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  1. What skimmers are being used for the waterbox 10 cube?
  2. Thats the same thing that happened to me saw what looked like black sand and a slick on the top of the water..but i didn't get shocked....
  3. had this heater and a pump in a 5 gallon bucket heating some water for a water changed...when i went to do the change i noticed a slick on top of the water, i was like WTF stuck my hand in the bucket to stir the water thats when i noticed the heater had broke...How did i not got shocked?????
  4. Starting to turn clear...anymore info? i trimmed off the clear to try and keep it from spreading...
  5. Im in Hampton....local pick up???????
  6. i have been trying to search but haven't found much info.....So any info would be appreciated...
  7. What are the care requirements for this macro?
  8. CLOWN GOBY!!!http://www.aquahobby.com/marine/e_Gobiodon_okinawae.php
  9. Most are harmless unless you see them hanging out on your corals..
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