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  1. Can you use any pump/Aqualifter or does it have to be their pump?
  2. FS: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO

    Tried sending you a PM but it bounced back.
  3. WTB yellow assessor basslet

    ORA breeds them so any LFS that orders from ORA should be able to get you one.
  4. FS: LED with Neo Arm 91602

    I started to PM you on it but felt that I would just be hoarding. I should've Googled what the arm looked like!
  5. WTB in Los Angeles CA

    So the hotel was selling frags? Can you provide name and/or address of hotel? Thanks!
  6. Got the new clamp as described. Great communication from seller and super easy transaction. Thanks!
  7. Magenta Bird and Some Zoas

    Wow... Awesome pics! GLWS!
  8. WTB exotic Xenia

    Tagging along. I haven't seen any giant pom pom xenia (Bali) in years and then a local vendor had one frag of it at RAP last year and sold it CHEAP! So mad I missed out on it!
  9. Zoas for sale

    Where in SoCal are you located?
  10. FS BBEB Zoas frags

    Zoas are relatively easy to ship. Most come from halfway across the world wrapped in wet newspaper and no additional water. This time of year is also the best time to ship as it is relatively mild across the country. Let me know if you need help, Kenny
  11. SOLD!

    I can't seem to ever remember which Meanwell driver needs which dimming requirements. What are the dimming requirements for the ones you are selling? Are you also willing to part out or only sell as a lot? Thanks!
  12. wtb some mushrooms in los angeles area

    Go check out The Aquarium in Culver City on Sepulveda. They have a bunch of mushrooms available and are super reasonable.
  13. FS: 5 Sexy Shrimps (SOLD)

    What do they feed on? Typical scavengers?
  14. FS: Florida Ricordia group buy

    That's the one that popped out to me as well. Great choice! I'm horrible at math so can someone just tell me how much it will cost if I ordered 5 shipped to California? Haha