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  1. TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    Loving the tank but more importantly, loving the stand ! I see that you used 3/4 Inche MDF for the front/side panel's. Mind sharing how you prepared and painted them ?
  2. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Birthday N-R !
  3. RSM For Sale Bay Area

    1 or 2 on the side glass that disappear when filled up with water. Nothing major though.
  4. RSM For Sale Bay Area

    Bump for a new price as the light has been sold...
  5. Anyone using the Balling method ?

    So the balling method is that same as the 2 part method + 1, Magnesium ?? So 3 part ??
  6. The "Balling Light" Nano

    any updates ?
  7. I came across the Balling method that is quite popular in Europe as another form of dosing and apparently I’ve read that it’s catching on here in the states. Anyone using it want to give me their opinions on it and how superior it is vs. 2 part dosing ??
  8. Please help me design frag rakcs

    see my thread in my signature.

    final bump before the deadline.
  10. Reefmack's Red Sea Max

    Did you respond back fast or what !! Reefmack, I must say that I truly enjoyed stumbling onto your thread over at U-R which you stopped updating and after searching your username, found this thread on N-R. I see you paid very close attention to detail as by the looks of things, not a thing was over looked or spared on this tank. You probably get this all the time.....This is THE best 34G RSM going....Period. Keep the updates comming EDIT: What camera/lens are you shooting with ?
  11. ordering online yes or no

    grizzlyjack, Before going the online route check out Green Marine in Berkeley and also Neptune's in Milpitas. Both stores I HIGHLY recommend. Also check out our local craigslist and also our very own norcalreefclub and BAR (Bay Area Reefers). N-C Reef club is working on their website and are in a tracsistion from their .org website to their .com website. The .org website was slow to browse and with the new site looks very promissing and FAST. Also look into their DBTC that they have going on.
  12. Reefmack's Red Sea Max

    Hey Reefmack, I stumbled onto your thread and wanted more updates !!
  13. Rocket's 125 Gallon

    nice tang what equipment do yuo shoot with ?
  14. 210 Things with Stings tank.

    oh hello....
  15. Getting completely out of the hobby and need this all gone. Red Sea Max 130 which DJ 8 Power Strip, half a bucket of Instant Ocean Salt and bunch of stuff that I'll throw in for $250 FIRM. 415-533-1514