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  1. Minute of madness

    Three different morphs pretty neat piece.
  2. Minute of madness

    So been another month and pretty much coming along as I expected, a few minor adjustment so far but nothing unusual from past start ups. Anyway, a few pics: Blue, & green Sympodium.... As this is encrusting albeit slowly I kept this on its own outcrop with a Galaxia on top as king of the hill. A shot of main rock ledge the Acan is an eating machine and doing well since placed in four weeks ago. I just got two new additions of a tiger pistol and pink bar but have not been able to capture them on film but I'm working on it!
  3. Minute of madness

    I couldn't pass up this new addition.
  4. That looks like a nice size slab someone will make out for sure!
  5. Minute of madness

    Thnx! I couldn't pass em up when I saw them. Now when the time comes what's the next bugger I'm gonna get? I keep changing my mind on a dwarf angel as I really want one but not sure I want to take the risk.
  6. Minute of madness

    So after a month of cycling I'm ready to move in the first tenants! Say hello these two have some great personality.... It's gonna be tough waiting a few months before I start adding corals. The next project is to build an equipment cabinet to sit next to the tank stay tuned!
  7. Minute of madness

    Dont be to Jealous the 36B is a fine set up thats what I had as my planted tank. As for the UN "Cube Head" here's a shot of my old 30 cube Oceanic from yesteryear on here. Oh dont get me wrong no problem in aging its just everything has now begun to hurt in the morning!!!
  8. "I pity the fool" who doesn't take me out for a walk!
  9. Minute of madness

    Went the flake rout hence the extra time plus some of the rock and sand were from an established tank.
  10. Minute of madness

    So it's been two weeks now and just starting to register ammonia. I forgot how painful it is to wait out the cycle hopefully in another 3 weeks it will have finished up.
  11. Minute of madness

    Started filling last night @ 10pm.....Just as bad as watching paint dry, maybe worse. The good news is its almost there...
  12. Minute of madness

    I'm a product of 71 as well 45 in March...
  13. Minute of madness

    Thanks I think they turned out pretty nice eh! I tell ya sucks getting older I pulled all the carpet and laid the hardwood in 12 hours last Saturday, my legs were shot for the next 3 days. I also got my return pump in yesterday Reef Octo DC pump I cant wait to see how it does so much has changed since I had my last reef tank..
  14. Minute of madness

    Newest update: Got all the carpet up and laid the new hardwood floors so Im getting closer to having water once again. I still need to install the shoe mold on the base trim but that wont be bad. I also plumbed in the over flow so one less thing to do. Still need to slap some paint on the new stand supports I think thats next?
  15. Minute of madness

    So got the support beam completed and mocked into place. This beef beam should cary the load no problem. All I need to do is take it back apart and get some paint/stain on it and bolt it into place. I also should say a good word for trigger Systems on building a nice looking sump that actually fits into a 46B stand, albeit some minor modification. Well, the carpet comes out and Im laying the hardwood this w/e so I should be able to run a fresh water leak down test in about two weeks.....