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  1. Kellie in CA

    Week 3 Giveaway | we have a good reason it’s late

    I love involving my 3 year old daughter and hearing her tell me "stories" about the tanks imhabitabts. Congrats on the little guy on the way!
  2. Kellie in CA

    NanoBox Duo & Quad Series

    OK, this is probably a really dumb question... but I'm moving at the end of the month. It will probably be at least a few days to a week before the WiFi will be up and running at the new place. Will the Duo work at all without it?
  3. I need some advice... my landlord just dropped on us that he sold our condo and we need to be out in 30 days. It will be a pain, but I've moved a tank before so I know how it's done. However, my RFA has situated itself in the sand bed and I assume is anchored to the bottom glass. How do I handle this? I have a few weeks, do I try to get him to move?
  4. Kellie in CA

    Dc return pump recommendations

    I have the MightyJet and it's about as silent as they come. When it's on Sine Mode you can hear a slight sound if you are really close, but otherwise you would never know it's running.
  5. Kellie in CA

    Vibrant for algae

    I'm on dose 4 for my diatom issue. Still not much of a change. Trying to be patient.
  6. Kellie in CA

    Online shopping?

    I've had good luck with AquaSD and Legendary Corals.
  7. Kellie in CA

    Huge Drs. Foster and Smith clearance sale

    I didn't get a cancellation email, just a phone call from an 800 number saying the item was "out of stock".
  8. Kellie in CA

    Huge Drs. Foster and Smith clearance sale

    My Tunze 6040 order got cancelled. Womp Womp.
  9. Kellie in CA

    Huge Drs. Foster and Smith clearance sale

    Yeah, on another forum someone called customer service to complain and they were told that over 800 orders were cancelled. Crazy!
  10. Kellie in CA

    Huge Drs. Foster and Smith clearance sale

    I've heard a lot of orders are being cancelled. I don't think they know what they're doing.
  11. Well, my RFA took a hike into a cave this weekend. It's literally in the only spot in the tank where I can't see. it. Hope it comes out at some point, it's one of the more expensive items in my tank!
  12. Kellie in CA

    Handling zoa help please!!

    That's actually a really nice one! I really don't think you have anything to worry about.
  13. Kellie in CA

    Handling zoa help please!!

    I'm kind of confused on the details. You put the zoa rock on the counter? If so, just clean the area really well and be sure to wash your hands after working in the tank. I have been handling zoas for 15+ years and have never had any problems.
  14. Yeah, you got a steal. AquaSD has one up right now that's similar with the coloring split down the middle, it sold for $350.