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  1. adinsxq

    carpet anemoone (corrected)

    That’s a carpet anemone
  2. adinsxq

    Freshwater rock for reef tank

    Not recommended
  3. adinsxq

    Mariaface's Contest Tank?!

  4. They're pretty good. Lots of improvements over the standard HOB
  5. adinsxq

    oogietank! ADA Cube Garden 45P

    I mean... I know the kit includes a hole location template, but how did you make the decision on the actual distance from the top? I only ask because it seems like once you've drilled the hole, your tank's water level will be set by the cuts in the overflow and return flow rate.
  6. adinsxq

    oogietank! ADA Cube Garden 45P

    How did you decide where to drill the hole?