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  1. 20L LED Questions

    So far havnt had any probs with my sps or baby maxima. I get good growth too In fact I bleached my sps at first because I wasn't sure how much to dim down the LEDs.
  2. 20L LED Questions

    That's the Same kit and pot I'm using on my 20L, and in using their 23x4.25 inch heatsink. Works perfect.
  3. Reef_Addiction Feedback

    Just received some zoas from him. Awesome packaging and fast responses to messages. Defiantly would do business with niño again A+
  4. Hammer Time

    haha nice talk about spying on a crabs bedtime =)
  5. any more fish?

    i may go with the pair of neon gobies if i do though i would have to order them onlie because the lfs near me dont ever or rarely get any in how well do neon gobies ship or any fish as a matter of fact?
  6. any more fish?

    alright thanks guys so far im narrowing it down too either a yashia or YWG because they pretty much stay in the sand all the time
  7. any more fish?

    right now i have two true clowns in my 10gal i was wondering what you guys think about me adding a goby in there here are my choices I have in mind: -yellow watchman goby -greenbanded goby -yashia goby -firefish reg or purple -neon goby for filtration im running a CSS 65 in my 5g sump and growing chaeto in their i also have various corals and a crocea i think i can eliminate the problem of having a too large bioload as i am consistent with my water changes which i perform weekly replacing 20% of the water only problem i think is having territorial problems between my clowns and a new fish what are your opinions? I am perfectly fine with adding no more fish if its too much but just wondering if theres a possiblity for another fish
  8. Snails mating,Skimmer on overdrive?

    my turbos has spawned quite a few times and same effects to corals and fish but skimmer didnt overflow just pulled out nastier skimmate
  9. Astralux 70w MH 14K group buy!

    i would post a pic of the light under my tank but my cam phone is all i got and the quality sucks
  10. Astralux 70w MH 14K group buy!

    well got my lamp today hooked it up and WOW im amazed arrived quicker then i expected so far the best 70w hqi bulb ive used and very nice color best 70w 14k de bulb hands down and for the price you pay,you'd have to be crazy not to get one thanks epic
  11. Astralux 70w MH 14K group buy!

    they'll fit the 70w viper fixture they'll fit any 70w hqi MH fixtures
  12. Stupid Peppermint shrimp

    just give him a month or two mines took about a month until i noticed he took care of the remaining aptasia in my tank but they also can be a hit or miss I dont feed my pep anything though just whatever is in my tank so that might help in inducing it to eat aptasia
  13. Astralux 70w MH 14K group buy!

    yay good to know there going out now
  14. Astralux 70w MH 14K group buy!

    ok just wanted to get the heads up
  15. Astralux 70w MH 14K group buy!

    hey epic is my bulb coming from the new order you made or the one you already had ive got no reply from you let me know please