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  1. Bluefish BlinkUp Gen 2 : Bluefish BlinkUp Gen1 : Biocube 32 Install : Bluefish Quick Guide : B29 Install : NanoBox Line : NanoBox Tanks :
  2. DaveFason

    Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    Few more black out the door.
  3. DaveFason

    Droopy nanobox gooseneck

    Awesome! I am confident in the goosenecks and glad this was it. Lets see if I can get Tim to try this. Again thanks for following up. 🙂 -Dave
  4. DaveFason

    Desktop Micro Reef

    I can't even. 😛
  5. DaveFason

    Nano Box Owners Thread

    Great seeing these updates! 😄 -Dave
  6. Updated prices and sales. -Dave
  7. DaveFason

    Droopy nanobox gooseneck

    Can you send me a photo and when you purchased in a PM? This is a first for me to here and I'd like to find the cause or date of gooseneck purchases on my side. -Dave
  8. Thanks for clearing that up. The app controls everything besides the banner, yes. -D
  9. I've personally never seen this until Tim brought it up. Is this to link your signature or account. I've been using Bluefish for five years and new to me! I have always made an account and then stayed logged in. No extra steps needed. -Dave
  10. DaveFason

    Droopy nanobox gooseneck

    Tim, Like we have said in the emails. It should not droop and could be a gooseneck that is slightly off. I have a few customers with the exact setup. Here is the example.
  11. DaveFason

    Nano Box Owners Thread

    I am bringing this thread back from the dead. Here are a few photos from customers tanks. Please share yours!
  12. DaveFason

    NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Word to the wise. Clean your pumps! This has been on my to-do list for months and finally took the time last night to break apart the skimmer, return pump and others. The difference is night and day. #keepitclean -Dave
  13. DaveFason

    Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    A handful heading this week and more early next week.