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  1. What do you do for a living?

    In all honesty you are best to go into a field you have a passion for. Whats the point of going to a job daily and thinking it sucks, hating every minute of it and then coming home and still being snakey with loved ones. Money doesnt buy happiness but it does make it easier to get through life. On the other hand whats the point of having money if you work long hours and never get time to enjoy it?\ Look for something that will earn you a reasonable income and at the same time not be painful on a daily basis. Not many people will tell you that they have their Dream Job. (Beofre everyone says they do think about it a bit..... Is there no aspect of your job that doesnt slightly annoy you?). Life is full of comprimises, that is true but you should never comprimise your happiness over the longer term just for money. The trick is to do something that is YOU! P.S: Study hard. A couple years of pain when your at school will save you a life of it when you are cleaning it becuase that is all you qualified for....
  2. How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    Combo pH / temperature / Electrical Conductivity meter I borrow from work..... ( I am an Enviro Officer....)
  3. metal halides

    The spectral output or colour temperature should be stamped on the bulb. Anything in the 10000K to 20000K range seems to be acceptable. (I run 14000K without any other lighting such as Actinic and it seems to be working well) but that is of course up for debate as to what the best sing colour temp is. The ballast is responsible for the operation of the lamp by providing the power at the right level. During start up the ignitor in the ballast provides the energy to get the bulb hot and running. This requires a higher voltage then once its running so it is a king of transformer. That is my understanding. I did the cheap option and bought a shop lighter fixture ( accent lighting fixture) and ballast and then matched the bulb. (double ended). Its not pretty at them moment to look at but it gets the job done. In Aussie dollars it cost me about a 3rd of what a special "Aquarium" light did. Now I just need to wait until the second fixture arrives in the mail and rig them both up into a custom Pendant arrangement that will also house two 30w T8 18000K fluros. (more for gradual light build up then the on / off effect of the MH's). ( I have a bullet shaped tank with a hood that means heat sky rockets so this is my way round heating issues.
  4. 3 things I can't give a name to?

    That creature in the first photo may be in fact a starfish. They are able to regenerate when legs are broken off and there is a peive of the main body left on the leg. I have seen starfish local to my coastal area with everything from 3 to 7 legs due this. Weird animals..... As for the other two. sorry no idea.
  5. Going Topless

    I dont bother running a top on my tank as I need as much evapouration as possible to keep the temperature down. No flyspray is the only rule in the room where the tank is. Anyways, if a cat got into my tank the damsels would probably eat it anyway....
  6. Lighting Query

    Problem Solved!!! EBAY!!!! Got an new identical 150w MH light set up for a third of what I payed for the first one.., just not allowed to spend any money on anything else for a month. (the wife says nothing on the boat, fishing gear, tank, bike or anything else that is not completely necessary to survive....)
  7. Lighting Query

    I reckon that the different voltage supply characteristics of the two continents could create some issues. We run 240V mains over here at 50/60Hz. About the only usable parts would be anything after the igniter / Ballasts!! (Maybe??) Anyways, I will sort something out at some stage. For the time being the fish and coral arent getting a new house until I have a solution that isnt going to compromise the heatlh of the corals.
  8. Lighting Query

    Probably could.. Just wouldnt be able to keep the power meter bolted to the wall of my house!!! It would be spinning pretty quickly.... could use it for a fan even! Definitely need to think this one out more on the options front.
  9. Lighting Query

    Okay. Thanks for your help. I will climb into the pile of assorted lighting fixtures in his back shed and see what else is hiding in there. (might be able to dig out something bigger....) Shame though as there are about 20 sets of 70w ballasts, reflectors and sockets.
  10. Lighting Query

    No , it would be four 70w units evenly spaced along the tank. or possible the 150w at on end and two 70w at the other. I guess what I am asking is whether two 70w units roughly equates to 1 150w unit. (I know that two 70w units gives a total of 140w but realistically will 10w less be that great a difference for roughly the same volume and depth of water given that two 70W lights would be lighting what a normal 150w would?) Now I am confusing myself.....
  11. Lighting Query

    Morning All, a quick Query for everyone interested. I am going back to a 4 foot setup and have the oportunity to aquire some extra MH lighting. The thing is though is that they are 70 watt units. As I run 150Watts over a 2foot tank with excellent results I was wondering if anyone could tell me if four 70watt units would be as effective. The reason I ask is that I am not in a position to purchase another 150W unit due to the cost and I have access to these units for free ( A friend is in the building industry and these are preloved units..... I would be running about 10 to 14 K globes in them. Any thoughts? Cheers, Luke
  12. metal framed tanks

    There probably isnt two many safe products to use. I would recommend wiping it down regularly and that is it.
  13. my anemone hid itself

    The PVC ring could be placed between to bits of live rock and hidden that way. I actually had mine hidden that way towards the top of the tank myself and found that between the anenome opening uo over it and the slightly elevated rock around it it was well hidden. Alls it really did was gave it somewhere relatively uniform in shape to sit. once it adjusts to the light and flow in your tank it may find a home that you and it are both happy with. I had a pair of clarkes clowns that used to hang out with it and I swear that the anenome used to move around in the beginning just to get away from them and get some peace and quiet. (This pair were the most obnoxius fish I have ever seen.... and I kept humbug, blue, lemon and neon damsels in that tank so they had some pretty steep competition in the obnoxiousness stakes!!!!!)
  14. my anemone hid itself

    In my experience they will move to where ever they feel comfortable. You could try putting a PVC "ring" (Off cut of appropriate size pipe that is rougly the size of the foot of the anenome) in the tank where you think it should be and place the anenome in it. This will give it something to wedge its foot into and thus might entice it not to move. It seemed to work fairly well with a roaming anenome I had a while back in my larger tank. It might be worthwhile to observe the light / shadow and flow conditions where it hangs out as well as this will indicate where it will be happiest. Just passing on what has worked for me in the past.
  15. I am a Moranbah / Mackay Boy Born and Bred.... Nothing beats having the best reefs in the world on your doorstep!!!