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  1. Nano Sump/HOB advice

    I've setup a Nano tank before a 5.5g with HOB Filter previously, currently just thinking about setting up a new system. I'm feeling like I might want to go with a Sump this time, but it's completely new to me. I'm thinking around a 10g sump with around 5-10g display. So is there someone that makes good sumps or custom sumps? Also do I go with a drilled tank? I really like my ADA tank I still have, so I don't think I'd want to drill it... Or do I just go back to a HOB? I have an 11 month old daughter now so I'd like to go with easy maintenance, I think it would be easier if I have a larger sump and small display... Thanks!
  2. Starfire Pico Aquariums

    How many gallons is this? Any scratches or issues? Was this custom made? Thanks!
  3. SteveT's 'fuge lights for Chaeto?

    I use it, not sure how well it's working, but chaeto isn't dying. Heat I thought might be an issue too, but it seems like it's ok for now.
  4. This cyano?

    Sounds like diatoms or dinoflagelates, cyano is usually reddish purple or an aqua green color. You might be over feeding... How many fish etc are in your tank & what size? what do you have for flow?
  5. Scarlet hermit...hiding or dead?

    I've bought several over the years, never had one die. Until a few weeks ago when I ordered my CUC, 1 of 2 I ordered died, but probably from shipping I guess...
  6. New In Box MP10's for sale

    Still available?
  7. Rubicons ADA 5.5 Now w/LEDs

    There are currently only 6 LEDs on my tank, I kind of feel like I want 9 haha, but I'm seeing how well 6 will do. Coverage is fine, since it's a small tank, there are no dark spots.
  8. Rubicons ADA 5.5 Now w/LEDs

    Hehe, nope not $400 , Deli custom made it for me, but I wanted it to mount custom as well as have LEDs which he knows more about than I. I think it looks pretty slick Only thing is I think I'd have liked a few more LEDs, but on Delis advice I'm seeing how it goes for now haha
  9. MP10, is it overkill for a 5.5g?

    Well I planned on doing SPS, (have 1 piece atm) but being a 5.5 there's not a lot of area for the flow to slow down. So everything seems to get decent flow, maybe even borderline too much for some. I was hoping to decide and grab one while they were on Black Friday sale, but I didn't I'm planning SPS, acans, zoas and rics, so MP 10 might be too much for most of them... But a clean look is important to me in my tank, and that Koralia is pretty obtrusive...
  10. Rubicons ADA 5.5 Now w/LEDs

    Well the Acans seem fine, not sure how to tell with the Monti, Rics are still small, but I'm not sure if that is just from shipping... I just got the Light, and all the corals Wednesday haha, so everything is adapting together.
  11. Rubicons ADA 5.5 Now w/LEDs

    Tried with the moonlights, but couldn't get a clear pic
  12. MP10, is it overkill for a 5.5g?

    Ya well I have a K-Nano in there already, should be plenty of flow along with the AC 70 running an AC 20 impeller. But the K-Nano has a huge footprint compared to the MP10 which is another reason why I'd like to change.
  13. FS: High End Zoa & Paly Frags

    Are the Fruit Loops all gone?
  14. I'm using a Koralia Nano atm, and I like it, but the MP10 is smaller so... Should I get an MP10 or is it overkill for a 5.5g? No fish, just inverts and corals...
  15. Tunze on AC?

    I'm not sure if it would fit, but I'd recommend an AC 110 on a 20 gallon over the AC 70.