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  1. That's what I did. At least I know now that something's defective about my skimmer, which is weird since it's such a simple thing. Now I can get on with it, and get a part replaced or get another skimmer. Thanks for your help!
  2. Very interesting observation! I just cleaned the whole thing out again and can see exactly what's happening, I just don't know why and it MAY be the valve. My description is hopefully clear but a little tedious so I apologize. I set the skimmer in the display area (in order to see what was happening) with the water level 3 inches below the top rubber stop as you suggested. Even with the valve closed, the water didn't rise in the tube (the level inside the tube wasn't equalizing with the tank's water level and therefore, as I noticed before, the micro bubbles wouldn't rise) so I loosened the cap to release the air pressure allowing the tube to fill with water. Then, I very slowly allowed some air in and got some nice micro bubbles, although they were too low in the tube (and not enough of them). So I slowly increased the air, and here's where it gets interesting! As the micro bubbles increased the water level inside the tube lowered, thereby also lowering the micro bubbles. It kept lowering until the tube became all air and the micro bubbles were pushed out of the bottom in one big bubble. I did it over and over with the same results. Somehow, air pressure from above is pushing down on the water level and emptying the tube, although in theory all air should be going down the thin tube into the airstone, not building pressure inside the tube. Just as an experiment, I switched the airstone tube to the other hole in the stopper, but that just produced large bubbles. I don't understand the mechanics any further but as you suggest, it may be a faulty valve. I'm going to take a video and show it to marine depot. If it's defective, maybe they'll replace it. Thanks for your insight on this.
  3. Good question. It's the one Marine Depot recommended (I think I bought it as a kit), the Marina 200. It's powerful enough, but huge and noisy. You think that might be an issue?
  4. I'll give it another try. My issue is I can't get micro bubbles at all. As soon as I get anything, they are large bubbles. I did get micro bubbles for the first two weeks -- seemed simple enough, then I noticed the sound of large bubbles in the sump. But now, no matter what I do, just these large bubbles from the bottom. Maybe it is clogged (as Marine Depot suggested) and I just didn't get it all out when I cleaned it. But, if I can get any micro bubbles, I'll definitely try it 3-4 inches above the water level as you suggest. I like the fact that the skim flows into something large (although my 2-week old skim was light) and the design is sleek and nice. Maybe I can get it back. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. MrObscura, I have a new reef glass and am about to give up on it. Ran it for two weeks and it started producing large bubbles from what looks like the bottom of the airstone. I changed the air stone but no difference. I called Marine Depot and they said to clean it. It didn't help. It was only running 2 weeks so I didn't see how it could have gotten too dirty. I'm wondering if that ever happened to you? I submerged it in the display area just to see what was going on and see that the water doesn't actually rise in the tube. Do you know if that's normal?
  6. I was just reading about that skimmer but couldn't find too much posted. I'd be very interested to hear how you like it!
  7. I bought a Reef Glass. It fits nicely in the sump (very small profile) but after two weeks of use I'm getting only large bubbles from the bottom and I can't seem to adjust it so I'm at the point that I want something else too. Meanwhile, I do weekly 2 gallon water changes and now have some algae (maybe hair algae) on the coral and my snail's backs which has just prompted me to buy a wavemaker for more movement, and fix or replace the skimmer. I might be overfeeding a little - not sure. I watched a video (maybe BRS) about modifying the sump's single pump to two pumps to fit the Tunze Comline. https://www.marinedepot.com/Tunze_Comline_DOC_Protein_Skimmer_9001_Protein_Skimmers_for_Saltwater_Aquariums_Reefs_Nano_Skimmer-Tunze-TZ90011-FIPSNS-vi.html. If I can find the video later I'll post it if your interested (but right now need to head to work).
  8. If anyone else is in the same position, here's what I decided to do. I'm going with a different skimmer altogether, the Reef Builder's Reef-Power RP-M https://www.reefbreeders.com/shop/rp-26/ It resolves the concerns I had with the Aqamai and the Tunze 6040! It's fully programmable like the Aqamai, but it's much stronger although it can be set as low as 5% power to work well in a 20 gallon (as per their very responsive customer service). Since my last post I read another thread where someone said you would need two Aqamai's for a 20 gallon, which would be twice as expensive of course. Also, while the Tunze 6040 is powerful, I was concerned it would be too powerful (still not sure about that though). Unlike the Tunze though, the RP-M has a snail guard and a night mode. With the Tunze you need to buy a light sensor to attach. The customer service is at the least, very responsive. I wrote at night, at by morning they'd responded, then answered a second email. I also read that they don't sell on Amazon or Ebay because they want to have better control over the customer service. So, while I'm a bit of a guinea pig, I have a good feeling about it.
  9. Very interesting! I use purchased steam distilled so I think I'm ok but will check it out. I also think I have some brown diatoms collecting on the sand too. Since the tank has been up and running for a little while now, I must have excessive nutrients, most likely my fault from overfeeding. I haven't done this in years and need to increase my knowledge. I appreciate the help. 🙂
  10. Thanks! I appreciate it. I like the different kinds of movement the aqamai delivers. Even if the GHA isn't due to flow, I'd like to get a wavemaker anyway since I've heard the corals appreciate it and respond. I may have been over feeding a little - a little too generous with the brine shrimp on days. I also have a tiny sea serpent I like to directly feed and it fills up on the brine shrimp when it eats. I'm being pretty stingy at the moment though, and reduced my light, and if needed, will up the water changes until I get this fully under control... Sorry for my ignorance, but what's tds?
  11. Hello! I'm looking for some advice regarding two wavemakers, the Aqamai and the Tunze 6040. I know they have very different features and feel a little bit like I'm comparing apples and oranges however, after a bit of research, this is where I've ended up. My main consideration regarding these two wavemakers is flow. From the videos I've watched and a couple of reviews, the Aqamai's movement seems sort of weak (one person said it only moved water on 1/2 of the tank. I have a wall of rock with space worked in between the rocks and don't know if the Aqamai would move through it (or maybe I would need another powerhead for that and position the wavemaker elsewhere so that I got overall movement? (see pic for rock work) On the other hand, I don't know if the Tunze 6040 might provide too much movement? One reviewer said that would only use it on a 30 gallon and up. While I want to provide natural movement for the corals and to relieve any dead spots, I'm not really looking for a sea of turbulence. Other than that, I like the way the Aqamai has so many different setting options, including a night mode, although don't love not being able to easily shut if off for feeding. Also, in reviews, people have said it's not intuitive and I hope if I get it, I can figure it out. Regarding the Tunze, I would only be able to set it on pulse mode since I think the wave mode would move too much water for my tank. What triggered my search for a wavemaker is that I have what looks like hairy green algae on some of my corals and I'm hoping a wavemaker will help. To give you some background info, my corals are mostly softy frags. I do have a Reef Glass protein skimmer, but it stopped working (its a reef glass and only worked for 2 weeks. All I'm getting is large bubbles from the bottom, and can't seem to get past this - if anybody has any suggestions for this, I'd love them), so no current skimming. I do 10% water changes weekly, have 3 fish (a sixline wrasse, a royal gramma, and a clown), a very small sea serpent, some snails (inlcuding turbo), 3 hermit crabs and I just bought 2 small emerald crabs for the algae. My light is a AI, run for 10 hours a day, including ramp up. I'd appreciate any insights from experience using these wavemakers, and if anyone has any suggestions for my skimmer, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks!
  12. oneart

