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  1. Can someone ID this fish?

    See what he has, then go home and research. You should try to never buy a fish without research ahead of time.
  2. I am...Aiptasia Slayer.

    Go to a CVS or any other pharmacy type store.
  3. cloudiness from sand

    Run some filter floss, it'll pick the crap out of the water. Just remember to dump the floss after it clears up.
  4. Might be snail eggs.
  5. 40G breeder return pump

    I run an Eheim 1260 on mine.
  6. All PM's replied to. MP40w sold!
  7. GFO/Kalk sold pending pickup!
  8. WTB HOB skimmer

    I have a AquaC Remora Pro.
  9. BRS Reactor sold! All PM's replied to.