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  1. Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 setup FS $650

    *****price drop $550****
  2. Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 setup FS $650

    Thanks Oeste!
  3. Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 setup FS $650

    Thanks First:) Everything i I sell on here is usually half off or more as I upgrade frequently:) This tank has very thick glass and is heavy heavy heavy:) shipping would cost 10 times the worth of the tank.
  4. Hi guys, selling my 1yr old 50 Lagoon tank and stand. I'll include IM skimmer. I paid $1250 for tank and stand from Aquatica and skimmer $200. Tank was run bare bottom no sand. Downsizing to a smaller tank. Selling tank, stand, skimmer for $650 local pickup only near Kankakee, Illinois.
  5. I have three in brand new condition. Shipping add $10
  6. Selling a new black prime with hanging kit. Was going to use 4 lights on tank, but 3 was enough. Less than an hour of use. $180 shipped.
  7. Is My Lighting Enough?

    Imo , yes I do! I have witnessed it all with varying depths,tanks and AI fixtures with and without covers. I still honestly believe that led's with their specific spectrums are blasting corals with little room for error. I achieved great success with led's once I quit messing with intensities and spectrums and just stuck with a 20k spectrum and after acclimating them, to a constant intensity depending on the requirement of the coral...aka stability... I truly expect to have better results with the 2 primes since I can angle them to prevent shadowing. We shall see:) Jmho
  8. Is My Lighting Enough?

    Nothing but respect for jedi's knowledge on led's and in no way claim I'm an expert on them. This is purely a opinion on the AI fixtures I have owned. I started with a SOL blue and had it hanging 2 feet above a biocube 29 with a thick glass cover at ~65% and it colored up some acro frags on short order with those tight lenses. I moved to a nano and found it was also a powerhouse albeit a smaller cone of light. Vega was decent, but had too much color separation and finally hydra 52 had nice blending and was a powerful light for my Elos mini. The 52 was probably 24 inches from my montipora and at about 45% max and it colored everything up beautifully while melting zoa and lps. I just purchased 3 prime units....two for a 22 inch frag tank and one for a fusion 20 with a second one to follow for coverage. Imo, I think the prime at 6 inches from the water level at 60-100 percent will give me similar results as long as I have the coverage. I had zoas reaching for light with the 52 while sps were colored up beautifully. So I wonder if zoas reaching might have had to do with shadowing or not being hit with the light directly as the montipora were. I'm going for coverage this time with two primes angled towards each other to prevent shadowing instead of brute power focused straight down.
  9. Maxspect Razor Nano FS $189 shipped

    $189 shipped for a quick sale to fund new project:)
  10. Selling my Maxspect Razor Nano $200 free shipping and shipping insurance is optional. I have boxes and literature and it looks in brand new condition. Never seen salt spray and non smoking environment. Comes with wide angle lenses as well as original. Thanks for looking...
  11. AI prime wifi LED

    I just hooked up my two primes last night on my frag tank. They both buzz and I had the same problem when I had the hydra 52. I had to wait 6 months until they came out with new drivers and then they sent me new boards to swap out and it was silent. It's not too loud and I know AI will take care of us when they get new drivers. They really have great customer service. Pluses: Small form factor Incredibly bright built in wifi and software( you can tell Ecotech had some input on the software with the kelvin settings which I LOVE) Hanging kit is sweet! I can angle both lights towards each other to prevent shadowing on corals. Great price! We are finally starting to see better pricing on led's with healthy competition out there. I plan on selling my maxspect razor and buying two more primes for my fusion 20. Not enough coverage with the razor nano and shadowing. Any good ideas on cable management? First time using wire hanging and the slightest cable movement misaligns the lights with each other.