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  1. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Nifty Nine Nano-Reef!
  2. Nano-Reef.com 8th Birthday Giveaway

    8 years old! you've done a great job n-r
  3. Open Brain devours Hermit Crab.

    This morning when I woke up the Brain was as small as I have ever seen him and the hermit's shell was showing. A couple hours later The shell was on the sand. Empty of course!
  4. Open Brain devours Hermit Crab.

    Lights have been on for about 5 hours and the Open Brain is a big and open as over. I think he is waiting for another crab to drop in.
  5. Open Brain devours Hermit Crab.

    9 hours later all seem fine except for the Hermit. Personally I prefer soft shell crabs.
  6. FTS

    Nearly a year and a half old now
  7. So lights have been off on my tank for an hour and a half or so. Blue lunar lights are on and I am not sleepy so I grab to flashlight to do a bed check on the tank. I notice my red open brain (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) has closed up but I see a hermit in the middle of the brain and it is closing up on him. So the hand of god (chopstick) comes to rescue this smaller hermit and I flip him over to safety. I check to see that the Brain is okay and I can see the legs of another hermit inside the Brain and the brain has totally engulfed this hermit. The hand of god does not try to rescue this hermit cuz I do not want to damage the brain. So what is supposed to happen will happen. Im guessing that the 2 hermits were on the rock above and fell into the middle of the brain. I fed my tank oyster eggs for the first time this evenings so The Brain must have really had his appetite going. I am not worried about the crab but I am a bit concerned about the brain. The crab could do damage from the inside. And if the crab does become a midnight snack How will the Brain expell the shell. Do Open Brains regurgitate? Eventhough my camera is on its tripod right by my tank I could not get a pic of the second most unfortunate crab. I only saw his little legs for about 30 seconds before the was totally out of sight. Right now the Brain just looks like he normally does with the lights out. And who said Snails were STUPID?
  8. You can do that out of tank. Your LR will be okay out of water for a short while. You may have to drill small holes for the zip ties or you may be able to use the rocks existing holes
  9. you can also use plastic zip-ties to hold rock in place.
  10. Mushroom Macro

  11. Blue spots and striped shrooms

    my newest aquisitions

    parting out 90, Bolingbrook Il. come and get it Please click on link below Equipment/Livestock 4 Sale
  13. The Nimble is Back!

    Dont worry dzhuo & Tetsugen. It may take a week but Jerome will reply to you The Nimble Nano is not his full time business. He makes these in his spare time and he replies to all orders and messages as fast as he can. Just relax. You will be glad that you did. read the last few pages of this thread. wait time is 2-4 weeks AFTER you send payment. Add a week if you are waiting for responses to emails/pm asking if he is still making these and how long is the wait. hee hee. The sides of my tank have not been this clean since the tank was brand new!
  14. Temp of 85 Degrees OK?

    I gotta agree. use a fan. I have a small computer fan mounted inside my canopt to keep my temp down nice avatar btw
  15. The Nimble is Back!

    Whoooo Hoooooooo! I just got my nimble and super Nimble today!!! LOVE THEM! They work great on my acrylic nano. . The Super is really strong and did a great job of getting some spots clean that I could not reach by hand. I had to go over and over these spots many times but they came clean. A mag float would never had reached these areas. The regular nimble also did a good job but for the older algae I needed the super. The regular nimble willl probably get the most work but the super will come out for the tough cleaning! I had to wait 1 month but it was really worth the wait. I wwent 15months without anything but my hadd and a cleaning pad. Actually I had wrapped a cleaning pad around a pair of chop sticks with rubber bands to get the tight spots. The Nimbles are sooooooo much better!! SO if you are thinking about getting a nimble I say. "Do it!" I don't think you have anything to lose - except algae on your glass!