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  1. Ok updates.... hum... nothing really new. I have added a tailspot blenny and decided that the springers damsel needs to go. He was fine with larger fish but after adding the tailspot I decided to catch the springers. I caught him last night and he is off to his new home today. I think they would be best for a frag tank or a nano with clowns. No delicate fish. I have a bit of algae kicking up after adding the sand. Kinda weird HA looking stuff. Been working so much and a little neglect tank wise. Just re-plumbed my ro-di system today and added an additional inline TDS to help with my filters getting spent so fast. Thats another reason for the algae im sure. Finally broke down the ADA last month and added to the 110 what I had left of corals. Not much just sofites.. a couple rics zoas and shrooms. Added some honkin big zebra turbos and they have been hard at work cleaning up. I am a pretty patient reefer, but I hope that it will be coral ready (sps) just after christmas. I have lots of good local frags to buy
  2. Well added a new fish last weekend. Have a nasty cold but snapped a few pics of my new guy... he is so cool looking. Radiant Wrasse
  3. ^^ Agreed! I have seen these recently in our LFS or similar species, very cool. I just picked myself of a BEAUTIFUL Radiant Wrasse tonight for my new 110. Honestly one of the nicest ones Ive seen! Will get pics up in my thread when he comes out of the sand I would just suggest a small wrasse.
  4. Just pull it out and position it how you want it will dry out. Will be very brittle thou.... what about those clear boxes from craft stores??? Filling it up HALF way with that clear resin used for topping tables, let it dry then place the dried crab onto it and then fill the rest. Would be pretty cool IMO but I am weird too. I saw this done on "How its Made" lol thats how they make those awards with the stuff "floating" in it. P.S I am VERY excited about the fact that I got to use a totally useless piece of information today! YEA!
  5. Waves.... It doesnt look like a big wave but thats pretty damn good for 110 gallons of water! I WILL be getting another one of these for the other side.
  6. Well I print it them myself. I own a design and large format printing business. I would charge $7.99 per sq ft. Its done in panels, and its just a big sticker. I would need pictures of the tank and exact dimensions. You would either need to provide the wood grain image or you can use the one I did. The surface needs to be VERY smooth and this "Stand Wrap" WILL SCRATCH!! I have a couple places with minor scratches however a brown sharpie works miracles. The vinyl I used for mine is a very thin vinyl. There are much nicer and thicker vinyls however they cost more. If you're really interested I will send you a sample of the printed material just PM me with your address. Application is not THAT hard but does require some finesse and PATIENCE!!! I would supply you with instructions for WET application. All you do is spray on a water and soap formula peel the backing off the decal and position it in place. Squeegee out the excess water and let it dry for about an hour. Anyways let me know. I think I am going to start offering these to reefers. It doesn't even have to be a full wrap, it can be ANYTHING, even cut out vinyl fish, or a cool design.
  7. They are the bain of my existence. Boiling RO into their tube with syringe then using super glue jell I seal those suckers shut! I still have 50 or so BIG ones they have ruined several corals with their constant feeding slime.
  8. Well found it hard to believe too.... until I found 3 other people in my local club that had this species and found they are great reef fish. He was in with my aggressive clownfish but now he is in the 110. He Schools with my cardinals actually. I have not once seen him go after any other fish or show any remote signs of aggression. I had a mild case of flatworms and went into a LFS talking about the FWs. My friend says... OH here try this damsel. I was like UHH NO! He says its NON aggressive and it WILL eat FWs. What the heck so I tried him out, a whopping $8.00. He has been a model citizen and not a chance he would go into the 110 if I even thought he would be aggressive, I considers passing him around to the locals needing to get rid of FWs but I just like him too much!
  9. Very nice! Love me sum rics!
  10. I run my ADA naked. Many know this. No skimmer, filter, sump NADA. Bio Load is the KEY here!!!!!! 1 fish only! IMO this CAN be done but it requires MUCH more attention to your system. I haven't been THAT successful with SPS either but my tank looks nice MO.
  11. Never gonna believe this crap..... it doesnt work LOL!!!!!! I am sooo bummed! Seems to be a connection issue where the poewr cable plugs into the wave driver so nothing major I sent an email out to EcoTech. I heard they have great customer service but bummed out I will have to wait until Monday to hear from them. I don't have any Helfrichs as my name would suggest. I think they are such beautiful fish thou! I always run an open top tank and never would put them in that. Expensive carpet surfing isnt my game lol. Maybe one day.... BTW that pic of yours in your AV is AMAZING!!!!
  12. Awe thanks! I forgot how much I love this site!
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