4. Royal blues and neutral whites
  5. its hard to really compare it size wise in this picture but it looks like a micro to me.
  6. micro? acan?
  7. its an acan echinata. it looks pretty colorful to me, i dont know how much better you want it!
  8. good choice, that was my first coral too
  9. ID?

  10. im pretty sure you should have sand instead of that big gravel in there for him as they sift sand for food.
  11. what kind of fish is that in the center of the tank? (not the damsel)
  12. not a montipora digitata because those are branching. maybe an encrusting monti or porites.
  13. or you could just keep it...
  14. a chalice of some sort. very nice looking though.
  15. doesnt look like a monti cap. turbinaria maybe?