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  1. I love the duo, they look great side by side! Even cooler you carried the sand bed depth over! Great to see this up and running as an anemone tank, picos are great to focus on certain specimens. Any other additions you have in mind?
  2. Looking good @MarieH! Those are some new nice coral additions, the toxic green trumpet is so eye catching!
  3. Nice capture @dling, they're a great little construction crew πŸ˜„
  4. How long have you had the duncan coral in your system? Has it always been in that location? I suspect there is not enough light for it on the sand bed. If your mushroom corals are growing higher up in the tank, LPS coral will generally need more light than mushroom coral. I would reposition the coral frag higher in the tank in an area with moderate flow.
  5. Hahaha I know the extra step is a bummer! A lot of the trouble comes from storing and processing video uploads so they can display well on all devices, there are a few different popular file formats these days as well. I'll keep investigating a built in solution though, we'll get there in time.
  6. Yeah, in an effort to level the playing field, I decided to exclude internal filters of this nature for this particular competition @William, there were too many variables to account for.
  7. Not currently, but I'm working towards a native solution! Video hosting is costly. If you paste a share link from Youtube, Vimeo, or Instagram it will automatically embed in your post here though.
  8. What a fun concept, this came together so well! I don't think I've seen a tank with a full diorama in back like this πŸ™‚ I can't stop laughing about the mullet tank joke either πŸ˜‚
  9. I think with a system as large as yours, using a product like Aquavitro Seed would make sense in helping to better established a balanced ecosystem. The algae in your system may be calthorix, a cyanobacteria based 'algae'. Does it have bubbles on it only in the evenings, usually gone in the morning? Blue/green in color when your lights are on and a little soft or fuzzy looking? Slimy and slick to the touch? A product like Seed works to establish beneficial bacteria cultures that will outcompete these nuisance ones that can flare up in new and unbalanced ecosystems with excess nutrients, or sometimes even near zero nutrients. Try to get a better ID on the algae as well, that will clarify a lot of things. It's too difficult to ID from your photographs.
  10. Congrats on your new nano reef system @TommyH! Will you be starting with dry rock and a little live rock? If you're able to purchase bagged live sand, that can also be a great way to establish your reef tank and begin the cycle process.
  11. How is it looking today @Amphrites?
  12. This won't be permitted for this competition. One goal of using similarly sized tanks is to have a common footprint amongst all entries, this would be too much of a variation.
  13. @Dastuck77 I'd recommend using this guide from our sponsor Reef Cleaners to help ID the algae in your system: https://www.reefcleaners.org/nuisance-algae-id-guide What is your water change routine like? It's not unusual for there to be brief algae blooms in a new aquarium system, like the brown diatom bloom you saw earlier.
  14. I really do lament that I cannot see the backside of the jar, I recently thought about scooting it forward on the cabinet a little more. The TV beside it has a swivel base, so I push it out of the way to take a peek around the backside on the right. The lid light probably has enough wiggle room to 'swivel' with assistance, but I have the power cord bundled with the heater, air line, and temp probe lines, they wouldn't move as easily. All that being said... a lazy susan could still be worthwhile, it wouldn't need to swivel 360 or even 180 degrees, just 45 or so in either direction. Hmm... πŸ€”
  15. I think this will be my approach, I'll ask next time I go in! Hopefully the shrimp are not too difficult to catch and remove haha. I wonder if I still have my old fish net packed away somewhere? πŸ€”
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