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  1. omfg I love the purple colour. I wish that was my clam. I'm super jealous.
  2. Aren't RG's the bastards of the reef aquarium?(well one of them anyway ) Hopefully your peaceful firefish can stand up to it lol good luck!
  3. Scary x_x
  4. Gotta love blastos!
  5. What type of Conure is that? My budgie died(she was the sweetest little thing :[) a few days ago and I've been pretty upset. This picture cheers me up some though . I just put a deposit on a baby conure. As soon as the person raising him feels he is eating enough of the good stuff he's coming home with me(month or so). He/She's quite the little darling. Loved to be on my finger. I'm going to visit it frequently in the meantime . Mine is a pearly. Very rare in the U.S
  6. They're plays not zoas
  8. For flatworms and polyps just freshwater dip and squirt them with a test kit dropper or something. They die within 30 seconds in FW.
  9. Nice!
  10. amazing photo. great coral, how many mouths does that bugger have?
  11. damn nice
  12. You need a plate coral ^^
  13. Hi little fellah!
  14. Grapes don't have any split tentacles I think? I'm sticking with frogspawn. A young one as someone else stated . It seems to be filling in frogspawn style.
  15. Frogspawn. The tentacles are usually more pronounced and longer on a torch.