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  1. Anyone reading Chris Brightwells new book specificaly about nano-reefs? Opinions? I just ordered it from Amazon. Fishwannabe
  2. I am in Cobb County near Marietta. There is a lfs in Canton, Imagine Ocean, that has a good rep, I havent been there yet. Also the Athen's fish store is worth the trip. Oh, welcome to Georgia! Fishwannabe
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  4. Sounds like a plan! Keep us updated. I'll be watching.
  5. Hi. I have been considering setting up a reef tank for dwarf sea horses also. I will be following your thread closely for ideas. you might want to check out this link at seahorse.org: http://forum.seahorse.org/index.php?showtopic=26524&st=0seahorse.org I look forward to your sucess!!
  6. Just noticed this thread. I am from SC also. I live in Marietta GA now, but the rest of my family lives in Spartanburg/Moore area. I would love to have the names of the fish stores in Greenville. I hope you are happy in the area. I would love to move back, but my hubby's job has kept us here for 20 years. My husband is from PA, and he loves it down here. Like any place, there are positives and negatives. But overall I think the South is a great place to live. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
  7. Has anyone tried one of these tanks? Are they worth the investment? JBJ picotope 3 Gal
  8. An hour from Atlanta, but at least 1 hr 45 min. from West Cobb, where I live . Why did you think the reef tank was "horrible"? BTW I did check out Atlanta Reef Club site. Good sugesstion.
  9. It is an incredible place, but I don't think they would be likely to share. I have been once and I am ready to go again and again and again!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. My daughter is at UGA. I have actually been to Athen's Aquarium and Fish Store once and I was pleased. That's where I first saw a mini-reef. It is about 2 hours away. I plan on using them when I can. Any closer that that? Ann
  11. Any recomendations on a LFS in the Marietta/Atlanta GA area? I have visited a couple and I was not impressed with the condition of the tanks or the staff. Thanks, Ann
  12. Thank You! That is a lot of info concisely put. I will continue to glean those nuggets of wisdom from the posts on this site. I do not like anything to die while it is in my care, unless it is from old age. So I do want to be careful. I will keep y'all posted.