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  1. ro/di waste water. Good for anything?

    somepeople use it for FW tanks. some people drink it. test the TDS on it. if your water wasn't bad before. you could plumb it back in.
  2. New here and to the hobby!

    i would leave out all baffles except ones to keep the macro away from the pump. foget the frag rack in a 10g. i would make a 4-5" rubble bottom with chaeto on top with a baffle on one end.
  3. Items For Sale/Trade In Canton Ohio

    let me know if the urchin pro falls through
  4. zoa frag pack wysiwyg

    every frag you see you get. steel blue palys red rings purple neon mouth orange and green combo gorilla nips green mint centers 50+
  5. pics of my tank

    i like your rock a lot. nice a holey. good setup so far. keep it up!
  6. Hair Algae Help!

    how many fish? what do you feed. all your test are normal because the algae is soaking them up and thriving, going out on a limb you probably have low po4 to. if your feeding frozen food i would rinse it first. cut back your feedings to every other day even less until you get it under control.
  7. New lighting, is this ok?

    why not use a 10g. more water to dissipate the heat and the extra water capacity to keep fluctions to a minimum.
  8. What do feed these corals?

    softies are pretty undemanding. i would feed your fish and the poop will feed them.
  9. HOT Magnum as a closed loop...

    i would just remove the rock and scrub it down. its only 2.5g and easiest to start over.
  10. plumbing ratio?

    1" bulkhead will give you 600gph flow... if your using this as your only means of circulation in the display i would do 1.5" out with 4 3/4" return. using a 1500-2000gph pump. make sure to have ball valves were needed.
  11. HOB fuge with bulheads

    i picked up a quiet one 3000 pump (780gph)(600gph@4ft) only drawing 40wts. I am thinking of doing a 20H sump on my 29g setup. here is my idea and try to find flaws in it as it might be confusing to you. ( i will include a picture later). setup i have a HOB ecosystems fuge setup into 3 chambers. the water does NOT flow over the walls but through oval openings within the wall about 6" up on a 12" high fuge. now the fuge is fed with a u-tube siphon and a skimmer box out front (4"x6"x4"). it is fed back to the tank with a maxi 600. idea i want to drill the overflow box chamber for a 1" bulkhead that would be below the oval to run the fuge. (this way all water would run down the overflow). run that down to my sump with 1.5" line (with a ball valve)and back up with 1" line into the 3rd chamber on the fuge. the idea here is the return would provide flow for the fuge itself and the maxi to return it to the tank. i would leave the holes open incase the return pumped more water than the maxi could handle. it would just flow right back into the overflow chamber. things i need to bounce off you all 1.how much flow does a u-tube provide? and should i use multiple ones? 2. should i do a herby method and drill 2holes in the chamber one higher than the other for overflow? 3. does the skimmer box in the tank need to be dremeled out to provide more flow? 4. if the pump is to much, can i T off the return to the display and just dump it back into the sump? i appreciate you reading all of this and hope you can understand it. all opinions welcome (even if i'm crazy) heres the pic. flow is indicated by arrows
  12. 90g. Reef tank PICS!

    why a coralife fixture? no first hand experience with them, but from what i have read most people hate the bulbs.
  13. POD filled Chaeto live sand starter Kits

    pm sent thanks!
  14. maniacs 10g macro tank

    formerly - haha, i know. i have lots of time to trim away at school. i will keep it in check for the most part. want it to grow in more though. nd12nc - i have a 96w quad coralife PC setup and love it. the colors are really nice.