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  1. That's exactly how mine looked from the stinging death. I feel so bad, every picture I have seen has them all cuddled together so I placed them close and figured they would move to where they liked.
  2. I just wanted to check back in on this topic. I ended up emailing AquaSD to ask about these RFA's. About 5 minutes after hitting send a very nice man called me to discuss this issue. He said that all of their RFA's come from the same place, some are just from deeper waters. They are all shipped together in one container and are all touching each other. He said it's possible that I just happened to receive one that is overly aggressive. So, who knows what happened! Things have calmed down in my tank since the RFA's rearranged themselves, so hopefully it will remain peaceful.
  3. https://www.marinedepot.com/Innovative_Marine_Lid_Clips_for_Rimless_Aquariums_15mm_Aquariums_Accessories-Innovative_Marine-0I05420-FIAQAA-0I05420-vi.html Just be sure to choose the correct size, I think it’s 8mm.
  4. Hmmm... that a tough one. Looks kind of like an Oceanic Reef Ready tank I had many years ago.
  5. I've totally been wondering about this! I always see pictures of RFA's touching, but I recently got a few of the "special collection" RFA's on AquaSD and they seem to be stinging my other RFA's. One died, and another 2 lost a bunch of tenticles on the one side where they touched. Luckily they have all now moved away from each other, but I didn't even know this was a possibility or I would have placed them far apart to begin with.
  6. I asked them a couple of days ago and they said that they would be available again in a few weeks.
  7. I just had to toss one and it looked WAY worse than that. It looked bad for a while, then pretty much turned itself inside out via it's mouth. Then it detached and floated around for a bit. It was clear that it was not going to recover. It seems like it's always the prettiest one in the tank that does this!
  8. I had pretty decent coverage with my Mini over a 25 Lagoon. Depending on how you place things, you would probably be fine.
  9. Distilled is all I have used for 15 years.
  10. Ahhh, that makes sense. I figured it would probably round out with time.
  11. +1 on the clove polyps. They can annoy the heck out of whatever they are touching.
  12. I've had great luck with online vendors. No DOA's and everything has been healthy and pest free. However, the pictures you see online are generally enhanced in some way so I have had quite a few pieces that didn't look nearly as spectacular in person, or were a different color altogether.
  13. This may seem like a weird question, but does anyone have a rock flower that's not round? I got a new one a few days ago and the shape is a little odd. At first I thought it as just squished up, but after observing it I have noticed that even when completely open one side is much smaller than the other. It doesn't look to be sick or damaged in any way and the color is amazing.
  14. eBay orders and website orders can be shipped together, right?