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  1. and quite "rare" .... take good care of it.
  2. It's a tang... has blue lines... IT'S A BLUE LINE TANG ;P
  3. But.... If you were to be sitting in a room with a huge piece of crap in the middle. Wouldn't you rather have 1% of air changed everyday as opposed to 10% only at the end of the week ? LOL
  4. That's some of the saddest looking aptaisia ever LOL (It's a good thing)
  5. We don't NEED to eat everyday either but we seem so much happier
  6. Hi, Put me down for the raffle Thanks.
  7. Come to Houston http://www.marshreef.com/modules.php?name=...pic&t=40163
  8. If you like the sureflow now .... cut every other tooth and let the chaos beggin
  9. http://www.creativepro.com/article/build-a...ra-lens-peanuts Slap a plunger on your camera
  10. What does a treadmill have to do with a plane... a plane takes off because of it's engines that are on the wings not moving the wheels ..... So yeah put it on a treadmill and it will take off taking the treadmill with it LOL
  11. Now someone needs to make a case for it to take under water images
  12. I guess you don't need brakes on a track ?
  13. It's only good if you.......