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  1. DementedLullaby

    ID Quizzzz

    BT's do better under MH's but it might do okay under CF's. Depends on how close to the light it is. Feeding is a must for sure right now.
  2. DementedLullaby

    Scooter Blenny!

    I think it's small. 20-30 would be better, especially with a fuge
  3. DementedLullaby

    Off white sack looking things attached to my heater...

    You guys should see my fuge, the low flow, no light area has some pretty nutty sponge growth all over the plastic ^^ btw nice job on the ID
  4. DementedLullaby

    Sponge Tube?

    Sounds like you ID'd it yourself hehe =) enjoy 'em!
  5. DementedLullaby

    Xarca something?

    It's a toadie I win =) btw that one is quite neat. I'm not good at getting down to a particular species but I don't think it's as common as most you see in stores.
  6. DementedLullaby

    Something for a 10g that eats pods

    I'm going to second six lines. They'll clean up the pods and really aren't picky with what to eat after wards. They're really cool fish too IMO.
  7. DementedLullaby

    Exotic Crabs

    Inverts rock. I can't like one better than the other but yeah they are really neat. Porcelain crabs are so funny. Watching them wave their little filters to catch stuff in the water column. Too cool!
  8. DementedLullaby

    Mantis Eating Video

    Or you know you could just learn to edit videos so it gets right to the action. Cool Peacock videos.
  9. DementedLullaby

    Exotic Crabs

    Pom Pom Crabs...Porcelains crabs. Super cool little dudes.
  10. DementedLullaby

    Xarca something?

    Looks like some kind of toadstool to me. Nice find.
  11. DementedLullaby

    Some body forgot to pay the rent !

    http://www.extremecorals.com/Merchant2/mer...tegory_Code=New what a nice looking coral I think I'll buy it right away >_>
  12. DementedLullaby

    What the heck is this thing? I know it's bad...

    flatworms are horrible little buggers, get rid of them right away. Syphon out as many as possible, then syphon more out. Then use flatworm exit. Watch them die. And do water changes =) good luck dude!
  13. DementedLullaby

    Mandarin Fish

    I suppose that any fish you get may become boring then? Or are you saying the money you spend makes them less attractive? lol! Honestly if you ever have hopes of a larger reef system, please just wait it out. I've wanted a mandarin or scooter for ages, but won't purchase one unless I know I have the size of a tank needed to keep one happy. If not...then go ahead. Be psycho and go crazy for your fish! That is if you think you can keep up the long term commitment this type of fish is. BTW do some research on pairs of mandarins and their breeding behavior. Very amazing.
  14. DementedLullaby

    Help me please! I accidentally ripped my ricordea

    If you are just wanting it so you have 2 ricordea...dude just wait =). It will split. And it's really fun to watch. It's kind of transitional but very interesting.
  15. DementedLullaby

    Mandarin Fish

    Try to get it eating frozen foods as has been mentioned. Otherwise I wouldn't attempt one in a 29g. You need a refugium FOR SURE. Even then it's best if the tank is hooked up to an even larger tank and refugium. You can be guaranteed a happy mandarin then. That's my idea on 110% anyway.