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  1. Nano Box Owners Thread

    This thread needed a bump! Here are a few tanks that I have recently posted.
  2. Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    The past ten days have been nuts. More pictures to follow! About half the orders that shipped last week.
  3. Make sure you a pressing back and your time zone is correct. As well check to make sure you do not have location simulation on. -Dave
  4. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Let me know if you need anything random that could help rebuild. I have a few things! -D
  5. You are adjusting the settings in the Lighting, then morning, midday, night and evening fields correct?
  6. MIcoast's 34G - New Fish!

    Great addition to the tank! -D
  7. ADA-120P Reef

    Looking great! Curious how are you running the light? -Dave
  8. Something I am working on. A few ideas I have been playing with... 2 Mint / 1 White Mixed Adding two more royals in a very deep blue color to replace the two whites taken away. -Dave
  9. NanoBox Mini Tide Plus M - Acclimation

    Bump the blue and violet 10-15%. I personally like to leave the settings higher to start and have shorter time schedules to start for those that want to acclimate their tanks. First week - 6 hours Second week - 7 hours Third week - Bump to your final light schedule -Dave
  10. Nanobox duo Came in today Help with settings

    The setting you are running are just fine and if you want less blue turn the royal blue and blue/cyan channels down ~ 10-15%. Once the corals get adjusted to the new lighting you will see colors in the corals that you see online or your LFS. This can also rely on your parameters, flow, feeding, etc. Let me know if I can help in any way!
  11. Nanobox duo Came in today Help with settings

    Your settings look spot on from your original post. I would say if your tank looks happy, leave it! -Dave
  12. Cool! I just picked up the same camera two weeks ago.
  13. Had a couple minutes to snap four macros. Orange Scoli : This thing is that nuts. Look at the "yellow" stripes coming in... Rainbow Chalice : Growing and looking better and better! Micros : These are starting to form black lines. It looks pretty gnarly Walt Disney : Those yellow polyps More soon! -D
  14. Thank you! I am curious what will happen. Regardless they look great and only the strong survive! -Dave