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  1. Salt mixing?

    I have read this is not a good idea . From what i understand when you mix salt at a high concentration the Alk/cal will precipitate out . These precipitates may or may not redissolve when diluted for use iirc . Most salt company's recommend adding salt to water not water to salt that way you avoid high salinity and Precipitates. I use red sea coral pro and to hell with there recommended amounts . If you use the same thing each time You measure salt just figure out how many scoops or cups . For me 2 of my scoops gets 5 gal ro/di up To 35 ppt . Funky
  2. Curing dry rock?

    The dry Fiji rock would be OK but me personally I would not use the rock you found. There is no telling what pollutants are in the rock coast lines are pretty dirty compared to the open ocean . You could try soaking in Ro/di until the tds stops rising it would be a shame if something toxic leached out of the rock in your DT . A power head would speed the proscess up dramaticly . Good luck Funky
  3. Drilling my first tank

    Drilling a tank is pretty easy follow ΔΔ . Take your time its not a race . Slow and stead . Don't force the bit to cut just keep lite even pressure and plenty of water to keep it cool. If your worried about cracking the tank you can clamp a 1x4 to the inside of the tank it will help a little . What size tank do you have ? On thin tanks I use a dremel . Big bits on thin glass scares me a little . Funky
  4. Coolest Tank Dimensions

    +1 ΔΔ 40B I'm using one as a sump it has a nice foot print an descent height . For me tall tanks are harder to get good flow everywhere an short tanks don't have room for corals to grow tall . Personally I would love to have a 24x24x24 zero edge cube . Good luck man . Funky
  5. Led Soldering Problem

    Have you tryed putting flux directly on the pad before soldering ? Pics will help. Good luck Funky

    MOSFETs are not 100% efficient (spelling) you lose power as heat . They can get pretty damn hot to . 2 volts sounds about rite for voltage drop on a MOSFET. Good luck with your project Funky
  7. LED Lighting Help for 150g tank

    Well what are your plans for the tank ? LPS? SPS? Clams? What kind of hood do you have for the tank ? Sorry for all the questions . But there is a lot of things that need to be considered for a build of that size. I have a 120 gal (4x2x2) I went with multi chip LEDs 8x20 watt no lenses . There is a group of four over each side about 6 inches over the water . I'm not a big fan of the long heat sink with a bunch of cree LEDs but that is another option. Then comes dimmers ,power supply , cooling etc etc .. Good luck with your build and keep us posted. Funky
  8. Led for bigger tanks

    Are you looking for diy or pre made ? I'm using 8x 20 watt multi chip LEDs over my 120 my clam and sps are happy and growing . Funky
  9. Whats your electric bill at with a large reef tank?

    Mine tank raised my bill about 30 to 40 bucks a month (120gal LEDs) Funky
  10. DIY LCD Reef Controller

    Awesome man . I've been following you on the other site glad to see you have the ui done. Funky
  11. UPDATE (11/12): This is PM isnt it?

    Wow man that sucks . I hope it pulls though I will send good karma your way . Good luck and let use know how It goes Funky
  12. Help Me Choose a Skimmer!

    the sca 302 is a bubble Magus clone. My sca 302 out performs my RO nw150 I run them both on the same system center return sump Skimmer on each side. Funky
  13. Equipment help 120 gallon

    It sounds like your setting up a tank like mine. 120 gal with 40b sump. I have the SCA 302 Skimmer for the money it is a good Skimmer. But if u have a high Bio load and feed alot you may want something a little bigger. I feed like its going out of style so I also run a R.O nw150 . The megaoverflows on my tank are pretty quiet I just wish they would have drilled it for 1 1/2 in bulkheads instead of 1 in. . Good luck with your build. Funky
  14. Salinity based ATO?

    [quote name='Osric' date='Oct 21 2012, 12:46 AM' post='4 As I mentioned this is part of a plan to completely automate tank maintenance. I was thinking of having the system change 1-2 gallons daily. Osric If you don't mind sharing what controller are you going to use? I'm putting together a touch screen arduino for my tank So controller based thing are high on my interests. How are you planning on monitoring salinity any link for your probe you will be using? Funky
  15. Using a 2x54w ballast to run 4x24w T5HO

    it mite work if u wire 2 bulbs in series . but whether or not the ballast will light them is another thing . I have done something like this with t-8 bulbs before never with t-5 . give it a try and let us know how it went . good luck