    Sun Coral

    I'll try it. I had a nice easy one like that years ago and when I got this new guy, I thought they would all be like that. Now I feel lost but I know I can entice him (or her) if I follow your suggestion. I'm having a brown algae attack in my tank right now though and may post about it to see what I'm doing wrong (I don't feel like I'm overfeeding!). So, on second thought, maybe I will pull him out until I figure out what I'm doing wrong overall. Thanks for the advice.
  13. oneart

    Sun Coral

    Beautiful sun coral. How do you feed it without polluting your tank? I have one that's very reluctant to eat and only opens at night. The amount of brine shrimp I've been enticing it with seems to be too much for my IM 20 Nuvo.
  14. Thanks Clown79 and Porkpie5000. That makes sense about replacing the screen. I've wanted to do it but didn't know how so thanks both for the explicit directions. Now I'm wondering about that fire fish.... I just saw a video on something called "Jumpguard." It seems like a pretty tight fit, which could be an option, but they want a crazy amount of money for it ($65 for the large one) which is too much for me. https://reefbuilders.com/2018/03/20/jumpguard-aquarium-screen-top/ Maybe I'll rethink the fire fish, or try to add (glue) a strip of moulding to the back of the screen for a tighter fit. Or, choose another fish.
  15. Thanks Clown79! Maybe I'm just being paranoid. I've never had a fire fish before but have heard a lot about them jumping! Does the frame snap apart so that you can snap in the new mesh?