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  1. 15" for sure. -Dave
  2. Of course I will say NanoBox but either will work just fine for this tank. @ninjamyst has a really nice 13g Fluval paired with the Tide that looks incredible. Hope this helps! -Dave
  3. BOSS. Looking great Jacky.
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates on this page. I have had a few curve balls in the last ten days but getting back on track. Few updates I will be attending RAP NY. iOS mobile should be working in the next 48 hours Google status page is now updated New coral progression shots will be updated Friday If anyone else is attending NY RAP please let me know. I know a handful that are already going. Black Quads : White/Nature Duo : White ATI Six Array - Six Bulbs : Enjoy! -Dave
  5. Great light! To help the seller this has V3.1 pucks, five channel control with Bluefish. GLWTS.
  6. Hope to see you back soon!
  7. Same as all the others. Just an odd angle. This is a completely updated Tide.
  8. The tank is really looking great and coming together. Great job! Any more spawning?
  9. More than enough. Working on this now. There is an update that made the menu button simply stop working ( along with links ). iOS mobile should be it. Thank you for addressing this however! -Dave
  10. Mini is the series. Tide is reef/salt and flare is planted. -D
  11. The only time I have seen this is with reverse polarity. If you are using the Coralux it is very easy as there are multiple slots with line and ground slots. -Dave
  12. Your current setup is working for what you have. If you want more SPS and more light the Wide Quad will do that. Totally up to you!
  13. Harry - Tank is looking great. So glad to see things doing well! -Dave