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  1. Galveston, TX Info.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE Galveston. the city, not the beaches. I did collect my live sand there, however, ad my tank cycled in one week.
  2. Ugliest Tank Ever

    OKAY You may want to sheild your eyes for this. stand back and take a gander: and now for a close-up of my sad refugium- when I get my Aquafuge, everything will be MUCH better.
  3. I LOVE jbj!

    the 70 watt, that's all I need
  4. I LOVE jbj!

    And I was so excited...
  5. I LOVE jbj!

    I'm sure you've all heard about these, but I just did. The Viper isn't that amazing? it comes with a ballast, and I don't have to get 5,000 watts!
  6. mushrooms

    That would work, along with Coral-vite or something like it.
  7. i need help- quick!

    my baby humbug has some sort of parasite on its fins. should I do a FW bath? I have everything I need. the fish is tiny, so I'm afraid I'll over-stress it
  8. skimmers, what does everyone use?

    I use a Lee's Small Counter Current skimmer on my 7.5 G, got it on Amazon for $18 ( something like 60% off ) It works great, but every few months I have to buy a new air diffuser for it, but those are cheap. I did, however, have to get an expensive double-outlet air pump for it.
  9. Surface Skimmer?

    I use a Lee's Counter Current Skimmer (size small) it's made for aquariums up to thirty gallons, but I use mine in a two-gallon sump for a five gallon aquarium, and I love it. You need to get a good air pump with either two outlets (recommended) or a gang valve (will work, but not as well)
  10. Suggest me a small powerhead!

    I got a Whisper 2-10 gallon Internal Power Filter at Walmart fo $10, took out the screws at the bottom, removed the powerhead, added a suction cup, and stuck it in a pico. it circulates 80 GPH, and if you get a Whisper Internal Micro-filter (eBay, or it comes with a MiniBow) then you can ajust the flow to as low as, like, 20 GPH.
  11. *laughs* All of you are going to hell.
  12. New minibow

    I have my 2.5 MB set up now, 3 lbs bio-active sand, 2.7 lbs live rock (NO hitch hickers:angry:) , temp 82 F, stocked with 2 hermits, 2 cerith snails, and a clown goby that started eating the day I got him. Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates: less than 10ppm Alkalinity: just over 300 (that's good, right?) pH: 8.3 it ran with just LR/LS for 5 weeks and it's been stocked for 5 days. I'd like to get a feather duster, banded coral shrimp, and, of course, zoos, xanias, and mushrooms. will the shrimp and the feather duster (Hawaiin*) drive up the bioload too much? I'm about to start a 1 gallon sump, just because I don't like the was the heater looks. information please :-D
  13. Hydras

    I have a few hitch-hiker hydras. How should I get rid of them?
  14. Clownfish troubles

    Is it okay to keep a Percula in a 5.5 gal with a 2 gal sump? 10lbs live sand and 6lbs live rock tank is completely cycled, and contains LR & LS with a molly that I will convert back to freshwater after I get a marine fish. thank you!
  15. Six Gallon New Setup

    six gallons is too small for any clownfish. check out Igreen's fish guide, and airstones will cover your hood with salt. take the cartrige out of the Bio-wheel, and use the filter for aeration and movement.