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  1. Nearly a year and a half old now
  2. my newest aquisitions
  3. he doesnt always stand up so tall for the camera but he was that day!
  4. 12 gal custom nano 1st livestock added Jan. 22 `06 6 blue leg hermit crabs 1 Electric Blue Hermit 1 Scarlet Hermit crabs 7 Astrea snails 1 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp 1 green star polyp colony (Pachyclavularia sp.) 1 purple mushroom colony, Blue Mushrooms Orange Zoanthids, Green Yellow Zoanthids HH teal with brown skirt Zoanthids (1 polyp now 80+!) Multi color Zoanthid rock. Small red Zoanthid frag 1 orange ricordia yuma Red Open Brain (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) 1 magenta mouth fungia sp. 2 tank raised Amphiprion Ocellaris 1 Acanthemblemaria sp. (barnacle blenny) 2 orange-blue/grey Ricordia Florida small frag pulsing Xenia (Xeniidae sp.) 1 pagoda cup- light purple with yellow polyps (Turbinaria sp)
  5. 1 year since livestock first added
  6. I changed the water flo a bit and the fungia was not liking it. The water was actually openig the fungia's mouth. That and a crab fell off the zoas above and landed on him. I corrected the flow and the fungia is much happier today. I am amazed at how big the open brain gets!
  7. 51 weeks ago added SW and LR to this 12g custom nano
  8. Peanut worm? my first thought.
  9. very nice