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  1. Three different morphs pretty neat piece.
  2. So been another month and pretty much coming along as I expected, a few minor adjustment so far but nothing unusual from past start ups. Anyway, a few pics: Blue, & green Sympodium.... As this is encrusting albeit slowly I kept this on its own outcrop with a Galaxia on top as king of the hill. A shot of main rock ledge the Acan is an eating machine and doing well since placed in four weeks ago. I just got two new additions of a tiger pistol and pink bar but have not been able to capture them on film but I'm working on it!
  3. Yes, they are a cooler water fish, yet I have had him for a year now and, I keep both of my reef tanks at 77 and, he is happy as can be, as are all of my habs. I am going on 20 years in keeping salt tanks now and, have found as long as you have nice clean water you can pull off just about any thing! Gerber you are lucky wish I still lived in Calif........
  4. My catalina.
  5. Cool shot u can see my watchman under the rock work.
  6. Not saying I know all, but I have kept salt tanks for 18 years now and, thats not a coral I would try to keep! Try reading some of the articles out on this one. Anyway,good luck hope you can pull it off!
  7. Wow, nice shot!
  8. Scopas, my Fav of all the Tangs!