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  1. JBJ Nano Glo

    Can we get any pics? thanks,
  2. Going Topless.

    i don't you would need them for lumen output, I would think option to go 150 or 250 watt would accomplish that task. And you could easily upgrade into a deeper blue kelvin with a 20K, but you would lose the dawn dusk effect for timer usage. I don't think it would be a big deal though.
  3. choosing a chiller for a 12 gallon AP

    I would recommend a Current USA 1/15 hp or JBJ Arctica 1/20 hp. They both have good reps on this forum.
  4. Going Topless.

    JBJ just came out with a new version of the K-2 Viper with a fan and leds in 150 watt and 250 watt models you might want to check out. http://blog.marinedepot.com/

    I agree, you need to address the casue and not only the symptons associated with high nutrient content such as phosphates, silicates, and nitrates usually associated with algae outbreaks. Monitor the readings and work backwards to see what the cause of input may be: bad water, overfeeding, inefficient skimmer, or infrequency of water changes. thanks,
  6. FS: JBJ K-2 Viper 150W

    you might want to look at their newest version of the k-2 viper dx. http://www.jbjlighting.com/new_products.html
  7. Nano-Cube or Red Sea Max?

    I'd have to agree, 110 watts on the 34 gallon tank is OK for corals but with a name like MAX, I think they should have put in a HQI...
  8. RedSeaMax vs JBJ 28g HQI

    OK, so far here are the results and a quick break down.. Red Sea Max34 ( 1 vote / 12.5%) JBJ 28g HQI ( 6 votes / 87.50%) Key Comparison Factors: Heat Issues: Sounds like the JBJ 28g HQI may have higher heat issues due to the metal halide in the hood. But they do offer a compartment for a chiller. The RSM may also have heat issues as well since their website also states an area for a "chiller pump". I think overall many of these small all-in-one tanks may have heat concerns. I read on many of these threads about Nano Cubes, Aqua Pods, and Bio Cubes already having heat concerns even with less light than both of these higher powered systems. Protein Skimmer: The RSM includes an integrated venturi skimmer which is more effective than the counter current in the JBJ. Changing air-stones can also be a hassle in the JBJ. I've also seen some bad reviews on the PRIZM skimmer but I think the RSM wins in this category. Price: The JBJ HQI is cheaper by $100 but it is also smaller by 6 gallons than the RSM. But overall it has (2) key features that are different.. first the MH and second the wavemaker. IMO, a better value if size isn't as important Glass Thickness: The RSM wins here with 8mm and the JBJ 28g HQI 6mm. But I don't think it will be a problem since the 29g Biocube is also 6mm. But I will have to agree that the 8mm does feel more reassuring.
  9. With both these tanks tipping the $$$ scale of $500, which one is a better choice?
  10. 28g Nano Cube HQI

    Wow.. that does look pretty sweet.. I would definitely be interested in the upgrade HQI hood. Time to start saving.......
  11. Does anyone know the actual gallons of water the 29g Biocube holds?
  12. 2007 Nano Cube

    Italian0926, your right.. I just sent an email to JBJ about the new HQI Nano Cube and they confirmed it is already in production. Best of all, they say the new HQI canopy will fit existing 24g Nano Cube Deluxe tanks and will be sold as an upgrade kit! "Hello and thank you for your interest in our new 25g Nano Cube Deluxe HQI model. The approximate launch date is in Feb. 2007. It will include the following: * Integrated 150 Watt HQI in the canopy * LED Moonlights on a separate power supply * Center Overflow * Intergrated Protein Skimmer (Counter Current) with drain & drain hose * 2 ACCELA Pumps * 2 Return Nozzles on each side of the overflow * Ocean Pulse Wavemaker * 4 Cooling fans integrated into the canopy / Thermal protector for auto shut off We will also be offering an upgrade kit for current owners of the 24g Nano Cube Deluxe aquarium, as the new HQI canopy fits perfectly onto the existing model. Price has not been determined but we expect it to be a very reasonable price point for all the features that will be included standard. thanks, JBJ Aquarium Products Online Customer Support M-F 9 AM-5 PM Pacific Standard Time Ordering Parts: (310) 672-4099 Technical Support: (310) 672-0480
  13. THe new nanocube by Cube Masters

    Second the P.O.S. I saw one in Monterey Park, look like real crappy construction.
  14. Clear For Life Uniquarium--Yes? No?

    The uniaquariums have been out for a while. They are a nice little set up. But not for me... too pricy and too scratch prone for a mini reef tank. just my 0.2 cents
  15. viper by JBJ

    There is no comparison between the stock 2x36 watt CF lamps with the 150 HQI. My 24g NC is so much brighter..just ask my corals.