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  1. Toxic Water (need help)

    Thanks all, and thanks ColorMeBlue for the living in NY tips. My tank water has always been a little warmer so that it wouldn't be too much of a swing when temps shoot up in the summer. Therefore, I usually have the AC on and a heater in the tank. I just put the AC in again even though it's the end of Sept., but when I take it out in a week or so I'll use a desk fan over the top like you said if I need it. I think my 50 watt stealth heaters are no longer reliable though - they lasted a good five or six years. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good heater for a 12 gallon? As per my livestock, I'm pretty bummed. I lost my pygmy wrasse and I really loved him. For some reason my watchman goby and yellow tailed damsel are fine. Maybe they're just heartier fish. But even the crabs and snails are okay. But I feel soooo awful about the wrasse. Whoever asked whether I was continuing to use the bad water though, the answer is no. It was a two gallon bucket which is all I change on a weekly basis. Anyway, thanks again for all the support during this bad time. And, whether it was the cause or not, no more chaeto in the sump for me. It broke two pumps and at the least added to this disaster. Does anyone know of an intank sump friendly plant or algae that utilizes nitrates like chaeto, but won't clog a pump?
  2. Toxic Water (need help)

    You're right, the power strip went into the bucket of water I made. I may have been there for an hour...I'm not sure since I didn't see it go in. In the past, I've always run the AC to keep the room with the tank cool, but just moved so we didn't put the AC in, considering it's September. However, despite the high temps the tank was fine until I got the main sump pump up and running again (it had been out for about 5 days) and did a water change. Maybe it's a combo of the chaeto in the sump (dying without circulation) spreading through the tank once the pump was back, combined with the temperature. Btw, I have no idea what's up with the weather in Brooklyn (other than global warming). It's in the mid to high 80's during the day, and very humid. Yuk. I have to say, what's been hurt is strange. My corals were affected of course and I lost two taro trees and my sun coral took a hit, but the crabs, snails and two fish seem to be fine, although my pygmy wrasse is MIA, and I really hope he's hiding. I also found a bunch of stunned baby bristle worms and scooped them out. I would think that the crabs would have been killed since they seem so sensitive. Which really makes me wonder just what caused this. Maybe it is the heat? It happened so quickly (within about 10 minutes of the water change.
  3. Toxic Water (need help)

    Hey GTi, thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
  4. Toxic Water (need help)

    Something similar happened to me a few weeks ago and I think it had to due with some kind of contaminate getting into my tank... anyhow to make a long story short I lost my clownfish to what ever happen.. all my coral started to degenerate too... alot of slime and necrosing tissue. The only think that saved my tank was running a lot of carbon and doing large water changes (30 % plus). My tank recovered well and is doing good now. One thing I have learned early in this hobby is " Water changes are like divine intervention." How often did you do the water changes? I left work early today to do this, and am waiting for the Ocean Water to reach the temp of my tank. I only plan on doing one today, but can I do another one tomorrow too? Thanks! I just added a question about how often I can do water changes in this situation, but forgot to say thanks to everybody for your help, so THANK YOU!! In my complete state of panic the only thing that brought me back to some sense of calm was being able to communicate with you all. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  5. Toxic Water (need help)

    Thanks, I'll get some carbon too. My water temp is 86 with everything running.... I have no chiller and am pointing fans on the tank.
  6. I'm having a bit of a fishtank disaster and don't know what's caused it. After my last water change (last night) everything in my tank is stressing in a major way - two of 3 fish are hiding (pygmy wrass and watchman goby - only damsel is out) and the corals. My yellow suncoral has turned purple. I know my mistakes but don't know which one caused it, and also, how to fix it. My mistakes: My pump was running sluggish due to chaeto getting in it. I had to order a new pump but took about 5 days to get it. Meanwhile, everything was okay, but water was not moving much from the sump pump and the one powerhead (tank is 12 gallons). The pump came and when I went to change it, I realized that chaeto and sand were stuck in the nozel - it wasn't really a broken pump (the pump is a Boyu). I blew the sand and chaeto out into the tank - I didn't really have a choice. The pump started running efficiently. I also had chaeto loose in the first chamber of my three chambers, which was dying and now circulating through my tank. That was my first mistake. Here's a link to the tank I have - sorry I don't have a picture of my actual tank at the moment. (http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=41&products_id=193) My second mistake was that a powerstrip fell into my water after I had it made and circulating for a couple of hours and I took the strip out and used the water. I didn't see how it would have hurt it. I took the strip apart and there was nothing that looked like it could have affected the water, but after what happened, I am now questioning this? To the present, I did another 2 gallon water change after that but now it's morning and the tank is still stressing, sun coral is closed and purple, all polyps are closed and mushrooms don't want to open. Something is bad in there. Could it be the chaeto or the water?? I feel terrible. And I have to leave the house and won't be back until 5:00 but have no choice (and won't even be able to check any posts till then). I am planning on buying Ocean Water but don't know exactly what to do? Set up a new tank with new water and move the corals into - fish may be hard to catch - I have a lot of live rock. (Oh yeah - when I see the fish and crabs they look okay - at least for now). Should I siphon all water in this tank and fill with Ocean Water from the box and leave everything in the tank? Anyway, for anybody who has actually taken the time to read this saga, I appreciate it. I am really worried about my inhabitants. Thanks.
  7. securing a mushroom

