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    Nice rock!
  2. Thanks A Little Blue! I appreciate your help, especially considering your on vacation! That video will be a great refresher! I just got off the phone with Brian at Aqamai customer service and for now, I'm up and running! It wasn't working right on my iphone 7 since I probably had to update it and couldn't right then due to not enough memory so I had to run it from my husband's iphone. I don't look forward to doing it all again on my phone, but for now, I'm good. For anyone who needs it, the customer service number is 866-493-6787 and I spoke with Brian who is the expert and very patient. He spent about an hour on the phone with me. He even said I probably would not have been able to figure out the many steps on my own since the program isn't thorough at the moment. I had to clear everything by signing out of the network completely (by hitting Forget this Network), and by clearing the factoring settings on the device itself by unplugging the the pump and I also might have had to hold the button on the bottom of the device itself but can't remember anymore. In the end, I chose the SPS 100l preset so that I'd have more random flow. It doesn't seem too strong but if I dare, I might try my own set at some point, maybe when I switch it over to my own phone!
  3. Hi A Little Blue, I'm wondering if you know any tricks with the KPS? I have the pump up and running on the factory preset (smooth flo I think) but find the app to be beyond frustrating. I've spent hours playing around with this already. I have an iphone so I thought it would be easy. I did manage to get in to the screen that says manage, settings, notification, etc. but can't find the screen that gives you the option for the different flow settings (random, night etc). However, while I never found those screens (maybe because the tutorial covered them?) when I clicked off the tutorial, the screen is now in an endless spin that says update download - crazy since I just downloaded it (for the 4th time). I've also tried clicking off "auto-turn on" for my regular wi-fi in case it was interfering and nothing but frustration. Anyway, just wondering if you knew a trick? At the moment, I can't get it off the update spin and it never updates. I feel that Hydor shouldn't even be selling this with such a lousy app. I don't want to have to return it since I like the strength of the constant flow -- just want more than another powerhead to make the corals happy!
  4. Thanks Daniel91. That's a great idea! Marine Depot has the Hydor 240 for $32.00. The Tunze I have, my KPS (which just arrived in the mail!) and another pump like the Hydor sounds like it will do the job! Thanks!
  5. Thanks Little Blue and micoastreefing. This will be a learning experience. I think I do prefer a gentler flow (don't want to stress the corals) but was also trying to avoid 2 wavemakers (KPS) due to cost, but I may end up there. I forgot to mention that I also have a Tunze powerhead with the flow directed into the base of my live rock. I thought maybe I could get away with one wavemaker with this? I'm no expert by far, but after my recent bout with GHA, I realize the importance of good flow. I'm also proud to say I kicked that hair algae out before I even got my wavemaker! I'm feeding a little less and reduced the amount of light on the tank from 12 hours to 7 (My light is AI). And the two emerald crabs I added my be helping too. 🙂
  6. Thanks Redsea71. I already bought the Aqamai (first one from Amazon missing the power cord so waiting for another from Foster & Smith) but the Tunze will be next on my list if that doesn't work well, but maybe down the road a little since I'd really like to get up and running with something now and biggest concern with the Aqamai, other than actually setting it up, is low flow for a 20 gallon (IM20 Nuvo). What size tank do you have and what level of flow do you get? Does it flatten any of your corals?
  7. I like Clown79's idea. You could also try laying wet paper towels, soaked in tank water, over them.
  8. Does anyone have experience with the Coral Box QP-5 for the IM 20 Nuvo (or any 20 gallon reef tank)? I just bought a RP-M from Reefbuilders and it nearly blew my tank away. Reef Builders are suggesting I exchange it for the QP-5 (not sure if they'll do a refund yet). I was about to go with the Ice Cap 1K before I got their email saying I could exchange. Anybody know this wavemaker? Thanks!
  9. In case anyone is looking for a wavemaker and reads this in the future. I went ahead and purchased the RPM. It's a beautiful compact wavemaker with many cool features and programs. However, imo it's too powerful for the IM 20 gallon, unless you like A LOT of flow. I just repacked it and am hoping to return it. 😞 I thought the Aqamai would be too weak, based on one review and a video I watched, but I'm a little freaked out by powerful wavemakers at the moment and think weak might be better. 🙂
  10. That's what I did. At least I know now that something's defective about my skimmer, which is weird since it's such a simple thing. Now I can get on with it, and get a part replaced or get another skimmer. Thanks for your help!
  11. Very interesting observation! I just cleaned the whole thing out again and can see exactly what's happening, I just don't know why and it MAY be the valve. My description is hopefully clear but a little tedious so I apologize. I set the skimmer in the display area (in order to see what was happening) with the water level 3 inches below the top rubber stop as you suggested. Even with the valve closed, the water didn't rise in the tube (the level inside the tube wasn't equalizing with the tank's water level and therefore, as I noticed before, the micro bubbles wouldn't rise) so I loosened the cap to release the air pressure allowing the tube to fill with water. Then, I very slowly allowed some air in and got some nice micro bubbles, although they were too low in the tube (and not enough of them). So I slowly increased the air, and here's where it gets interesting! As the micro bubbles increased the water level inside the tube lowered, thereby also lowering the micro bubbles. It kept lowering until the tube became all air and the micro bubbles were pushed out of the bottom in one big bubble. I did it over and over with the same results. Somehow, air pressure from above is pushing down on the water level and emptying the tube, although in theory all air should be going down the thin tube into the airstone, not building pressure inside the tube. Just as an experiment, I switched the airstone tube to the other hole in the stopper, but that just produced large bubbles. I don't understand the mechanics any further but as you suggest, it may be a faulty valve. I'm going to take a video and show it to marine depot. If it's defective, maybe they'll replace it. Thanks for your insight on this.
  12. Good question. It's the one Marine Depot recommended (I think I bought it as a kit), the Marina 200. It's powerful enough, but huge and noisy. You think that might be an issue?
  13. I'll give it another try. My issue is I can't get micro bubbles at all. As soon as I get anything, they are large bubbles. I did get micro bubbles for the first two weeks -- seemed simple enough, then I noticed the sound of large bubbles in the sump. But now, no matter what I do, just these large bubbles from the bottom. Maybe it is clogged (as Marine Depot suggested) and I just didn't get it all out when I cleaned it. But, if I can get any micro bubbles, I'll definitely try it 3-4 inches above the water level as you suggest. I like the fact that the skim flows into something large (although my 2-week old skim was light) and the design is sleek and nice. Maybe I can get it back. Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. MrObscura, I have a new reef glass and am about to give up on it. Ran it for two weeks and it started producing large bubbles from what looks like the bottom of the airstone. I changed the air stone but no difference. I called Marine Depot and they said to clean it. It didn't help. It was only running 2 weeks so I didn't see how it could have gotten too dirty. I'm wondering if that ever happened to you? I submerged it in the display area just to see what was going on and see that the water doesn't actually rise in the tube. Do you know if that's normal?
  15. I was just reading about that skimmer but couldn't find too much posted. I'd be very interested to hear how you like it!
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