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    2013 pico age survey

    June 2010 I have done full WC with H2O2 treatments of 30 minutes several times. As Andrew pointed out the tank produces detritus like crazy.
  2. BlndFshNoIz

    Full spectrum LED layouts

    Hey thanks for breaking that down and explaining the DIM4. I saw there was a video but I haven't had time to watch it. I did not realize it was a driver and a controller together so that is a nice feature and makes the choice even more difficult now I think the way you do the first table worked well. If you have this size tank you buy these leds. If you buy these leds you need to buy these parts ..... It is great reading 100 pages of info. but as you said, it stinks when you do the research but still end up with a product that is just ok at best. Two more question and then I will go back to reading: You said two 3 ups on one channel but in your table on page one for a 5.5 you have 4 rb, 2 nw, 2 or 3 tv, and 1 ocw. The two 3s are under the royal blue xt-e with 2 rb and 1 nw right? Also where would the third tv go in the drawing? In the middle next to the ocw or somewhere else? Again thanks and sorry I am asking elementary questions.
  3. BlndFshNoIz

    Full spectrum LED layouts

    1. Thank you and everyone else for taking the time to put this together it really has helped. 2. I was going to ask if you could provide a list of everything needed to go with the layouts but I see that is something you plan on doing soon. You don't think you could do that by say Black Monday? Wink wink nudge nudge. 3. I have been using a par 38 7 led bulb on my 5.5 for over a year now and like many feel that the color may be lacking. Wouldn't it just be better for me to buy a full spectrum led light and use a wide lens vs. a DIY? Again thanks for the information.
  4. BlndFshNoIz

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    Well your name really does fit you then huh? It falls in line of other great names like Rocky who has to box and Candy who has to strip.
  5. BlndFshNoIz

    Ultimate LED guide

    Ok thanks. I was worried that sleep deprivation was setting in. So if I wanted to do an DIY LED for a standard 10 gallon how many LEDs would I need? Something like 16? 8 blue and 8 white in a 4 x 4 grid or something else? I would need 4 drivers right? 4 LED per. I am trying to run some numbers and see if I want to even attempt this project. I have access to all tools needed and an electrican who could help with the build. I also have a 2.5 standard that I am thinking about. What would I need for that build? Thanks.
  6. BlndFshNoIz

    Ultimate LED guide

    Evil, I meant is there a section on building an LED. You covered the first two sections in the first post but I did not see the build section. I was trying to figure out how much equipment etc. I would need if I attempted this project. Thanks for all of your hard work.
  7. BlndFshNoIz

    Ultimate LED guide

    Hey Evil or anyone who has read this entire thread: Which pages highlight the background information other than page 1? I have looked through parts of this thread but I am just beginning to learn about LEDs. I am thinking of a 10 gal LED SPS build. Thanks for the thread.
  8. BlndFshNoIz

    My DIY aquascape/liverock setup (picture update)

    Coolwaters, You can use hydralic water stop and sand or CC to cement all of your rocks together if you don't want to use foam.
  9. BlndFshNoIz

    Selling most of my nano setup

    PP and PM sent.
  10. BlndFshNoIz

    Selling most of my nano setup

    Sorry for your loss. It is very stressful to watch everything go like that. If available I would like: AC 50 AC 30 ehiem 300 Shipping will be to 37830. Let me know and I will PP you. Thanks.
  11. BlndFshNoIz

    effectiveness of small volume refugiums

    Diane, I thought that I had pictures but I have not taken any of this tank in several months. Maybe when the lights come on I could take one for you. I don't post pictures because I am too lazy but would email you one after I download my pictures. Is there a better way that I can describe it to you to help? Like I said there are advantages to having the LR wall such as hiding equipment such as a heater, increased nitrification vs. glass and a way to harvest the xenia. It is simple to make, for $25 you could make enough for a 4' x 2' foot wall, takes a few minutes (because it sets that fast) and cures in about 6 hours and can go in your tank the next day. If you were worried about a pH swing you could soak it first in WC water and test it rather than freshwater like other DIY rocks. The article is somewhere over on the marine depot forum. I know that he wrote the article for reefkeeper magazine or something similar and is probably under his forum.
  12. BlndFshNoIz

    effectiveness of small volume refugiums

    Dr. Shimek conducted a study on export and looked at heavy metals and nitrogen export. He stated that Xenia was effective at nitrogen removal on a weight basis. The downside is the slower growth when compared to algae. But as you said it can be attractive when compared to algae and can pay for the tank. In my 29 gal mantis tank I made a LR wall specifically using eggcrate, hydralic water stop, and crushed oyster shell (sand can be used also) and I hold it in place using a clamp. The benefits include being able to move it and removing it, and the wall becoming live over time.
  13. BlndFshNoIz

    The Nimble is Back!

    I too just purchased the super nimble and I am very pleased with it. It goes around corners easily and does a great job of cleaning the seams. It is good to know that there are still honest people on this site that deliver what they promise. I would buy from Jerome again.
  14. BlndFshNoIz

    effectiveness of small volume refugiums

    Yes I think a 5 gallon fuge on a 20 gallon tank would benefit your tank's overall health. The thing that would be most important is maximum use of the limited space. It seems that for this your opinions include: DSB, macro algae and LR, and/or other such as xenia as well as how it is set up such as the dual sump complex as described by Mr. Wilson over on RC and on the reef videos site. If you used something like xenia you could design baffles that would be LR as well and be able to remove them to sell the xenia. Just something to think about.
  15. BlndFshNoIz

    Mr. Fosi's budget 20L

    I know that it bonds to acrylic and I am pretty sure that it does bond to glass as well. I think the advantage is that it does not pull on the glass cracking it. If you are wanting to make a rock wall or something like that you can use eggcrete. I did that on my mantis tank and attached it with a clamp. I can move the wall around when I want. You can also make a rock holder for a PH as well like the tunze rocks. Look over on RC's DIY under reef ceramics thread with Mr. Wilson (not OP) that discusses it in detail. I am walking out the door or I would post a link. I know that it has been discussed in the last day or 2 so it should be easy to find.