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  1. Finnex 30MT or CADlights 39g?

    You probably shouldn't need much directions for it, with it being an AIO and all. That said, Cad's support is some of the best in the industry, so you're covered all around! Any lights can be put on timers, LED included and that's probably the best way to run any aquarium lights.
  2. Salt brand?

    She is a he! Anyways, it was with D-D, and the culprat from the salt besides bad salt in general, was a severe lack of MG and alk, like BELOW 1100 and 3.5dKh respectively. I would go with RSCP without a doubt if that's one of your choices or what you used before. It's a great salt and generally tests well in most measured catagories like MG, alk, CA, and elements. In all honesty when it comes down to it, there is no BEST salt. Just like most other things out there, it's really personal preferance. What works wonders for one or many, will not for all. I wouldn't say don't use D-D, but rather sharing my experience with it. And it was probably just a bad batch more than anything else. I know others that swear by it, others that do not. It didn't work for me and rather cost me my tank pretty much which is the experience I have to share on that salt.
  3. Salt

    There's a website floating around that compares many of the salt brands in the content catagories and how they all test out numbers wise, and that site is why I had switched to CoralLife for a while. It great across the board numbers. Since my tank has always for whatever reason been rich in CA, salt with low CA content never bothered me. Good info on the TM Pro. I never knew of anyone that used with WITHOUT a reactor that had good results. But if they recommend it along with dosing in nanos, they really should include that in the labeling on it, otherwise it's really misleading...
  4. Salt

    Also of note, Tropic Marin Pro is ONLY to be used when a CA reactor is in place. Tropic Marin (regular) is what you'd want to use in a normal system and is another excellent salt chpice that I've used myself before. I've also used CoralLife with very good results. For me I'd recomment either TM regular, Red Sea Coral Pro or CoralLife.
  5. Finnex 30MT or CADlights 39g?

    That I'm not totally sure about. But the color can be changed to many settings, and then the intensity is highly adjustable as well. I don't see why there wouldn't be at least a handful of "favorite" schemes that could be programmed to like memory presets on the remote.
  6. Salt

    I would, considering I've transfered tanks several times before with not a single livestock loss, and this was the only time I've ever changed salt when doing a transfer. You do the math there... Also a local hobbiest who's wife is a chemist, has compared D-D salt from when it first came out on the market to oh around the time my crash happened, and they have changed their formulation in that time, and I hate to say but it's not for the better.... People just don't use it like they used to and there's reason why.
  7. Finnex 30MT or CADlights 39g?

    I've seen the LED system on display from Cad at local aquarium expo events here in SO. Cali, so I can verify it's an awesome system you'll love! Plus the adjustability of it can't really be beat!
  8. Salt

    Not to put any fear into anyone, but I had a fresh new bucket of D-D salt that I cracked open and reset up my 30g tank with over a year ago and the salt made the tank crash, 95% loss. NOTHING else in the tank changed. All livestock and rocks remained the same and the items were transfered from a bare bottom 20g long tank into the 30g. The only change was the salt used. I'm deathly afraid to W/C using that salt ever again! For DelTec's sake, I could have ended up with a bad batch/bucket which is far more possible. I used to use Red Sea Coral Pro myself and had great results with it.
  9. Finnex 30MT or CADlights 39g?

    Odd they would still have it up on their website... According to Finnex's website, the 30M is indeed discontinued. A shame really as it is a fine tank! None-the-less, you'll be very happy with the Cadlights 39g Signature! And the LED lighting is how I would go on it too! Their LED system is top notch!
  10. ADIN TANK 75g

    PLANTS! I <3's!!
  11. Phixion's Finnex 30g glass

    Rehype, buddy! haha, still have the hilarious avatars, I love it! Yup, I'm still kickin'!! Where I moved to back at the end of '08, I barely have time for much anymore between work and the some days 3 hours of commuting I do. Needless to say, by the time I get home, I'm beat! Good to see you still around as well bro!
  12. Phixion's Finnex 30g glass

    2 years, goodness it's been a while! Tank is doing good! So about 6 months after the last post above, the tank had a massive crash. How massive? Well my prized near "2½x"2½ sized 10+ mouthed LE watermelon chalice melted away completely over the course of literally 18 hours! I was devestated on that one, even moreso than losing 95% of the livestock, everything except for 2 pieces of LE neon green toadstool and eons of halimeda died. Turned out the alk dropped fatally low, to around 3.4dKh... I'm currently attributing the crash to the D-D salt, as the temp tank thrived, and that I started up using 1/3 Corallife, 1/3 Red Sea Coral Pro and 1/3 Oceanic salts. THAT combo should have probably killed the tank itself, lol! But after 6 months and 0 (ZERO) water changes, everything was growing fast and doing as good as ever till I moved back into the Finnex using the D-D salt... Now after about a year since the crash, the tank is bouncing back and zoas that had been closed up for 11+ months are opening back up once again. I honestly haven't really changed anything except for some alk dosing here and there, and a couple water changes in the past year, well I did 2 within the week of the crash though.
  13. Finnex 30MT or CADlights 39g?

    Wow, it's been a while since I've popped into NR.com, but upon doing a search for something old here, this thread caught my eye naturally. Let me speak from the Finnex side of the fence. I own an original 1st generation Finnex 30g glass M tank. I've had it since the end of 2006 and it's still going strong for me. I've never had to mod ANYTHING on it, well never needed to but wanted to on a couple things just for kicks. Anyways, people will say this and that about the skimmer it comes with (if they even still included them) but the reality of the matter is that it DOES work. I've never had issues with mine and yes there are better skimmers out there, but if it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it is the motto I roll with with it comes to this stuff. So I'm looking at Aquacave's site and see the Finnex hasn't changed really since the gen 2 design of early 2007. Hey, it shows they have a good design that never needed touching up, tank wise I'm speaking (NOT accessories like the skimmer). Personally I'd go for the T5 with the 9x1w LED setup. I ALMOST replaced my original T5 Finnex fixture with that one, but then went the MH way when a local hobbiest sold me his JBJ Disco Ball MH fixture for DIRT cheap. I can only go MH now, LOL! But the T5 is a NICE fixture. I can't knock Cadlights though knowing Eddie (the owner) personally now and living a mere less than 10 miles from their So Cali warehouse/headquarters. I've had extensive inperson talks comparing the tanks and he doesn't knock Finnex either, but I know the quality of the Cad is just a notch better at the least. That said, I wouldn't put Finnex out of the running. For me it come down to budget, and the fact that Cad didn't have much offerings for the price back in 2006, they had just started up around then really. EITHER tank would suit well and last a long time. Good luck!!
  14. DeMartini's Bonsai Inspired Reef

    Whoa, this setup is turning out really nice Lauren!! I love the light and how it all comes together astetically! Fiance, is that recent? If so, congrats!
  15. Plumbed in ATO

    My ATO is on a timer... That's a pretty cheap affective way to control a mishap. Mine comes on for 5 minutes at a time, 4 times a day every 6 hours...