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  1. What coral is this?

    rhodactis mushroom, aka hairy mushroom. in my past experience it seemed to prefer higher nutrient water.
  2. TwoLittleFishes Nano Mag scratched glass--help?

    plastic card, such as credit card would help. I use a mag float and a nimble for most, but i always check it for sand before use.
  3. Dropped's Reef - 1 year old!

    if the rock you added is likely the source of the problem why continue leaving it in there?
  4. Dropped's Reef - 1 year old!

    did you remove the rock already?
  5. Dropped's Reef - 1 year old!

    It is always tricky to move an established tank to a new one. Can I ask why you are doing water changes so often? Your bacteria levels have plummeted since your tank transfer, and corals depend on a myriad network of them for biological functions, some of which aren't understood fully today. As long as you're not detecting ammonia/nitrite I wouldn't be doing any water changes to try and bring your dead artificial sea water back to life. Adding liverock and livesand from very established and clean systems will most probably help.
  6. hope you can keep the cucumber in good shape. your powerheads and such may need to be covered.
  7. scooters may be barely easier to keep than mandarins, they are constantly eating pods as well.
  8. RO/DI questions

    testing your existing tap water source (using a handheld TDS meter) would help before deciding which unit to purchase. if you are in a area with high chloramines, spectrapure has units specifically designed for efficient removal of that. I don't know what your budget or situation is, but if you plan to have a reef tank a long time, or produce a lot of water, you may want to look into long term cost savings (in terms of DI Resin, Membrane replacements, etc.) it's best you get a unit that will help you do so. If you have high TDS like I do, (400ppm+) it would be worth it to get a unit thats good for this situation. I got the maxcap 90gpd with manual flush. This is a 5 stage unit that fits under my sink, and I use a faucet adapter whenever I need to make water. you can google spectrapure faq and find a lot of good information there. you will learn quickly what separates spectrapure from most other ro/di companies. (for example all their membranes are individually tested and guaranteed) hopefully AZdesertrat will chime in soon!
  9. Have you tried Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp yet? My Target has been getting better at recognizing my feeding stick to eat at least one large shrimp a day. I have the PE mysis soak in AF Fish Vit and Selcon overnight to cover as much nutrients as I can, (and because it is a freshwater mysis species that may lack nutrients required in marine fish) not to mention the PE mysis are supposed to be flash frozen gut loaded with undigested phyto. On a good day he will eat up to 4 large shrimp and look plump. Definitely takes time and patience, but very very satisfying to see each time he feeds. You can try fish roe too from the Asian market if you have one. Good luck.
  10. waste ratio with booster pump

    Can I ask where you purchased the flow restrictor for a 4:1 ratio? or is it something you have to set yourself?
  11. Bubbles under sand bed

    I haven't had problems stirring older sand beds before. I definitely don't know what gas it is.
  12. What Is the Best Aquarium Salt on the Market?

    http://reefhub.pl/test-soli-drugie-starcie/ click on top right corner for english
  13. Dr. Felicia's Predator Paradise - Retired

    nice tank! why does the left most clam look so pale and white?
  14. How do you deal with high house humidity?

    Dehumidifiers will solve your humidity issues.
  15. NEW Nano Light Basic- $84.99 Shipped!

    sweet, are there any par values or LED bulb details we can look at?