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  1. 75g buget build

    Started this tank out got it with a canister filter for $100 was $124 took down my 24g nano using it as a sump built the stand just have to put on the doors did at8 light going to be adding more also made a 1"pvc over flow been happy with it so far thanxs for looking
  2. 3g jbj pico

    well its been runing good moved the rocks around a little more not sure whats all going in it but thinking about doing some Led lighting
  3. Gritchie4's 5.5 gal. Pico

    Looks good I like the light I just started my jbj fri night
  4. 3g jbj pico

    Got the tank off ebay
  5. 3g jbj pico

    Ya I think I'm going to move the rock around tomorrow
  6. 3g jbj pico

    been playing with the idea. got one one the other day and started it last night put in some sand and water got the rocks today not really sure where im going with it yet kinda doing this and a 30g so should be fun think im going to change the rock around
  7. Aqua vase

    well heres a pic nothing has cnaged really lol might get another small pice of rock
  8. Aqua vase

    its been doing good i just got my laptop back it wa in the shop im moving in like 3 months might do a sump then not sure yet it does need toping off everyday ill get some pics later on theres nothing in it yet lol hope to start that this week havent put a heater in yet temps seem to stay perrty good
  9. Been a while

    went to the store yester day got a small Xenia also got some polyps and a clown got some pics the clown would not stay still for a good one
  10. looks good and good luck with it i found one today might have to pick up one
  11. Aqua vase

    ya i seen that one there im going there tomorrow morning hopefully
  12. Aqua vase

    hahahah thats funny
  13. Aqua vase

    hahah how ya know lol ya i hope to go there tomorow morning and look around for the bulb and rocks
  14. Aqua vase

    ya its just a regular bulb right now i was going for a tang and 2 puffers maybe a shark lol
  15. Aqua vase

    not 100% sure what im keeping in it yet the flow from the filter seems good hoping to go look at the LFS this weekend get some ideas for it