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  1. One Eyed Bunny

    New Tank?

    I'm a big fan of parting a tank out, especially after all the difficulties I've had with my all-in-one system. Some people swear by them, others swear at them. I'm of the latter school of thought.
  2. One Eyed Bunny

    Sand Star?

    I also think nassarius snails are the better bet over a sand-sifting starfish. They require more sand bed than can be provided in anything under 55+ gal.
  3. One Eyed Bunny

    My Cadlight 25g Project

    I'd imagine you'd still have to to replenish trace elements and minerals as well as calcium. I mean, you could buffer and supplement for them all but it still wouldn't beat a good ol' fashion water change. At least not in my opinion.
  4. One Eyed Bunny

    Is Gorilla Super Glue safe for tank use?

    Most gum-like epoxies are effective underwater and cure relatively quickly (30 minutes). I use Aqua Mend from Home Depot and it works just fine.
  5. One Eyed Bunny

    Killer Nassarius Snails

    Do nassarius snails even have the proper biological anatomy to be offensive?
  6. One Eyed Bunny

    Poland Spring safe?

    Dude, chill. As for RO/DI. Yes, RO/DI is good, but Distilled (with glass) is best. Chemistry buildings are always getting rid of glass distilled water. So, if you live near a university or college, stop by on a Friday and I'd bet they'd be more than happy to fill you up with about 10 gals.
  7. One Eyed Bunny

    Zoanthid Growth Rate

    Non-lethal trauma to the colony often speeds up the reproductive process. This may be an evolutionary trait to prevent against shadowing and other forms of indirect predation.
  8. One Eyed Bunny

    50/50 question.....

    Corals grow more so based on lighting intensity than color temperature. To keep stony corals you would certainly need MH or T5 lighting over your tank, as well as a host of other prerequisites. As for large polyp corals, you may have success keeping some, but you should do your research before purchasing any corals on-line or from a LFS.
  9. One Eyed Bunny

    brown algae

    What's your flow like? Have you recently tested for nitrates or phosphates in both your top-off and saltwater? A picture would help, but it sounds like dinoflagellates or possibly diatoms. These both seem to just disappear with time. Lastly, if you only have a cleaner shrimp and some clean up crew, I would not be feeding your tank. Half of the food probably winds up laying around and adding more unwanted nutrients to your water. This could explain your algae problems.
  10. One Eyed Bunny

    Help get my tank under control!

    Check your phosphates and nitrates. What type of substrate are you using? Test your RO water for phosphates and nitrates as well. This may be your problem, or it may not. Also, keeping your lights off for two days may not be the worst thing in the world. Some people, without algae problems, do this one every month just because it seems beneficial for their coral. I don't have any evidence to back this up, but just figured I'd share.
  11. One Eyed Bunny

    Heater Advice for a 24NCDX

    After a very long struggle with maintaining a heating swing of less than 2°F per 24 hours I have finally done it, and it was fairly cheap considering all of the other options I was thinking of trying. I live in the Northeast of the United States, so results may vary. I was first keeping the lid of my cube open 24 hrs. This became an issue instantly because of my hot running tank was evaporating nearly a liter or two per 4 or 5 days. Second, I replaced the fans in my tank which were dying with similarly sized and powered water-resistant fans. The JBJ fans were cheap and proceed to slowly die from about 4 weeks in, to about now, two years later. These two modifications cost me more (when including shipping) than do the simple replacement that I later figured might be the culprit. This replacement was simple and took about 5 seconds... I replaced my Theo Hydor 100W heater with a Ehiem-Jäger 75W heater. Today my tank runs 80.5 - 81.1°F instead of 78.6 - 81.4°F. I imagine the previous modification of the fans also has something to do with this, but I do not think it was what makes or breaks this discovery because of the fact it did little after I first installed them other than prevent my tank from reaching temperatures of 83.0°F or higher.
  12. One Eyed Bunny


    Posting a photograph of the rock will help identify any hitchhikers you want us to identify. Circling them in MS Paint or Photoshop/Illustrator would be even better! The stringy arms coming from the rock are the feeder tentacles of a peanut or spaghetti worm, both are reef safe and beneficial for your tank. As for the black worm and the polyp, I don't know. I'd have to see the rock and such to tell you where and what they both are. The star polyp should be noticeable because it will look like a purple bulb on the rock, this is just the polyp retracted because it was disturbed and moved.
  13. One Eyed Bunny

    What is the brown stuff on my sand?

    Haha, that's the first time I've ever had someone excited about diatoms! But really, getting back to OneHump's question. Yes, a CUC will eat most of this once you add one. I would wait, however, for most of the diatoms to recede. Next, do a 10% water change and add your CUC. Although I don't have expert experience, I've noticed from the two tanks I have that if you don't do a water change you're more likely to get hair algae. I realize it's a weak argument with a N=2, but it's better to be safe than sorry, no?
  14. One Eyed Bunny

    Maxi-Jet 600 in a BioCube 8

    Do BioCubes come with Loc-Line attachments? If so you can just add more Loc-Line to it, such as a Y joint. This'll disperse water and give you alternate flow directions.
  15. One Eyed Bunny

    What's Next

    First, slow down. You're overstocking your tank way too fast. First, what are your water parameters? Has your tank cycled? Did your LFS (Local Fish Store) tell you an Amphiprion percula (True Percula Clownfish) was safe to add?