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  1. rubberbands work just fine for a replacement o-ring. just use some of the thick ones. -Lam
  2. wow, i'm surprised no one has any interest. that's a great price for a great skimmer with the mj1200. too bad i already have one hehe
  3. Zoanthids + Rics (Los Angeles)

    I'm interested in a ric and the green and orange center zoos. Where exactly are you in LA? -Lam
  4. Anyone running the AquaMedic 250W?

    I would, but the 25 is in use right now and I won't have it for a few months. -Lam
  5. Anyone running the AquaMedic 250W?

    Hmm alright, thanks for the replies everyone. I'm actually planning on a growing some SPS. I would actually only be using the 15g for a few months and moving to a 25 soon after -Lam
  6. I was wondering how much you are getting off this pendant. I'm setting up a new 15g and was looking at this light as a potential choice. I figure the 250W is only $20 more than the 150W so it would be a good upgrade. Thanks, Lam
  7. OT: Rx-7 For Sale

    Looks like the batmobile haha:D -Lam
  8. My 7g MiniBow

    Nice start! Just need more corals it there Are you a UCI student? -Lam
  9. Blue Green Reef Chromis

    I think 1 chromis is okay. Maybe 2 if you keep up with water changes and such. In general, the rule of thumb for saltwater is 1 inch of fish per 5g. Of course, there are exceptions. As for 200 fish in a 30g freshwater, I think that is way too overcrowded. -Lam
  10. 7month old 10 gallon Nano

    Love the scaping! Looks alot bigger than a 10g -Lam
  11. Tigs 14g starphire

    Awesome work TiGs! -Lam
  12. New vs. Old bulbs

    Yeah, it made a huge difference in my tank. Forgot to take pics of the tank before and after though...X) -Lam
  13. New vs. Old bulbs

    I'd thought I'd just share a picture I took showing the difference between new and old PC bulbs. The new ones are on top and the old ones are on bottom with about a year of use. Big difference I'd have to say -Lam
  14. pictures of turbo and astrea snails?

    My snails never did anything for my hair algae, but my scarlet reef hermits annihilated it -Lam
  15. PC bulbs

    Hmm...not sure on those. They might not be the correct spectrum/temperature. I always get mine from www.ahsupply.com or www.hellolights.com -Lam