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  1. Work of art, stunning!
  2. Sorry. It was posted in your gallery, I thought that only own inhabitants are posted.
  3. Any info on keeping? Photo is dated 2004 - how was it? What did you fed to it? And, just in case, anything on pajama nudi - Chromodoris magnifica, other than it's sponge eater. It would be easier for me to feed them corals, than buy sponges.
  4. At the best of my knowledge, - the purple fluorescent one is a Purple bush (Ochtodes or Hypnea spp pannosa), - feather caulerpa (Caulerpa crassifolia), Grape Caulerpa (C. Racemosa), - Razor, or Saw-tooth, Caulerpa (C. serrulata), - Red fern, or red kelp, (Gelidium sp.), - Dragon tongue (Halymenia floresia or Hallymenia reniformis).
  5. What and how much do you feed to the chromis? Thanks.
  6. No chemical warfare with muchrooms touching the sun coral, when it expands?
  7. Nice composition of colors and shapes!
  8. Harmony in bue colors. Did you used some color correction - I mean, coraline is blue. Is there space between corals and side glass - for a glass cleaning, what are you using for it? Permanent problem for me - or half-empty tank, or no space for a glass cleaning. What filtration you have to keep up with open brain feeding?
  9. Compact and accurate - perfect!
  10. Any comments on keeping? Mine was eaten alive by something in 10g tank.
  11. Beauty!
  12. Nice composition! How is open brain doing? No water pollution because of feeding?
  13. Dream of the tank! How long are you keeping it, setup and care? Do you have thread with tank description? Thanks.
  14. What are tankmates for this valentini puffer?