    I'm about to remove a five inch mushroom off the back wall of my tank where it's lodged so that I can move it to a new tank. Does anybody know how I can secure it to a rock so that it doesn't float around aimlessly?
  8. stocking 29g biocube?

    I've had a yellow tail damsel in a 9 gallon for about five years. The only other fish I have is a watchman goby and they get along fine. At one time I added another yellow tail damsel though. He was chased around a bit and ended up swiming into the tube of my protein skimmer where he died. I would be a little concerned about the firetail. I've always wanted one but would not trust the damsel with him. He may get chased less in a 29 gallon though. Good luck with it all!
  9. Infestation of bristle worms

    Thanks for letting me know that I've accomplished something challenging. In counting back, the tank has actually been up for at least 6 years, and since we must move (in addition to the worm problem), I'll be breaking it down today. It's a bittersweet moment, but I think my new tank is going to be awesome since I'm upgrading to 12 gallons and the new one has moonlights. (I get my tanks from CAD Lighting, and they are pretty cool. http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?main_pa...roducts_id=193) Anyway, I've posted a few pictures, one dating back to when the tank was approx 3 1/2 to 4 years old, and one as of last night (that's all that will fit on this post). The tank is looking pretty shabby in the recent pictures though due to the fact that due to being in a very intense graduate program I lapsed on water changes, and since I knew I was breaking it down, have not replaced the crabs (1 sally lightfoot and 1 blue legged hermit) which died about a month ago. Therefore, I have an algae build up which the sally l was keeping down. On the bright side though, the sun coral and the mushrooms you see have been with me the whole way. The sun coral started as four heads and now must be over 30! When I get the new tank up and running, I'll put up a pic. Now, to shave my poor mushroom off the back wall where it has lodged! This is the full tank as of last night. It wouldn't fit in the last post.
  10. Infestation of bristle worms

    That sounds like a great solution! Thank you so much!!
  11. Infestation of bristle worms

    I appreciate all the great info I've gotten on getting rid of bristle worms and now am finally (graduate semester ended and am moving to a new apt this week) am about to set up a new tank with new live rock this week. I want to keep the coral I have and would like to do either a magnesium chloride dip or a lugol's dip to drive the worms out of the rock, but am unsure about where to get magnesium chloride or lugol's. Can I use drug store lugols (that is if I can find it)? Or what magnesium chloride is called at the LFS? Would this be the stuff? http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/prod...87&cmpid=sc Thanks!
  12. Do you use a protein skimmer?

    I have a rudimentary skimmer. I got it years ago and don't know what it's called, but it's basically a tube with a a stubby stone on the bottom and cup at the top to catch the dirty water. It's really hard to find stubby stones these days so I tried pulling it to see what would happen. What a MISTAKE. My whole tank went south in the matter of a month. I highly recommend skimmers of any kind.
  13. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Birthday nano reef. I never would have been able to grow my little ocean without you. You were with me during my first crash, and then my later successes! You are the best nano reef. I hope you are around for a loooong time!
  14. Infestation of bristle worms

    Thanks! I'm glad a have a way to get him off. I've had him for five years and did not want to kill him. I've been trying to "nudge" him to move to a rock, but it doesn't seem to be working.
  15. Infestation of bristle worms

    THANKS everyone for your generous replies. To answer some questions... honestly, I have no idea what the levels are. The tank was well established and I had no need to check them for three years. I just did a 2 gallon water change once a week. Then grad school and I'd miss a week here and there. Then I couldn't find stubby stones for the protein skimmer and pulled it, just after I'd added a fourth fish (had two watchman gobies, one Catalina goby and a yellow-tailed damsel - I have since lost the Catalina). All mistakes I know. I cringe at having to start over, re-establish the tank. I have so many nice copods right now, but I think it may be the only way. Also, all I have at this point is a sun coral, and mushrooms, and until I get out of school (in a year and half) I'm not getting any more corals other than maybe a few more mushrooms. Speaking of which, I have a nice hairy mushroom (I think it's a hairy mushroom) that is half on a coral and half on the back of my tank. Since I'm breaking down the tank I need to get him off the wall. Does anyone know who to do this without killing him?