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  1. ezcompany

    Maeda tells it like it is..

    http://www.marinedepot.com/Reef_Octopus_Ne...11-FIPS-vi.html size 4 would suit your needs, though maeda will probably have better input in terms of equipment. the size 4 should be able to handle moderate to heavy feeding of the puffers.
  2. ezcompany

    Maeda tells it like it is..

    a fish is part of the natural ecosystem. a proper amount will benefit the tank as a whole. especially with softies, it should be no problem hammers, spawns grow quite fast, and release their sweepers at night. in a 14 gallon, you may run out of space quickly. i would recommend one, and at most two, with a few heads on each. you'll be surprised at how fast they grow, especially if you feed them.
  3. ezcompany

    ORA birdsnest partially bleached

    2-3 weeks you should see some color starting to return under proper care. don't blast it right away with full light, acclimate it.
  4. ezcompany

    Maeda tells it like it is..

    kalk paste doesn't have to be too thick, just to the point where the viscosity will allow it to run through a syringe. once you have aptasia, they will almost always come back. my preferred method of killing is injecting the paste into the base of the aptasia, applying very hot water to the immediate area, and using a paper towel to wipe out all remnants of the anemone. rinse with ro, then place back into the tank. oh yeah, i am maeda's assistant
  5. ezcompany

    Nano Items FS

    tunzes sold! deltec skimmer $130 new price!
  6. ezcompany

    Nano Items FS

    Chiller has been sold, tunzes are pending
  7. ezcompany

    Nano Items FS

    ATO Sold
  8. ezcompany

    Nano Items FS

    light has been sold, everything else still available
  9. ezcompany

    Nano Items FS

    Hey everyone I'm looking to get rid of a few things that I don't use anymore. If the prices you feel are unfair, please feel free to make me an offer. Link and pictures are on RC so I apologize in advance for that. Local sale is preferred, 90042 90010 please email: ezcompany0@gmail.com http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2055331 Thanks for looking
  10. ezcompany

    ADIN TANK 75g

    eat them
  11. ezcompany

    EZ III

    Sorry for being MIA guys. I have a hard time finding my tank thread with all the new members on this site! Good to see NR going strong. Tank at the moment is up. I had another mishap with bad electric outlets, and a heater exploding and cracking the sump. Is my tank still considered nano?
  12. ezcompany

    MP10, is it overkill for a 5.5g?

    all that coral in a 5.5 is way too much, for long term at least. unless u plan to keep frags forever. mp10 is a good idea, but like others said i think its a waste of money when you can get good enough results with other pumps.
  13. ezcompany

    EZ III

    hey Jamie and Dave plan is as usual, old school sps tank, bare bottom, high flow, old school equipment. initial start up cost i'm trying to keep at $0
  14. ezcompany

    EZ III

    haha i'm no legend! update: there was a small leak in the return plumbing, got that issue resolved, skimmer installed, salt added, misc equipment to come!