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  1. just wondering when the next pico contest was going to start.... Matt
  2. The tank itself was custom made here in calgary by my local tank builder, and is drilled four times in the bottem where i run to cannister filters as closed loops, one is modded to hold my heater/liverock rubble, and the other is modded to hold 2 7w underwater lights and eventually i plan on running some cheato in here when i can get some here locally. I have about 15 pds of live rock right now including the rubble, I run a 70w mh with a 20,000k bulb, the tanks been set up since April 1st current stock list is as follow's: 1 - perc clown 1 - 6 line wrasse 1 - cleaner shrimp 1 - emerald crab 1 - snail (not sure what type) xenia green star polyps purple tip acro let me know what you think,
  3. Look for some stuff called "Tuffa" Yes, the airstone ones are very hard to adjust, and the second your water level changes its all out of wack again, how big of tank are you going with?
  4. here is a pic of my clowns, and my 6 line
  5. okay, i just saw one of them get a hardcore twitch going! i dont have a clue whats wrong, HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP i dont want to see these guys die on me. i dont know...there looking worse and worse....both there top fins are up, maybe i'll try running some carbon to take anything back out of the water that may have gotten in there somehow...
  6. Just added 2 true percs to my tank and there not looking 2 hot...can a hammer coral sting fish? i saw one of them stick his head in it, and he darted back pretty quick, not it looks like hes got a few small white spots on his head, almost like a burn or something...they still havnt eaten, but its only been one day...i'll try to add some garlic to there food later on tonight.. is it possible there just adjusting to the new salinty? i tested the LFS salinity when i got home and it was 1.020 :S, so i dripped them for over an hour and a half...my salinity is a steady 1.025 my ammonia is @ 0 and same with nitrite, nitrate is just barley visable, and my ph is 7.8 can anyone offer any advice on any of this????? Thanks! Matt
  7. 18 gallon custom starfire cube...drilled in the bottom for 2 cannisterfilters. ones a eheim 2217 which has 2, 7w submersible lights for growing cheato, the second i was using was a rena xp3 with my heater in there and liverock rubble, but its been leaking so i no just have a heater in the tank and a aquaclear HIB for some surface movement for now, untill i find a new cannister filter or figure out why this ones leaking... 70 w MH, 20,000k bulb i was going to go faux sandbed but i couldnt figure out a way to make sure i didnt epoxy my bulkheads permantly in..plus i was afraid algae and coraline would start growing all over it and it would be a big nightmare. so i went BB... 18 pds of live rock...planning on gettin more when i find some nice peices @ the LFS... Heres some pics... to bad its not as clean as its going to be once i get the other cannister filter working again..but you'll get the idea... tell me what ya think.. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/4.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/3.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/2.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/1.jpg
  8. will i fine for all my levels if i just go really regular waterchanges? or should i dose
  9. i still plan on adding some more rock...but here she is... i had to hang on a aquaclear for some surface movement for now, and have my heater in the tank instelf because the cannister filter i was using as my heater/sump isnt was leaking..but ya...here it is... http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/4.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/3.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/2.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f209/prosnowsk8er/1.jpg
  10. just wondering what you think is possible to keep in my tank 20 gall total volume, custom starfire cube... 18pds liverock... pretty good flow... 7 w fuge in ehiem cannister filter... 70w Mh 20,000k bulb.. is it possible to keep sps and maybe a clam..i know i'll have to watch my calcium, and alk levels but has anyone kept a clam under a similiar set up?? Matt
  11. okay i've tried everything....no @#$ing clue whats going on, maybe my ballast is shot or something, but i'm getting nothing from my light.
  12. so where do i ground all this to??????
  13. ya, my ballast is marked with the ground symbol, so i plugged my ground from the wall outlet into there...the black wire into "L" and the white wire into "N" as for the lamp side of the ballast there is "LL" and "LH".. do i need to ground the fixture to the groun on the ballast? or anything like that???? so what are some reasons why this wouldnt be starting the bulb????
  14. just got my 70w MH and ballast in the mail and i have nooo clue how to wire it up...i figured i did, but its not starting @ all....any ideas???? its an ARC electronic ballast model : 110MH070 any ideas???
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