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  1. Thanks Clown79 and Porkpie5000. That makes sense about replacing the screen. I've wanted to do it but didn't know how so thanks both for the explicit directions. Now I'm wondering about that fire fish.... I just saw a video on something called "Jumpguard." It seems like a pretty tight fit, which could be an option, but they want a crazy amount of money for it ($65 for the large one) which is too much for me. https://reefbuilders.com/2018/03/20/jumpguard-aquarium-screen-top/ Maybe I'll rethink the fire fish, or try to add (glue) a strip of moulding to the back of the screen for a tighter fit. Or, choose another fish.
  2. Thanks Clown79! Maybe I'm just being paranoid. I've never had a fire fish before but have heard a lot about them jumping! Does the frame snap apart so that you can snap in the new mesh?
  3. Has anyone modified the mesh screen that comes with the Innovative Marine 20 Fusion to prevent jumping fish, like fire fish? I have a new set up and am about to buy fish, including a fire fish known to jump, but realized there's a half inch gap along both the side and back of the screen (it would probably be a 1/4 inch all around if evenly centered)? (I attached a picture of the gap with the screen pushed to the front to the tank). Or, has anyone had luck keeping jumpers in with the lid fitting as is? Also, if I can resolve this issue, does anyone know how to replace this screen with more transparent mesh?
  4. oneart

    Spawning bristleworms

    I had a bristle worm explosion in a 10 gallon quite a few years ago. They seem to dig into the rocks and lives in them. In my case, I had too much detritus, which they seem to feed off of. I also just broke down a tank since I'm in the process of setting up a Nuvo 20 and want to use the same rock. The other day, I noticed several small bristle worms arching their bodies up out of the rocks. I've heard some people say that a several are harmless but in my case last time, they overtook the tank and I had to get rid of the rock (and it was great rock). Some of them were quite large and when I tried to pull them out, they alerted each other by shooting liquid into the water -- could that be what you saw? I would say to make sure you keep up with your water changes and don't overfeed. I'm curious as to what others will say about this since I'm a little leary about reusing this rock with the few worms I saw.
  5. oneart

    Nuvo 20

    I like your new aquascape! It's going to look great with corals on it!
  6. oneart

    Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    Thanks for all the thought you put into this Beer. I think the cabinet is particle board but seems to be rather sturdy, with a top and side two inches thick. This is not the most recent model and is a little thicker than Ikea's newer version which they made a little thinner. After contemplating this awhile, the wheels still seem a better bet than gliders since the gliders won't make it over the room dividers when it comes time to move it. I will indeed drain it down at least half way before moving. So, also after looking at the wheels and considering the fact that they could all swivel in one direction, I think what we will do is order two more wheels that are the same size but that don't swivel and also have locks. Four swiveling wheels make me nervous. Of course, I'll have to wait a little longer and this is another 16 dollar shipping fee, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also, there are bolts on the bottom that hold the shelves together and need to be worked around. Therefore, we'll move them in a little along the long side so that we can bolt them right through the bottom piece rather than just screw them in. That way they won't tear out. This is a lousy picture but if you look closely you can see the thickness of the shelf. We would set them about where the wheel is now, and bolt it through.
  7. oneart

    Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    I neglected to say that I did purchase locks on two of the casters so all is well there! There's one thing I'm kind of worried about though. After I ordered them, I went to the reef store to pick up a light (an AI Prime which looks sweet) and the guy said that I shouldn't have gotten swivel wheels since if all the wheels turn in one direction, like the long direction of the tank, while moving it the tank could topple over. That's why they don't use wheels. They use furniture glides as someone mentioned - but I still don't like that idea since it seems they could pop off when moving it over the raised wood room dividers (which I'll be doing in several months when I have wood floors put into the room with the tank). I got the wheels yesterday and I really can't stress it though (just keep my fingers crossed and be careful). My husband tells me that we just need to be careful. And if chaostactics and MrJoel's tanks are okay on wheels, I"m guessing mine should be too.
  8. oneart

    Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    Hi Beer, I ordered the wheels. https://casterconnection.com/casters/2-1-2-x-1-3-4-polyolefin-swivel-caster.html They aren't polyfin but polyolefin!. Sounds close enough to me! You were right, the folks at CasterConnection were very helpful. The wheels will hold up to 350 lbs I think and should be thick enough. The guy suggested two with locks so we just went ahead and did that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting them by the weekend so I can set up (the tank is here!) Thanks again for your help!
  9. oneart

    Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    Lol, Home Desperate. I've been there often! Thanks for the dimensions of your wheels and letting me know that I probably don't need locks. Seems like they are def strong enough to support your tank. Do you know if they've dented your floors? I will probably call CasterConnection before I do anything -- I think the shipping is pretty fast. I probably won't get a chance to put them on until next weekend anyway and the tank won't get to me until Monday. Also, still need to order the lights (probably an Aquamaxx Nemo light), skimmer, live sand, and more rock.... !!
  10. oneart

    lgreen's Ultimate Guide To Nano Fish

    I LOVE this!!! Thanks for the great resource!!!
  11. oneart

    Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    I missed my window to call as Caster Connection is closed on weekends. I'll call Monday and report back as to type of wheel they recommend. Thanks all.
  12. oneart

    Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    Wow, beautiful tank! It looks great! What wheels did you use? I was also thinking about possible denting with the concentration of weight on the wheels. OldManSea suggested wide rubber wheels to avoid the denting. Crazy Eyes and Beer, thanks also for your comments. I'm going to look through the casterconnection site now to see if I can decide on something.
  13. Thanks Clown79!! Scrubbing and soaking sounds like a good plan and I like it better than flipping! I like a high seascape so I will get a little more to build up. The issue with my rocks is that they are flat and long - pretty shapes so I don't want to break them - but they are low. I just want to tower up some. It seems that a lot of people have an issue with the mess the tank comes with - strange that they use it to begin with. I found a YouTube video on how to change it for better mesh so I plan to follow that. If anyone's interested, here it is. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+make+a+mesh+top+for+salt+water+fish+tank&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS717US717&oq=how+to+make+a+mesh+top+for+salt+water+fish+tank&aqs=chrome..69i57.12199j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=1 The light I'm looking at is the LED Aquarium Light - Hipargero Aquarium LED Lights 30W Saltwater Lighting with 3W Cree Chips Touch Control for Coral Reef Fish Marine Nano Tank. According to the specs, the tank is good for an 18" x 18" tank, so two lights are suggested. I'll check out the Aquamaxx Nemlight though! Thanks for the recommendation! Do you know if the light will interfere with the screen on top?
  14. I have been away from real reefing for years now and it was either break down my 12 gallon, which has housed a blue tailed damsel, a green mushroom coral and various tiny starfish hitch hikers for the past two years, or hit the restart button. Well, I'm jumping back in and want to do it right. I just ordered a Marine Innovations Nuvo 20 gallon tank, which should arrive on Monday. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me out with. First, I have about 12 pounds of live rock from my existing tank that I'd like to use. It has some hair algae though and cyanobacteria. I'm a little afraid of transferring this into the new set up but think that the benefits probably outweigh the negatives. The guy at a marine shop in my neighborhood told me to just turn it upside down, although that will limit me with reefscaping. I ordered a stiff brush and was going to save the starfish, scrub it off and use it. Does this sound like the way to go? I also plan to buy some additional rock to supplement it. The current rock is on the large side with two long pieces about 13" each and a couple more that are chunky and shorter. I plan on supplementing it with either dry rock or more live rock. The live rock will be a greater expense since I'll need to buy a larger minimum but if people think the benefit s of more live rock outweigh the ease of the dry rock, I'd probably go that route. Last, I'm wondering about lighting. I've never done SPS and will most likely stick with soft corals. I don't have the budget for very expensive lighting at the moment and found a light on Amazon with good reviews (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0727V8C5Q/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_6?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1MMQF53V4XMW6). As I mentioned, I'm getting the IM Nuvo 20 so I would buy two lights. My tank will be have screen, not a glass lid. I plan to do some mods on the one the tank comes with by inserting different mesh, although I'm not sure if the clips on these lights will interfere with the screen frame. Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone has suggestions or comments about these lights. Everyone on this site seems to be so generous with comments and time (I'm an ultra busy SLP in two schools and know all about lack of time) so I just want to say in advance that I appreciate the help.