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  1. my minibow-7 nano reef

    that heliofungia is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Few days off so 2.5 is born

    wow talk about a dead thread being dug up outta no where
  3. Fish Amount Question

    oberra your post was retarded, im revoking your talking privliges for a week, maby youll learn not to said stupid #### anymore.
  4. Is this a good deal on ebay?

    it looks liek a good deal to me. prime your not right about the lgiht 13 watts is fine for a fuge on that tank im assuming you thought 13 watt for the whoel tank. ive heard good and bad about rio, mainly the samller pumps arent too great but the bigger oens are fine. anyways if the pump sucks its only $15 for a new one, and the pumps only to run the skimmer.
  5. yellow polyps

    give em some time,do a wc if in doubt and se what happens.
  6. Fish Amount Question

    wow your a retard go into your closet n get the neuce ready
  7. Why no tap water?

    do a search on tap water and youll find may reasons why people dont use tap, please research before you ask questions. this topic has been gone over many times before.
  8. INSANE super red/pink Ricordia yuma for sale

    ill be at the meeting the 9th for sure because im selling some stuff from my 2.5 gallon that just recently crashed after a year n a half. but ill definatly be there hope to see ya there. -Chris
  9. INSANE super red/pink Ricordia yuma for sale

    for everyone ridiculing johnny for selling the ric shut the hell up if you arent interested then dont respond, johnny is a very respectable nice guy (ive met him at my reef club) and hes also well informed on the hobby and from the pics ive seen his tank is probly better than anyone who riddiculed him for selling the ric.bottom line is stop being a buncha retards and trying to be funny,shut the hell up and if you dont like how much hes selling it for dont say anything. i myself think the ric is worth how much hes selling it for since ive seen them much more expensive online. and last but not least none of you say anything because your mostly newbs and your privliges of talking have now been revoked. have a nice day. -Chris
  10. Water/Live Rock in Alexandria, VA

    im selling live rock n i goto wamas i have 5 lbs of about a year n a half old rock for $20 so its $4 a lb n i paid $8 but i need money for hockey equiptment. i also have corals,equiptment,and fish for sale.
  11. Water/Live Rock in Alexandria, VA

    i have stuff for sale and im in va im me on aim or yim (preferably aim both are chrisisthereefer or email me cjm033@aol.com. -Chris
  12. How long does it take a bta to die?

    there probly feeding it to kep it alive and im guessing if its not dying the water params must be pretty good. is it alway open and have you seen any growth from it?
  13. help murder

    id report your dad to animal creualty if he dad that to me. and now this means you gota get back at him, id pour sugar in his gas tank and smash his windsheild in with a bat,or even better id find his keys drive the car into the middle of a feild or something then pour gas all over it and make a line of gas going to the car and lite er up. please feel free to use any of my ideas for revenge. -Chris
  14. Upgraded lighting on 2.5 and SPS

    id do a 20 k with 1 50/50 and one 10 k pc and then you might get a little better color from your corals.
  15. more pics

    i love the shape of that tank