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  1. Thinking about giving it another go.

    Looking around more, I'll probably take your advice. Most people who do a false wall have a higher purpose than just hiding equipment, it doesn't seem worth the effort when I'll probably just be using two hagen elite mini's and a small heater. Knowing I'll have freedom to grow a good variety of corals is nice. I'll probably be picking up the tank and ordering live rock sometime after the holiday season, and when I do I'll probably start up a journal for it. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hey folks, I used to post occasionally a while back, and even managed to keep a 10g with a few corals a few years ago. I had to break the tank down though to move, and since then I've stuck to planted fw. Now I'm starting to get the sw bug again lol. I've been looking at what I have around for supplies, and what I can realistically spend on it as a recent high school graduate (meaning not much money lol), and I think I like the idea of making a 10g with a corner separated to hide the powerhead/heater. I just need to find the right material to do that with. I'd appreciate it immensely if anyone who has experience or knows threads showing how to do that. I have a 7w uv sterilizer with a built in powerhead that works great on my other tanks up to 29g that I can throw in if ever needed, or just to polish the water a little. For lighting, I found a Current USA Satellite 24" 65w PC fixture on Petsolutions.com for $40 with a lunar light and 50/50 bulb that I'll probably order. I love xenia, so I'll probably have that, along with zoas and other softies. What are my limitations coral-wise if I go with the 65w PC? I believe I still have some of the trace minerals in my supplies somewhere. Stock is a long way down the road, but I think I've got my heart set on a goby, and maybe a false perc (would love to find a soft coral for it to host in). This will most likely be a slow process for me, but I like planning ahead and trying to get the details down first. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated . I'm happy to be back and attempting another try at this marine stuff. (edited for revised plans)
  3. Considering Saltwater Guppies

    Uhh this was resolved a few days ago, read the rest of the post.
  4. Considering Saltwater Guppies

    Thanks guys, like I said in my above post though, I thought about it, and as long as I'm going for a saltwater tank, I should take advantage of the fact that most saltwater fish have more personality than freshwater. If I want a guppy, I can keep it in one of my freshwater tanks, and not have them eat up my precious small amount of fish I can keep in a saltwater tank. The blue/green chromis are $1 more per fish, and they school, so I think I'm planning on getting them.
  5. My 5g FO tank

    The problem isn't necessarily the excrement. The damsels in that tank are extremely aggressive, sticking them in such a small tank just compounds that aggressive personality. Also, the problem with swimming room. Most of the fish in that tank are fairly active. Also not having live rock makes the biological strain heavier. By limiting their food it may help with the excrement, but it by no means makes your fish healthier. If anything, it will make the aggression worse (if you were locked in a closet with 5 people, 3 of which were aggressive and had ADHD, then not only that but you all had to share a sandwich, would you be happy? Would you end up fighting for more food? Yes) Please buy a larger tank, or return these fish. Go with a pair of neon gobies, or something similar.
  6. Considering Saltwater Guppies

    Yeah, I thought about it, and realized how stupid it sounded. I can get blue/green chromis for $4 so I may go for either a trio or a duo with a clown goby. Yes, I bought test kids and a hydrometer and all that fun stuff before I even put live rock in my tanks. I may be broke, but I never want to be labeled irresponsible or a fish haver, not a fish keeper.
  7. Live Rock Dealer

    I live in massachusetts and I'm probably going to look for around 15 lbs at some point. I'm guessing it will be anywhere between $10-15.
  8. Considering Saltwater Guppies

    By broke, I meant I don't have the money to throw away on a fish that would be just as enjoyable as a saltwater guppy for $20 more than one. I have enough money to care for my fish and keep them happy, and every once and a while buy a new coral. And I definately want to keep saltwater tanks. I have 3 freshwater tanks that aren't as interesting or challenging as a saltwater tank.
  9. Considering Saltwater Guppies

    Hey, I'd always heard you could convert a guppy to saltwater, and I wanted to try it with my 20g hex that's cycling. Does anyone have a pic of a guppy in a SW tank or a reef? I want to see if it looks right or if it just looks stupid. (I know there are more beautiful fish I can put in there, but I'm a broke teenager who wants to try something different) Thanks!
  10. My 3gPico

    I'd stick with just the neon goby, just him alone is stocked fully in a tank that size. From what I've seen in other picos, people get (if anything) just a single tiny goby and maybe a small shrimp.
  11. 2.5g Mini-Reef Starting Up

    I finally feel like posting this tank, it's at my moms house (I stay there tuesdays and fridays). I brought my 2.5g that was empty over there because I didn't want to be without some salt (she has a 55g cichlid tank), so I started setting it up a month ago. It seemed to finish cycling last week. Here's what I have: Around 3-4lbs of cured LR from my 29g A lone nassarius snail A 1.5" blue stripe mushroom A lone frag of dying xenia (started to die before this tank started) A 13w power compact desk light that I picked up for $4 A mini submersible filter rated for 2-5g And last but not least, I just bought a blue neon goby last night at Petco (yeah, I know, but it was only $10 and the Petco seems to be owned by a reefer so it was healthy). He seems to be incredibly happy there, and loves sticking himself onto the filter then flying around in the current. His favorite perch is on the mushroom. I forgot to bring my digital camera to get some pics but I'll get some pics Friday night and post them. Any tips from what you hear so far? I don't know what else to get for clean up crew, and I'm broke right now so that will have to wait another week or two. I'm thinking of getting a sexy shrimp as another form of livestock in here, any feedback on that? This site has been extremely helpful in helping me set this tank up so far, so your feedback and advice is important to me.
  12. That darned age old Live Rock question.

    I'd suggest sand first. Otherwise you get sand all up in every nook and cranny of the live rock (which looks like crap, trust me)
  13. Live Rock Dealer

    Hey, I'm also looking for live rock and I liked the look of Premium Aquatics. However, how much is shipping for live rock?
  14. Tiny College Tank...

    A clown can be kept in a smaller tank than a 12g Aquapod. Clowns really don't need a ton of swimming space, as they usually keep to a small territory (even in the wild), and I see my false perc swimming in only a quarter of my 29g, if not just around his favorite rock. I would say a 5g would be pushing it but a 6 or 7g would be fine for it.
  15. Survey! Bristle worms -- good or bad?

    I had no problem with them personally, they even did a good job cleaning the bottom at times, but the look of them gave me the heebie jeebies. While removing the live rock from my 10g to my 29g, I found my big daddy one (almost 18"). He was out of his normal rock so I grabbed the net, scooped him out, and flushed that sucker. *shudder*