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  1. As the owner of a BC14 that currently resides next to my couch I love it! And the little trickle of music from the filter system is soothing. People pay good money to simulate that effect! As far as the fan goes, it's not bad at all except for like anything else they start to get old and squeak when they first come on. I have done nothing but add a 50/50 to the CoraLife for 3 Whites and One Antinic! I used to do water changes every 8 to 10 days and now I'm down to once a month!!! Filter media consist of Live Rock, Nano Skimmer and the old pump from my broken BC14 for added flow.... Stocked with: Peppermint Shrimp Percula Diamond Watchman and Flaming Scallop Various Snails and Hermits As well as the hitchhikers (Serpant Star, several little star fish) When the light comes on I will post a picture... And it could be on the floor and still draw all the attention in the room!
  2. Another Shot

  3. Almost 2 months old....

  4. Free GSP in Maryland (pick-up)

    Put me on that list... I'll come and get it or what ever! Thanks in advance, Soup
  5. 5 weeks old today...

    The anenome is doing great, even after 2 rescues... No problems inflating or deflating and it takes food, no problem. Hopefully he wont move when I feed him this time, he seems to have that urge every time he gets fed...Which has led to him needing to be rescued!!! Heres a shot from this morning....
  6. Deep or Shallow Sand Bed?

    In my first and only Nano, I chose the DSB, I have about 2.5 in. in my 10Gal.. Although I put the live sand on the bottom and the crushed coral on top of that... Right now my Nitrate levels are elevated, but then my tank is only 5 weeks old... So I'm in a wait and see mode, I have found so many things in the 5 weeks that I didn't buy, it's incredible and it's great!!! Example: Brittle Star 2 Small Starfish (Brown in color) Nass. Snail 3 as yet identifiable baby snails 1 Clam (Plain Vanilla Colored shell) And of course Corals.... It doesn't seem to reduce my display area, to me it simply means I don't have to build my wall so high. I have about 2 more pieces to get as far as LR go... But I'm in no hurry!
  7. 5 weeks old today...

    Yes I'm trying to leave it alone, but you know it just bugs me that they wont stabalize.... Maybe it does need another week or so.. I mean everything looks good, I haven't added anything, or anybody in 2 weeks, so i'm hoping things settle down. I mean Trates are @ 80PPM while the Trites are @ .5ppm. And from what I thought i read on the seachem product, it should do the trick. If not I guess I will know in a few days!!!! Thanks in advance guys, G P.S. Purigen™ is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water at a rate and capacity that exceeds all others by over 500%. Purigen™ controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds. Purigen’s™ impact on trace elements is minimal. It significantly raises redox. It polishes water to unparalleled clarity. Purigen™ darkens progressively as it exhausts, and is easily renewed by treating with bleach. Purigen™ is designed for both marine and freshwater use. This product is sold by volume. Cited weight is minimal weight.
  8. 5 weeks old today...

    What about Purigen by Seachem... What's the concensus on this product, I couldn't find anyone with PolyFilter in stock. I've already got the Purigen, just wondering if others have used it and what they thought.. Thanks, George
  9. 5 weeks old today...

    And right now I cant seem to get my Trate levels down... So I guess it's Macro time. So my question is, does sea lettuce count, or does it die if not consumed? Right now that's my only problem I've had.... I've gone through one redecoration (Had to go fishing for the Damsel), 2 rescues of the Anenome (Gotta get a filter cover) but other than that it's good. Here's a picture @ 5 Weeks today... Suggestions and Comments are welcomed!
  10. My 12 Gallon JBJ Nano Cube Deluxe

    Yes it is all new stuff... I had nothing before, so I have invested a little over $800 in 3 weeks. I just do a water change once a week right now, hopefully moving to every 10-12 days or so but a WC none the less. My tank is a 10Gal Soup P.S. I wouldn't call them Morons, just trying to save you what could be plenty of Heart Ache, this was purely an Experiment to see if it could be done... It's only my second Reef Tank and the first one I did the Old Fashion Way, and it was a complete disaster when it came to corals and such. But live and learn I did! Take 2
  11. My 12 Gallon JBJ Nano Cube Deluxe

    Well don't let me be the one to say "It can be done"....But it's possible if you are careful!!! I read through this board about 6 months before I decided I wanted to pursue Marine Fish again. I also research bunches on just set-ups and what works best! I put together an assemblance of my findings! I did use, Ocean Water (Purified), Cured Live Rock + 1 Non-Cured, and the rest is history..... Almost a month old
  12. ZenMastr1968's 10G Nano

    My first question when I bought this light was what can I GROW under it. The answer was should be able to Grow anything.... So, not that there's a lot of room to test the boundries, I plan to take a stab at a few things!!
  13. ZenMastr1968's 10G Nano

    I must say it's looking good... I started my tank on the same day, using mostly the same light etc.. I'm thinking I want more Hermits at this point myself, besides something wavey in the near future. Heres a shot of mine... Where do you get that little Day ticker thingy?
  14. Pre 10 Gal questions

    Hey, I currently have a 10gal setup with that exact light... You can look at my gallery and see what it looks like. As far as the hammer, I have no idea, I've only been up 2 1/2 weeks, but who said I would get rid of the Fussion Skimmer? Yep, today I replaced it! I was going to get the ASM Mini G, only it's not so MINI and I don't have a SUMP.... So out with the glass canopy and in with the new Skimmer (Seaclone) I know, I know but it worked well for me the first time... If that doesn't do the trick I'm going with a fuge next... Stay Tuned, GeorgiaMac/Soupbonne P.S. You'd have to be a really light sleeper for the Moonlights to keep you awake!!
  15. Man, I read about it all the time. But I have never done it, so I must say I was a little scared. First thing I didn't do was get super glue, I got Krazy Glue I'm hoping it doesn't matter. It's working like a charm though. I'm done building (For now anyway!), now it's time to take care of it and enjoy.. Here's a full shot of the tank..