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  1. Here's my tank filled with zoo frags glued onto tonga branches and my flame angel
  2. Hi, my tank is only 40 gallons..with mandarins you dont need a big tank with tons of live only need to find a somewhat fat mandarin that eats frozen food well... When you find one at the fish store ask them to feed it some frozen brine or mysis shrimp if it eats it. Once you feed it at home you need to turn off the filter and feed him with a turkey baster by squirting some food near them because they are very slow.
  3. My mandarinfish is constantly flashing and very active, there are no males in the tank so im not sure why he does this all the time i guess he's just happy.
  4. Heres the left side of my tank. im focusing on a really interesting rock base and form before adding larger coral colonies
  5. Heres more star polyp frag glued to a branch. hopefully it will grow long and frilly enought to look like a tree branch
  6. To get my mandarin hyped up to eat i put a sheet mirror next to the tank so he flashes at his reflection thinking its another male.