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  1. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    HBD Nano-Reef! Yankeereefer
  2. diy refugium plan

    I built a couple of sumps w/corner baffles - Rather than teeth as Prop suggests, I used a piece of eggcrate as the bottom of the baffle and siliconed the acrylic/plexi above it
  3. hair algae problem

    likely the water then - Need to test for phos - Find someplace to test with spectrometer vs strips
  4. External Mag Drive

    Anyone with first hand knowledge concerning running a magdrive externally? Will be relocating soon, considering setting up a 5g or 10g and maybe want to use a mag 2/3 for a closed loop scenario - No sump, pump run externally - Thoughts?
  5. hair algae problem

    How old are your lights and your ro/di membrane filters? perhaps it's time that they were changed. Look for the source.
  6. AC110 fuge Light

    That's actually a perfect light fixture - I modded one (cut it in half) - Check the DIY forum for a thread of mine that documented the build. If I can find it, I'll link it later. Here's a few pics Yankee
  7. is this a mantis?

    that's a mantis alright - You should consider keeping it, many of us nanoreefers do - Not all of them get really big and despite the old wives tales, mantis shrimp very RARELY break tanks. Check out and post your pic on the reefcentral mantis shirimp forum for an ID
  8. Getting prints made

    If you're not a Wal-Mart hater, I'd suggest using Sam's Club - I've had a lot of prints done by them (4x6 up to poster size) - Very good results and pricing wasn't bad either since my fiancee / wife worked in the photo dept
  9. any idea's for a nano wavemaker or surge machine

    ghetto but ingenious also, hat's off to prop - You've posted some fantastic solutions and DIY work - Just finished reading your skimmer thread
  10. Is this crazy?

    Can't you put the chemipure in your overflow box and use a filter sock on the hose in the sump to deal with the bubbles? Do you have a bubble trap or baffles between your sump intake and return pump?
  11. Baby Nursery Reef Tank

    Nice work! Did you do this yourself? Do you have any other artwork you could post pics of?
  12. Jenna's 10g w/ built in fuge

    try using this TDS meter. You can monitor post RO membrane and then again after the DI canister.
  13. Jenna's 10g w/ built in fuge

    I live in an apt too - Alot of RO/DI systems have an attachment that just screws into the faucet output. Without removing it after making water though this renders the faucet useless as a tap. You can get an adapter or saddle valve to circumvent that problem though. Mine's in the extra bathroom so tying up the sink is not an issue Look on the classifieds here or over on RC. RO units can be found pretty cheap sometimes.
  14. Pics Of 10g and other small sumps!

    It would probably fit, but you lose the space for refugium. Both my ASM and NW150 have pumps coming off the side of the bubble chamber so the footprint is pretty big. - The Urchin might be a better bet or even a HOB (remora) if you want to keep the fuge. I plan to upgrade soon to a 40B with a 20L sump so I can have space for fuge and skimmer.
  15. Pics Of 10g and other small sumps!

    ASM mini w/mesh mod - No probs with it does well. I have since swapped it out for a NW150 w/mesh mod