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  1. DaveFason

    NanoBox IM10 Office Tank

    New digs for the tank. 😄
  2. DaveFason

    Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    Hurricanes. GEN2 Bluefish controllers ( more on that later ). Orders shipping. New tanks. Google sheets updated. New updates to website this week. New videos! Tons of black Tides, Duos and dual Tides. New office tank setup. A couple customer tanks. Office tank : Gen 2 Bluefish : New color for connection. More to come! -Dave
  3. DaveFason

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Yep! Blues skies after a hurricane are always extra blue. 😄
  4. No effect at all. Just for our pleasure. Go to night mode and turn the moonlight to 0%.
  5. DaveFason

    The ReefWeeds 150 gallons of water build

    Tank looks great. However I see all of these on IG 😛
  6. Looks great John! A few of the corals are really coming along nicely.
  7. DaveFason

    Hillbilly Lounge

    He is still working on a few items with the new app. I did receive the first batch of new controllers ( GEN 2 ) that no longer have the IMP cards. The number one thing that he changed with the GEN 2 is it will retain settings regardless if you loose power and the wifi signal does not come back on. We lucked out here in Greensboro. The coast got hammered and not looking good for them in the coming weeks. Last night we had ~5" of rain and it did flood some parts of town. However missing the winds was HUGE. I think overall we received ~ 9-10" of rain. -D
  8. DaveFason

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Check my Instagram out. I post customer photos and personal tank photos. No staged tanks. The proof is in the pictures! I am also working on much better videos for Youtube and Vimeo. Thanks Burt!
  9. DaveFason

    NanoBox Tide Units : Flawed & Need Homes!

    Sorry I missed this! The Duo would be a better for for all SPS.
  10. DaveFason

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Thank you. I am inland but we have had one of the wettest summers to date. They are expecting 30-50 winds here and ~ 15" of rain... I hope the trees roots are strong. I will probably take my dogs to the office and we will hang out there. My wife is in NY until next Tuesday. Tanks are prepped, air pumps are ready and hopefully a little luck!
  11. DaveFason

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Think of all of us in NC. Its coming in hot!
  12. DaveFason

    Nanobox retro Biocube 16

    It is. I really have no idea why I did not receive either. I will send you a message back. Steve from InTank just sent the dimensions and I will have a new heatsink out for you! Please PM me your address. -Dave
  13. DaveFason

    Nanobox retro Biocube 16

    Also I did not receive any emails or text? Just want to make sure you contacted me and not someone else!
  14. DaveFason

    Nanobox retro Biocube 16

    You no longer need the stock fan. However it is extremely strange that the hole pattern is different. I can cut a new heatsink today for you but will need to know the exact distance from hole to hole. It is hard to see in the photo. Can you move the kit and send me a photo of just the hood? I just responded to your email. The model you bought is a PLUS kit. The white and mint are mixed so you won't have a standard white looking color. I can login remotely to change the program and corresponding corrected channels. -Dave