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  1. The Acan Club :P

    agree with jdh. it wont be as "hot pink" but it will darken up and have more vivid colors.
  2. Please ID

  3. Corralife 14 Day 8

    is that day 8 after the cycle? or just day 8 since you got it?
  4. Overflow Box?

    more importantly than either of those is that the overflow box limits the amount of water that can get sucked back in to your sump in case of a power failure where the return pump goes out. If the pump goes out in your current situation the water in the display will drain down to the bottom of your pipe (an inch or so). if you had an overflow box set only 1/8" or 1/4" below the water surface then only that amount of water would drain down to the sump. if your sump is big enough to hold the inch worth of display water then it doesnt really matter (although corals up top could be exposed).
  5. you are correct. the names really just refer to the standard sizes on the aqueon website.
  6. Conduit Light Hanging...What weight can it hold?

    a lot of hardware stores will let you rent a bender for pretty cheap. mine made me rent it for a day mimimum but that was still only $8.
  7. Apartment Reefers...

    i had a 40 breeder at my parents place and then moved into an apartment and brought the tank with me. move was a hassle. then had it in my apartment for year and decided to downsize to a 15 gallon when i moved. personally i just didnt want the hassle of having to move such a big tank. but as long as you are aware that you will possibly have to move and are ready for it it shouldnt be that big of a deal.
  8. Creative fish removal

    chase it so that it hides in a small piece of live rock and then just put a bag over the piece of rock, turn the rock upside down, bring it out of the water and it should swim into the bag.
  9. Tank Stand Top question

    the tanks with the rim can just sit just on the 2x4s. adding a wooden top wont distribute the load any differently than the tank rim to the 2x4s. if you want to put foam on the stand i guess thats ok but only under the rim. you do not want any foam placing any load on to the bottom pane of glass.
  10. SPS ID

    third one is an acropora of some sort
  11. Capturing Fish

    just a helpful idea that i discovered today while trying to move my fish between tanks. instead of trying to net them or trap them try to scare them into hiding in a solitary, medium to small sized rock. then just take a large plastic bag partly filled with water (the kind you get from a fish store for a coral or fish) and put it over the rock. pull the rock in the bag up towards the surface and when you start to invert/pull the rock out of the water the fish just swim down into the bag. worked to capture my neon gobies who are usually way too quick for anything else.
  12. 30 long sps tank

    you can drill a tank, trust me. its really easy as long as you dont do anything crazy and just go really slow. i hesitated to drill mine at first too but im really happy i did and i will be doing it again on my next tank.
  13. RO/DI causing sink leak

    the ro/di unit, the filtered water line, and the waste line were in the bathtub. the thing that makes me think it was a leak was that there was a ton of water under the sink in the cabinet and theres not really much of a way for water to get in there except to come out of the pipes. havent heard from my landlord yet but not really looking to try this again on that sink. any input on another way to run a ro/di with a pump or something? when i get home from work im gonna see if tehres a hookup in the basement i could use.
  14. RO/DI causing sink leak

    yeah it was hooked up with a hose adapter. that does make sense about the water being off, kinda strange.
  15. RO/DI causing sink leak

    i have a question for everybody. i just moved in to a new apartment and i tried to filter some water last night for the first time. i set it up and watched it for a few minutes and everything was fine. went to bed and was woken up by the doorbell about an hour and a half later by the guy downstairs because he had water coming out of his electrical socket in the bathroom. went upstairs and water all over the floor coming from the cabinet under the sink. my guess is the backpressure created by the ro/di is too much for some joint and caused the leak. anybody else had this happen to them? i will have to see what the landlord says about it today but i doubt hes gonna be happy and neither is my neighbor. im very hesitant to experiment with hooking it up to any plumbing now so is there a way to pump water through the ro/di from a reservoir or something?