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  1. I have the Tunze and love it.
  2. Hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas! Got my gifts in a few days ago!
  3. I have the tunze ato and love it. I keep my water level just above the baffle for the last chamber. Honestly, as long as you have an ATO set up, you can keep it where ever you like. I suggest trying a few different levels to see how loud they are.
  4. My gifts are on their way!
  5. Has anyone started a "Post your gift" thread?
  6. I've had a spin stream on my IM10 for a few weeks now, and it seems a bit noisy. I just switched the return pump to the Sicce 0.5 for more flow, and it doesn't seem to have changed. Is this normal for the spin stream, and has anyone found any alternative?
  7. I concur with the MAME skimmer, used it on my old 20G and it's currently on my 10G, I love it!
  8. Check each day for in store pickup around noon to 2pm. I had mine on order from apple.com, but my store finally got some in stock where I could re order for pickup.
  9. Still not loving the last piece of rock that I added, but I changed the orientation and sorta like it better, lol. I'm hoping to pick up the first few pieces of livestock tomorrow. Got the MAME skimmer up and running, gave it a nice long vinegar bath to clean it up. I also ordered the Sicce 0.5 pump to replace the stock return pump. And I picked up my iPhone 7+ on Thursday. Instantly fell in love with the camera, it's a huge upgrade over my 6+. And the Adobe Lightroom app allows you to shoot in RAW and edit right inside the app.
  10. Good thing he said dead fish...
  11. My dream tank is a clown harem similar to what BRS had setup. One day...
  12. This is what I'm trying to figure out as well. There was mention that Cobalt Aquatics will be bringing back the MiniJet 606, which would be ideal for this tank. I'm also looking at maybe a Sicce 0.5.
  13. Day 6 of using AV Seed. pH: 8.0 NO2: 0 NO3: 0 NH3/NH4: 0 I added another piece of rock.
  14. I'd say welcome, but you seem to have been here for sometime, so I'll say hello to another IM tank! Your equipment list looks top notch. I'd suggest two things, upgrading the media basket to either the IM one, or to an inTank basket, and look at upgrading the return pump. In terms of your question about rock, I've always used either cured rock or dry, man made rock, like CaribSea Reef Rock, or Walt Smith. I'll also use a bottled bacteria to start the cycle for my tank. In my IM 10G which I just set up, I'm using Aqua Vitro Seed. I've also used Instant Ocean Bio-Spira in the past. I've always felt it's easier in a smaller tank to go dry rock, vs. introducing something unwanted from the uncured live rock. Are you going to be keeping a sand bed? ‚ÄčDefinitely check out the AIO forum, there's a ton of 10G build threads, but you definitely seem to be off to the right start.
  15. Have you made anything for the Innovative Marine tanks? Looking for a lid for their 10G Fusion.