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  1. yes. youll need to do water changes every so often
  2. majano anemones or mini carpets
  3. how old is the light and do you have any references?
  4. diiii...ollars?
  5. give me all the things
  6. post on
  7. 2 yellow coral banded shrimps
  8. It couldnt keep up the pulsing and eventually deflated. It was a sad flaccid sight
  9. yes right right "map"
  10. how much you asking stevLED?
  11. 50 bucks for shipping though. Im a backer but i'll probably drop it seeing as how the specs are kinda junky considering whats on the market
  12. majano anemones
  13. maybe you could just buy one if you stopped bailing on the fantasy football pool unflatteringone
  14. yes if you're willing to pop out a bulb or two. you can get the reflector from an old bricks fixture or older aquamedic/fishneed it halide then pop it in. the 70w bulbs are hard to find now but they'll fit in the 2inch thickness of your fixture. I happen to have both a retrofit and an aquamedic sitting around :3 not really worth the effort though if you ask me
  15. please specify what you're actually asking. are you asking about wattage or physical fixture size? because i have what you're looking for both :3