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  1. Disappearing Chaeto

    Honestly, I haven't ran a test of any kind in almost 8 years. Could be part of the problem but my strategies have worked great for me until now. Off to grab a test kit.
  2. Within a week my chaeto algae went from basketball size to nothing. Theres not even any debris where the algae use to be. I can't figure out what could cause this. When I noticed the algae shrank to half the amount that should have been there, I changed the light bulb but it had no effect and it continued to disappear. I have had the same chaeto algae in my tank for about 8 years. Any ideas?
  3. clownfish and his anemone

    Thanks guys! It's fun to be able to mix my hobbies.
  4. clownfish and his anemone

    This is a close-up of a woodburning I did a few weeks back. My clownfish looking at his anemone
  5. Has anyone else been having problems with the Tek Light Elite cooling fans? Mine recently have been making alot of noise or not starting up at all. The fixture has been in use about a month.
  6. lol.. owned

    Hello? Can someone get me another roll of tp?
  7. The Thing

    stomatella snail
  8. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy B-Day!
  9. Mad Reef Scientist at Work!

    Im glad to see you guys are just glueing tail to mouth and tail to tail. Fragging your fish would just hurt them. lol
  10. Pyramid snail bleeding?

    LOL bktomodachi that made my day
  11. Going on a trip to Fish Stores

    With the cooler and the ac I would say you pretty much have your part covered. I would suggest for you to tell the lfs that you have a long drive. They can put the corals (or whatever) in a larger bag that could hold more water and more air.
  12. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday! I've upgraded out of nano reefs but not out of nano-reef
  13. armor of god zoas

    from: http://zoaid.com/index.php?module=Gallery2&g2_itemId=651 ID: Armor of God Original Namer: Mr. Ugly Story Behind Zoa: Got one polyp of these in a trade. Not quite an Armageddon, but similar color. Looks liike a flaming shield, so I called it Armor of God.
  14. What is the best way to frag/prune xenia?

    A lot of people seem to just flush it down the toilet when it gets over grown. Best bet is to check with your local fish stores if they will take it for store credit. I brought 6 stalks to a lfs and was shocked to get $75 store credit. Time to prune again!
  15. crashing true percs

    Looks like someone jumped on the flame wagon.