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  1. Going Old School with an AGA 5.5 Gallon

    Water and aquascaped last night. Checked everything this morning and all is working great. InTank Media Basket was a beautiful fit! BRS rock came in and is very nice. Now time to sit back and let her cycle through and then get started!
  2. Going Old School with an AGA 5.5 Gallon

    Indeed...I am lucky to have a master carpenter as a grandfather in law so we made the canopy and then made the cradle to match and make everything look nice and symmetrical. I am a big fan of simplicity and kinda keeping as much hidden as possible so I wanted to keep everything out of sight as much as possible. I really hate I don't have a nicer camera as the paint and the canopy look really nice.
  3. Going Old School with an AGA 5.5 Gallon

    So I am diving back into the game with this AGA 5.5 Gallon project for my new office at school. I flirted with the idea of going with a Fluval Spec V but decided to go a bit old school instead. Please enjoy plans, specs, and the first picture (sorry for the rough iPad pic) below. Tank AGA 5.5 Gallon with blacked out back Custom built canopy and "cradle" painted with Rustoleum Stone Accents paint Lighting 10W Epistar 20,000K LED Pendant Filtration Aquaclear 70 with inTank Media Basket Filter floss and 50W Hydor in the first chamber Chemipure in the second chamber Macro in the final chamber Stocking Fish: One clown goby (just love these guys) Inverts: Mix of Turbo and Nasarrius snails, a couple of Blue Leg Hermits, and a Peppermint Shrimp Coral: A healthy mix of zoas and softies. I plan to stick to bright easily kept corals for this office project All of the filter items and the 10 lbs of dry rock from BRS are arriving Wednesday so I hope to get water in it to get everything going either Thursday or Friday!
  4. Need help with hood for new 5.5 Gallon Pico

    Hi everyone, After a long hiatus I am coming back to the wonderful world of nano-reefing! I have recently been blessed with a new area at work and have a personal office which to me equals a reef at work. I have decided to go with a standard 5.5 gallon. (17X9X11) I have always liked that size and have experience with this level having kept a Mini-Bow 7 up and going for several years. I want to keep this system as streamlined as absolutely possible so I am going to construct a custom hood to enclose the lighting system. I am really thinking the reefbreeders nano-lite is the best bet on lighting when it comes to coverage and affordability. So here are my questions as I am mildly educated on LEDs but want to make sure before I start making the hood. 1) How far above the water level is appropriate for this size LED set up? 2) How much distance between the light fixture and the top of the hood? The back of the hood will be open to allow air flow. The front and sides will be enclosed. Thanks everyone and I look forward to making a return to reef keeping!
  5. Pics of my temporary 10 gallon nano

    Out of pure curiosity how old is this tank? As well, if I counted correctly I am looking at like 6-7 fish in there. That is an awful lot for a 10 gallon tank. Not trying to be negative just looks to be a bit much in a 10 gallon tank
  6. Bama Cadlights 22 Gallon T-5 :)

    Added a new inhabitant last week a small Royal Gramma. We named him Monte after my wife and I's alma mata the University of Montevallo whose colors are purple and gold. He has made his den underneath our zoa colony and after about 5 days of keeping to himself regularly comes out now to show his colors.
  7. "Monte" the Royal Gramma

  8. 39g CAD Sig Series Contest Tank

    Good luck! Will be taggin along to see another CAD System in progress!!!!
  9. Turbo Snail Doin Work

    nah its an empty shell so I guess kinda snail ###########?
  10. Cadlights 22g

    Love it so far!!! The light could use some improvements but overall it is great!
  11. Bama Cadlights 22 Gallon T-5 :)

    They are good output wise I just wish it was a little sleeker, the legs were a little better designed, and really wish they hadn't put the sticker on the wrong side!!!! Yep its 10" front to back of actual display size.
  12. Turbo Snail Doin Work

    I know its not the best shot but its pretty good with my Sony Cybershot lol.
  13. Bama Cadlights 22 Gallon T-5 :)

    Had to add this pic today. Don't you love it when something comes right up to the glass? It may not be the best pic but for my Sony Cybershot 7.2 Megapixel it is prety good lol!
  14. Turbo Snail Doin Work

  15. Bama Cadlights 22 Gallon T-5 :)

    Thanks! I have been really impressed by the quality of Cadlights so far! The light could be a little better but the tank itself is just gorgeous!