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  1. DaveFason

    Question about cropping

    I have forgotten about this forum! @--chris-- For macro I would look for a manual focus lens. Autofocus and macro are pretty pointless in my opinion. I use a 75mm paired with a close up adaptor kit. Also have use a true macro lens. A few tips. Use tripod and even add a sandbag under to make it even more steady. Set a timer for 2-5 secs to reduce any shaking. Try f5.6 - 8. Don't be afraid of ISO. Pumps off to reduce random stuff in photo. Try a orange filter. -D
  2. DaveFason

    Custom 3up violet ?

    Buy more royal and less violets/UV. 🙂
  3. DaveFason

    New Fluval Evo 5 gallon startup

    Looking great. In the OP you mentioned salinity at 23. I would try and get it around 25-26. Like Clown said, everyone has a different light schedule. I would try anything from 7-12 hours. Depends on your life schedule and how you want to observe your tank. -Dave
  4. DaveFason

    Water changes and parameters

    Personally I would keep doing the weekly water changes. With a tank being so young it won't hurt. Once you get aquatinted with the tank you can be the judge. Watch your corals and see how they react. -Dave
  5. DaveFason

    How often WC going with no skimmer?

    Starting out I would go with weekly. This will allow a buffer if you are feeding too much and other beginnings that need to be tweaked. I would go with 5g changes. Hope this helps!
  6. DaveFason

    Sharbuckles 78g Starphire Cube

    Such a fun tank! Cant believe I missed this!
  7. DaveFason

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Looking great as normal. How to you manage to keep the Xenia under control?
  8. DaveFason

    Lawn’s IM 10

    That maxi is amazing. Good thing it is front and center!
  9. DaveFason

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    The tank looks really nice. Try to avoid corals that expel fresh regularly with all the SPS you have.
  10. DaveFason

    •••Another Box of Water•••

    I would buy them separate and place them in specific spots. They are almost all grown together making it hard for new growth. And the toadstool will block a ton of light down the road.
  11. DaveFason

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    Tank looks great. The ric garden looks killer!
  12. DaveFason

    Nano box tide older model with V3 upgrade

    I am not aware of a new firmware. I haven't used Storm controllers for ~ 3-4 years. I will contact Ben to see if the pin layout has changed.
  13. DaveFason

    Tigahboy's 35g Project

    I would go with the IM tank. Easy, simple and a fun tank to get back into the hobby. Check the Lagoon 25 or Fusion 20 as well.
  14. DaveFason

    Mini Tide M over an IM20 Abyss

    Certainly doable. Like @Kellie in CA said, just placement will be key for some corals. If you are sticking with just the LPS and BTA, you will be fine. Hope this helps. -Dave
  15. DaveFason

    Nano Box Owners Thread