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    my ap24g

    yes, all crabs back out of their shell. Generally the apron opens up and they push themselves out. You may not see him for a day or two until his shell hardens up. He knows he will be vulnerable until then.
  2. chris r

    Which starfish for me...?

    Your tank is probably too small and new to support a linkia star. If you want something that is hardy, try to find a harlequin serpent star. They stay relatively small(5-6in max) and are not aggresive like green brittle stars. I've had mine for 2 years in my 37gal reef and love him. Feed him some shrimp every few days and he's fine. They hide a lot, but will be the first to the table when food hits the water. You won't believe how fast a star can move when its hungry.
  3. chris r

    How many aquariums do you have?

    Too many 5gal eclipse hex pseudochromis jail, 12gal aquapod w/70MH clown goby heaven, 37gal LPS reef only, 210gal Carribean tank w/Lucifer the Queen trigger. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, a 2500 sq ft insane asylum to house them,my bunnies and my wife.
  4. chris r

    To catch a predator...

    If he has ###ed you off bad enough, you can send him to me for capital punishment. My queen trigger loves inmates that misbehave. She doesn't charge for her services. You just can't get the body back for burial.Hehehehe
  5. chris r

    Best Shrimp

    I've always had good luck with fire/blood shrimp, however they tend to hide more than skunks during the day. And yes, they can get rather large. As far as fish, two clowns would be okay in a 12g, especially if they have something to host in. If they get cranky, put in a much smaller damsel to be their b*i*t*c*h. Then the damsel will take the abuse until your clowns get established together. It worked for me.
  6. chris r

    When Blue Ringed Octopus Go bad

    How about an English lesson and a typing course instead of a blue ring. After reading that last post, it seems they would be more beneficial to you.
  7. chris r

    Advice on problems with GBTA

    Chupacabras is right. Sounds like it needs more light and a better supplemental diet. Mysis are not very meaty. Try shrimp,squid or mussel. A 150MH is ok but the nem will need to be higher in the tank. Also a 20K temp might not be that great. My friend has a 20K MH in his tank and I have a 14K. I ended up with his RBTA for the same problems you have stated and he was actually feeding his shrimp. Mine stays in the top 1/4 of the tank directlu under a 150MH. It hasnt moved in 6mos since I put it there. Hope this helps.
  8. chris r

    First shots with a D80

    I dont even own a digital camera so I think I might have to go cry now. I have seen some real silly bickering on this site, but I think this is one of the dumbest. He bought the camera for the same reasons my dog licks his balls. BECAUSE HE CAN. Back off. When he reads the manual and experiments with it, he will probably take better pics than all of you. If he spent a ton of money on a high end product that he likes, good. He has more money than you and you are jealous. I spent 60grand on a 19ft boat. Is that too much? For you, yes, for me no. It has been 4years and I still get a hard on every time I go fishing in that thing. Fishfreak, more power to you and tell them to go p#i#s#s on a spark plug.
  9. chris r

    New Red Sea Max

    mwm6 is dead on. If you have fully cured live rock&live sand, there will be no cycle and you can start your tank immediately. This is the purpose of spending the big money for fully cured rock. I started an eclipse hex5 with LR&LS four years ago and the first day had a purple pseudochromis,fire shrimp,1snail and 4 hermits. I have only had to replace the cleanup crew due to old age dieoff. You started off smart, now it's time to stock up. This is the fun part, don't deny yourself any longer.
  10. chris r

    New Aquapod 12g model

    Thanks for the info. Should I go with the MJ900 or 1200? All my other tanks seem to work better with outrageous flow rates. I currently have a HOT Magnum of the back of an eclipse hex5 with a good size frogspawn and it didnt take off until I increased the flow.
  11. chris r

    New Aquapod 12g model

    just found this post as i just got an ap12. heat and light are a moot point for me. I splurged and got the 70w sunpod model and run it open topped. I take it I should upgrade the stock pump but how much flow would i need? It also sounds like I should block the lower intake&cut back on the size of the filter sponge. Sound about right to you? This is a LPS and zoanthid tank,only one goby and clean up crew. Thanks
  12. chris r

    fish suggestions

    Inverts will produce less bioload. If your tank is all reef, I would use shrimp or stars to clean the bottom. My serpent star and fire shrimp do a nice job in my 37 and I rarely feed them directly. They get plenty when I feed my frogspawns
  13. chris r

    ID this hitchhiker crab, please

    YUMMMMM!!! Good, cheap & fresh food for my queen trigger. I had one like that as well as one that was white. After eating a damsel and a ricordia, I removed him at night and let my trigger introduce him to Jesus. My advice, get rid of any crab unless you purposely put in there or you can positively ID the damn things.
  14. chris r

    T5-HO to Compact flourescents

    T5's are way more efficient than PC. Get a good reflector for your T5's and you wont regret it.
  15. chris r

    What kind of salt does everyone use?

    Oceanic for me. Never had a reason to switch.