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    My E36 BMW M3/Pontiac G8, Fish (rare wrasses/clowns), corals (micros/acans), medicine, mtn biking,
  1. VannReefer87

    Zook's 20g Shallow Mix

    awesome tank!
  2. VannReefer87

    Woogie's 20L Juggy Reef

  3. VannReefer87

    Breaking Down in PA

    pics don't seem to be working . I'd def. be interested in some stuff! How far are you from Newark, DE?
  4. VannReefer87

    SPS: T5 vs LED

    I would run a radium 20k and just adjust your 4 bulb selection on your current light....perhaps a Fiji Purple Blue, 2 ATI Blue + and a ATI Blue Special ?
  5. VannReefer87

    Daves Shallow SPS 35g

    Tank looks awesome man!. Are you using the 24 LED fixture or the 48 LED?
  6. VannReefer87

    Check this out , help

    probably just diatoms/detritus building up on the silicone....I'd leave it alone before you start a leak
  7. Hey Matt, Didn't know you were still reefing?! Hope all is well man, got some good lighting for sale! -Derek
  8. VannReefer87

    ecotech radion leds.

    I'll have to see if I can get an employee discount...
  9. VannReefer87

    HELP ID! Red Planaria

    I'd use FW exit just to be safe. This guys can be quite prolific. I'd consider cutting down on feeding to limit their resources as well
  10. VannReefer87

    Shrimp like ID?

    creepy isopod
  11. VannReefer87

    Id new coral?

    Hopefully its a Alveopora
  12. VannReefer87

    Make One Mistake and You're Out $1800!

    is that from Sanjay's tank @ Pennstate or his personal tank. Sanjay does fancy his insane livestock and lighting!
  13. VannReefer87

    Anglerfish tankmates

    Anglers are best kept alone or w/ like tank mates. Seahorse would become an easy meal. Not a great idea...
  14. VannReefer87

    Vann's 30g Breeder College Reef

    Well, technically I'm a post grad reefer Graduated with a degree in Chemistry and Biology back in Dec. of 2009. Tank has been w/ me since college though Anyone using an MP10? You think they would provide enough flow for my tank, if I keep my modded MJ1200 as well? Thanks for any input!
  15. VannReefer87

    Vann's 30g Breeder College Reef

    Made a trip up to that Fish Place today. Picked up the following.... -Swales Basslet -Golden Eye Lepestrea -Oregon Blue Tort -2 Olive Snails -5 Turbo Snails -1 Coral Banded Shrimp. I also picked up some GFO material and some bright well additives. Found a nice flat rock that completed the right side island, adjusted the aqua-scape accordingly. I installed my new bulbs in the following order: Front: -ATI Purple Blue -ATI Aqua Blue Special -ATI Blue Plus -UV Actinic White -ATI Blue Plus -UV 75.25 More pics coming soon!