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  1. Honestly, I haven't ran a test of any kind in almost 8 years. Could be part of the problem but my strategies have worked great for me until now. Off to grab a test kit.
  2. Within a week my chaeto algae went from basketball size to nothing. Theres not even any debris where the algae use to be. I can't figure out what could cause this. When I noticed the algae shrank to half the amount that should have been there, I changed the light bulb but it had no effect and it continued to disappear. I have had the same chaeto algae in my tank for about 8 years. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks guys! It's fun to be able to mix my hobbies.
  4. This is a close-up of a woodburning I did a few weeks back. My clownfish looking at his anemone
  5. Hello? Can someone get me another roll of tp?
  6. LOL bktomodachi that made my day
  7. some recent reef related burns I have done. If anyone has ideas of things you would like to see burned or you have any cool photos that you don't mind me using as subjects let me know.
  8. lol it must be Canadian.
  9. brown trout burned on to basswood.
  10. Thanks guys. Your right Oregon I'll have to try and give that a shot with my next setup.
  11. This is a woodburn I did of my clown. Took about 3 1/2 just to burn it.
  12. Very nice. I do have to point out though that it looks like squidward.