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  1. I mean... I know the kit includes a hole location template, but how did you make the decision on the actual distance from the top? I only ask because it seems like once you've drilled the hole, your tank's water level will be set by the cuts in the overflow and return flow rate.
  2. How did you decide where to drill the hole?
  3. OMG!!!
  4. Chris, this mouse-over feature for 1st post preview is very nice. Thank you.
  5. Just change to and then grab a box of permanent markers and add in the W as needed. I can help.
  6. Earlier today, I was fortunate enough to visit Ultum Nature Systems, see the tanks, and meet the guys. The aquariums are exceptional.
  7. I agree. WOW.
  8. That's weird... have you tried asking Clippy for help?
  9. I like cats
  10. Did you use your teeth to open that box?
  12. Very good.