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  1. Wired and packed. I ran out of time today but will be out the door Monday. Thank you!
  2. As always thanks for all the updates on IG. Tank is really coming together after these years. 😄
  3. Tank is looking wonderful. Great photos as well.
  4. Don't worry about pro unless you want to use it daily. I actually switched to Rush which is a simpler video editing. While it does not have every bell and whistle but does 90% of what everyone needs. Sorry if this is repeat or if you already know these things. 4K - 1/50 shutter - custom WB - Don't be afraid of bumping your ISO 400-3200 1080 120frames - 1/240/250 shutter - custom WB - Don't be afraid of bumping your ISO 400-1600 1080 60frames - 1/120 shutter - custom WB - Don't be afraid of bumping your ISO 400-3200 I like to shoot reef videos f4-f8. Upload from a laptop/desktop if possible. When finishing the video make sure to upload the original file and not one made for iPhone/tablet/whatever. When shooting in 4K remember you will see more movement due to the lower frame rate. STEADY hands. -D P.S - Buy me a six pack and I will come shoot and film your tank. 😛
  5. Dude.... This shows exactly what reefing is all about. Amazing John. -D
  6. Bring it up with top off. Tank looks amazing, great job. -Dave
  7. So. Damn. Nice. Still a favorite of mine. 😄 -D
  8. Tank is looking great. The BGM is going to look killer in a few months.
  9. Your coraline is out of the world. I know, sounds silly but great work! -D
  10. I always enjoy your updates. Amazing as normal. -D
  11. I did not read everyones responses but be careful of some dosing products. I found certain ones increased my SG. This is worth buying IMO. Take a break from purchasing corals and get one. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/milwaukee-digital-seawater-refractometer.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw7MzkBRAGEiwAkOXexLwjBpUDHJwwWVwz1JS7uom7vYoiLKtTFYJrSB956UwcwP_cBfzQ4hoCMZ8QAvD_BwE
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