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  1. Spoiled pup, check out that doghouse...

    thats cool. I live in Tucson and will be moving to chandler soon.
  2. a simple 4g setup

    AGA whas been making them for years. I have 2. A black trim and red wood trim. I got mine 3years ago and 1year ago.
  3. For trade or sale

    hey, sorry i have not talked to you about it. My nets been out. So ill give you the details tomarrow.
  4. For trade or sale

    What kinda of zoanthids are you looking for?
  5. some weird stuff is happening

    the condy may have moved.
  6. The Mantis Tank Thread

    its a big 20x20x25'' cubeish custom tank. rounded corners with skimmer and everything. I have a small 1.5'' N.wenn in a 2.5gal tank. The bioload is big. But i have a 2.5gal sump, Fuge, And a skimmer. This is the 2.5gal and its 28'' tall. With 2 13watt PC's over it. Thats before corals. Its a nano reef. Crappy pic but you get the idea on what he did.
  7. The Mantis Tank Thread

    Argent, it depends on the type of stompatopod. Most are fine in a glass tank. But ones that get over 4'' long such as the G.chiragra or O. scyllarus (peacock) needs a tank with glass over 8mm thick. I use a acrylic cube with fake back wall and built in skimmer for my peacock. Its 3/4'' acrylic. With acrylic stand and canopy to make it look good lol. In the pic sorry about the dirty glass. ~Brian
  8. The Mantis Tank Thread

    Ill show some pics then also. I have 2 more manbtis shrimps. Just never took pics of them.
  9. kinda funny, That El chupacabra is my Xboxlive name. And i live in tucson to top it off. You do know it should be "La Chupacabra" right? So what side of town you on? I have some GSP, zoas, Kenya Tree i can frag. Also we have a local reef club/group. ~Brian
  10. anyone use this tank?

    i have an 18gal one and love it.
  11. My trip to the Georgia Aquarium

    Sweet, How cool was it to see an whale shark?
  12. my new 2.5gal pico (56k bewear)

    yea lots of updates, ill get some new pics up tomm. I ended up getting a mantis shrimp. N.wenn a smaller type of mantis that gets 2.5'' long. This is number 4. I have 3 outher mantis shrimps also. I got some corals with it. Zoas,shrooms, and a small SPS that does great under PC. Fragged it from my 55gal lol. I got the skimmer from my lfs for 8$ and works great. ~Brian
  13. What was the first coral you got for your nano reef?

    my first coral was a fuzzy shrrom. now its like 8'' in diam and was 2 when i got it. Its in my 55gal tank. ~ Brian
  14. Give your input on custom 2.5 with fuge

    you can do something like mine. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=78055 ~Brian
  15. my new 2.5gal pico (56k bewear)

    nahh i wont be doing a SCWD. I was thinking about fish today. I added some corals. Shrooms (bulls eye and spotted) Zoas (safe crakers and PPEs) and a sun coral with three heads on it lol. Now how would a yahshia goby do in the tank. It would be all by itself my lfs is crazy. 59.99 for the goby 69.99 for the goby and a super blood red pistol (unpaired) 110$ for a goby/pistol (paired) And thats alot of money. i was thinking about sexy shrimp but at 20.00 a pop thats alot lol. Then i was looking at panda gobys witch are super cute. What do you guys think. To fish or not to fish lol. I really love yahshia gobys also and is my sand bed deep nuff for them? The only good thing about my lfs is they has a 3day guarantee. ~Brian