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  1. Kellie in CA

    Is my snail dying?

    Unfortunately, you are going to lose a lot of snails over the life of your tank. I usually have no idea what the cause was, however, I do suspect the hermits quite often.
  2. Kellie in CA

    Arms from Daisy/Cone polyp?

    Normal. They use that to try to spread out/reach to the next rock.
  3. Kellie in CA

    So you win a huge aquarium and now what?

    I entered, and thought the same thing too. I live in a second floor condo, so I would never be allowed to set it up. But that coral shopping spree would be sweet!
  4. How long can these little buggers stay in the shade? It's been 4 or 5 days now. They are open and the colors still look pretty good. Even if I pulled out the rocks out, I doubt I could pry them off without damaging them.
  5. Kellie in CA

    Kellie's IM 25 Lagoon

    Thank you. Yes, I feel like the flow is fine. The corals I keep don't like to get blown around too much. I have actually experimented with powerheads in different locations and it has always been too much, even on low settings. As for fish.... maybe. I don't have a quarantine system, so I am always hesitant to add anything new. The 2 clowns I have are healthy and they get along well, so for now I won't rock the boat!
  6. Kellie in CA

    Green serpent sea star swallowed fish!!!

    Awwww, man. I had one once, he quickly got huge and I was always worried that something like that would happen. He was cool, but I eventually took him back to the store.
  7. I hope so, I definitely don't have what would be considered a "high flow" tank. There isn't even a powerhead in the display. But I did scale back the flow for the first 2 days after I brought them home.
  8. My new RAP rock flowers are stressing me out. At first they didn't want to attach to anything. Now they have attached, but both are in places where they are completely shaded. I'm hoping they come to their senses after a few days.
  9. Kellie in CA

    Kellie's IM 25 Lagoon

    I found a little side nook to put it in because it was not going to work front & center. But it is pretty cool! It's just funny because he is always shocked and horrified at the price of good frags, then on a whim he goes and buys one that's double the cost of anything I have ever bought.
  10. Kellie in CA

    Kellie's IM 25 Lagoon

    Well this was an interesting RAP. I managed to grab two new Rock Flowers, a Gobstopper from WWC, and another random blue zoa with a name that I'm pretty sure the vendor made up on the spot. But the real fun happened when I walked away from my husband for about 5 minutes (who has just about ZERO interest in my tank, by the way) only to come back and see him holding a huge bag. He was SO excited to show me what he had bought... Yup, that's Jack-O-Lantern Lepto.
  11. 5-10 min per day, unless I have to do a water change.
  12. Kellie in CA

    Kellie's IM 25 Lagoon

    Sept FTS. The toadstool is taking over!!! Reef-A--Palooza next weekend!
  13. Kellie in CA

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    It's hard to tell from the picture. It's tricking my eyes, I can't tell if the heater is even fully submerged in the water. If the middle chamber is near the top of the baffles, all the other chambers should be full.
  14. Kellie in CA

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    In my experience, if the water level is too low you will get micro bubbles. I keep my level about 1/2 inch below the middle set of baffles.
  15. Kellie in CA

    Frog Spawn, is this the mouth fully open or an open sore?

    That looks like a mouth to me.