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  1. Thanks Chris. It's a 5.5g
  2. blasto and toadstool spoken for. If the person backs out I'll let you all know. Tangov a friend took it. I have another rock and I am thinking about fragging it so I'll keep you in mind if I do. The rock is pretty solid and I am afraid that it will crumble and ruin the specimen. I may try placing a few rocks on the sides so that they can grow over. They're fast growers. I'll let you know in a month or two if I have a frag for you. I am not sure why nano-reef is not notifiying me of posts by sending me an e-mail. I'll have to check into this. I am not on line all the time.
  3. I am trying to make room in my small tank for other specimens and have the following for sale in Laguna Niguel, Orange County. No shipping as of yet - but may consider in future. GSP morph $10 about 2 inch rock Blasto Merletti frag $10 about 6 heads Armour of God frag $25 about 12 heads. Although it is a zoo, the polyps are are paly size Blue Zoo with whitish mouths $20 center rock for 7 polyps. The pics were taken under 10K T-5s. I bought them from in a tank with 20K lighting and they showed more blue of course, but fast growers and the larger zoo polyps (but not paly size.) If you have 20K lighting they should show bluer. Toadstool frag 20.00 with long polyps and neon green tips 3-4 inch diameter, but not Tyree so don't ask. Teal Hammer frag $10 opens to about 4 inch diameter. It's stinging my blasto so it has to go. Full tank shot because I accidently uploaded. Not for sale. Oh and you north County folks don't complain. Laguna Niguel is 20 minutes south of Irvine on the 405! Joe
  4. trade you for some armour of God palys. I'm in Laguna Niguel
  5. I might be interested in splitting it with you. What color are the polyps? Can you get a pic and send it with your ideas of how/where to split it? Where in Socal? I"m in OC. PM me with the details.
  6. where are you located miniz? I have a head of neon green pink tip frogspawn, a mushroom rock which has 1 hairy, two reds and two greenishblues and some star polyps but I don't want to ship so if you are in socal we can do business. Also thinking about chopping off the head of my green toadstool but it is not Tyree real neon green one but fluroesces non the less. The polyps are incredibly long for a toad stool and they sway in the current. Have a head of teal green hammer also even though you haven't asked. PM me if interested and in socal and I will send pics. Sorry, I've never shipped and reluctant to do so in the summer.
  7. It looks like it is about 2 inches round, is it?
  8. ygpm I'd like to come by today to see them and pick one.
  9. These are what I have if this is an orange mushroom. Nice purple dots though.
  10. stan what the @#$# is an orange mushroom. All of my "red" mushrooms or what I thought were red are orange or rusty orange colored some with light purple dots. They do have a fluorescence though especially when contracted. PM - maybe we can do a trade if this is what you're looking for. Joe P.S. Was at coral oasis today looking for the purple marcoalgae - no where to be found and they didn't know what I was talking about. check them out in the pico forum under upgrade to 5.5g. I have some loose ones.
  11. I have a fire shrimp - same scenario so i feed him a little piece of real shrimp every day and it keeps him busy for a long time so I can feed everything else.
  12. Not sure I understand. Make a little ring of the epoxy and let it dry and then superglue the frag to the epoxy, and the superglue the epoxy side to the rock? Please explain in greater detail, I'm a little dense.
  13. I think the lighting looks too concentrated. Try turning the leds around facing upward and let the reflectors work their magic. I have mine sitting on the plastic canopy facing upward and the entire tank is illuminated. You may have to do some modding
  14. hello epicfish Have the fans been upgraded to support the MH? I am interested what the temp is with the MH?
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