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  1. looks like a sideways bong
  2. 2nd one looks like a ric
  3. if you like it alot then buy it. i think it looks pretty sweet. i bought a smaller lobo a while back for 70 bucks,Chris
  4. o btw what part of va are you in. you should goto the wamas symposium the 26th www.wamas.org
  5. i have a 2.5 gal with sps and everything. i just added a fuge today and im waiting for everything to clean up because i added sand. but 2-13 watt pc's from petsupplyliquidator.com are awsome, i have that on my tank. or if u realy wanna do all sps why not get a 70 watt hallide? i had a yellow clown goby in it but it died becuase we lost power for 2 days. it was a great fish until it died and did awosme in the tank,Chris
  6. i just made a specimen comtainer into a mini fuge for my 2.5 gallon. i cut an overflow off an old broken filter and just put it on. the silicon is curing today ill put it up tomorrow and try n post pics,Chris
  7. if you read the "zoos" ont hat page are called wannabe purple people eaters,Chris
  8. yeah thatd be awosme especially since the polyps are almost ready for s frag job. bad news tho the clown goby died this weekend when my power was out for 2 days. the leather isnt looking great but hopefully will pull through as well as everything elese. any more comments ? -Chris
  9. areefer ive been to one meet so far and its awsome it was a frag meet. the one the 26th is a symposium and theres gonna be alot of guest speakers im not sure if there will be a frag trade or not. but if your still getn rid of the mantis i could take it off oyur handsa at the symposium,Chris
  10. sorry for the double post but put me on the list for it and pm me with the details,Chris
  11. do u goto wamas ?
  12. ill take the light if no one bought it yet
  13. pm me with the price for the pendant,fan inside
  14. tanks been up for a year or so but i had to totally rebuild it after the urricane a little back but the system currently setup now is about 6 months old and the clown gobys been in there for about 3 n a half months,Chris
  15. heres my 2.5 gallon reef the pictures were supposedly too big to attach so heres a link http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p...234&uid=2044356 tell me what you think about the tank. all questions comments and criticism and smart ass remarcks are welcome,Chris