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  1. Typically water changes are the way to remove nitrates, but macro-algae also helps with removing it. -Lam
  2. Emerald Mithrax Crabs do a pretty good job of combatting bubble algae...think they only get about 3 inches too. May be a bit large depending on the size of your tank... HTH, Lam
  3. You should PM Gilman about it...he has at least one Green-Banded Goby in his nano with an Occellaris. I'm not sure if he has another goby though... HTH, Lam
  4. Wow, very clean setup...love it! -Lam
  5. Check out this article. It'll explain about the pulsing of xenia. http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-02/ac/f...ature/index.htm HTH, Lam
  6. I think 100w over a 10g is enough to keep it but IME, i still think certain monti's(purple) or pink bird's nest will still brown or at least lose color. That's what happened in my tank anyways and I have 49w PC over a 5.5. It is the greater light intensity of the metal halides that SPS like so much. HTH, Lam
  7. I have lots of bristleworms and they have yet to bother my GSP. When my GSP starts to look bad, it's a water quality issue in my tank. Check your params. HTH, Lam
  8. Awesome! So you drive a stealth r/t too huh? I have 91' r/t. You go on the 3si.org msg board? -Lam
  9. He has probably ran out of pods to munch on in your tank. Try some frozen mysis or brine even. Good Luck, Lam
  10. Give him some time. He probably just needs to get used to his new environment. Mine was pretty timid the first week or so I got him. He'd always hide from me and stay in the corner also. Now he's swimming all over the tank exploring and rubs up against my hand when I clean the tank hehe. HTH, Lam
  11. 6-line wrasses are pretty cool...they like to swim all over the place and explore. Pretty looking fish too -Lam
  12. Mine was the same way when I first got him. Try giving him some live brine for about a week. Then slowly start mixing the food u want him to eat with the live brine. Eventually he'll start to just eat regular food. At least mine did ! HTH, Lam
  13. Nice! Love those zoos -Lam
  14. Yeah I kind of figured that it could be small...rainford's are somewhat common where I live and hector's show up often enough where it wouldn't be too difficult to get one. Initially I wanted a rainfordi, but leaned towards the hector's b/c I heard they are easier to care for. Still not sure though on the goby then... thanks for your help, Lam
  15. Mine was the same way...i used live brine to get him to start eating then slowly weaned him to formula one =) -Lam