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  1. Frogspawn Growing

    Happy Thanksgiving all! Our frogspawn has looked really great since the day we got it. Lately, not so much. It's not coming out very far, and is looking kind of brown at times. Yesterday you could clearly see the skeleton (first time since we've had it). HOWEVER. There is 5-6 little nubs sprouting all arounds its sides; clearly it's growing some new heads. So I'm wondering if it's normal that the main head doesn't look too great while it's growing new ones? Thanks all.
  2. I'm having a hard time with my red sea max 250 skimmer. The instructions don't help much. As soon as I turn the skimmer on, the collection cup fills up to the brim with water and the entire thing foams over. I thought a skimmer collection cup was supposed to be empty except for the skimmate? I'm not sure how to adjust this thing. turning the valve seemed to do pretty much nothing, and it doesnt seem to stop turning in either direction so I cant even tell when its all the way open or closed. How high should the "foam adjuster" be? Can somebody please provide some clarity?
  3. BSDaemon's Red Sea Max 250

    It's been a few days. Normally I'd let it go for a few weeks at minimum, but in this case I actually bought fully cured rock as well as pre-mixed saltwater both from Aquatica (in San Marcos, CA). My tank levels all look pretty good, zero ammonia. He said I probably won't see much of a cycle, if at all, because of it.
  4. AIO Opinions Requested

    Definitely! New tank thread here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=309278
  5. BSDaemon's Red Sea Max 250

    A better shot now that the water has cleared and the lights are on: I've been testing the water daily, and not surprising (since I bought fully cured liverock and pre-mixed saltwater from Aquatica), the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels are all 0. The only concerning thing is the pH appears to be a bit low. Since everything else seems good, perhaps just some buffer and I'll be good to go. I've been thinking hard about the cleanup crew. I've never had a tank this big so I'm a bit unsure of what to put in. This is my idea so far: 10x Blue Leg Hermits 10x Red Leg Hermits 1x Electric Blue Knuckle Hermit (for the heck of it) 15x Astrea Snails 3x Ninja Star Snails 5x Nassarius Snails 5x Tonga Nassarius Snail I want a blood shrimp, but will probably wait until the cleanup crew has had time to settle. Thoughts? EDIT: lights just came on. Looks like theres a nice coating of brown algae covering pretty much all the rock and some of the substrate.. time for the CUC?
  6. So, back into the hobby! I was looking for a Red Sea Max 130D, and Google brought me here, where one of your members, uxdesigner, had his RSM 250 up for sale. Included the tank, stand, and LED retrofit lighting. I snatched that up as soon as I could. We got the tank in the house, got it cleaned up, rinsed through twice and was ready to go. My wife and I hit Aquatica, since it's right near us. Dave helped us get set up. We got 65lbs of his fantastic cured liverock, 40lbs of substrate, and approx 50 gallons of pre-mixed saltwater. (Turns out, that was the EXACT amount of water we needed. Once the pumps went on, 10x 5g jugs of water filled the tank right up to the rim!) We had to make two trips for the water, and our second trip was right before they closed up for the night. We're very grateful he was so helpful, despite how late it was! We haven't decided on livestock yet, but we have some cycle time to mull it over. So I guess without further adieu... PICS! Tank once filled up, still too cloudy to aquascape: FTS once aquascaped. We have a couple nice caves for livestock to hide
  7. AIO Opinions Requested

    So, I settled on an RSM. Thing is, I googled "Red Sea Max San Diego" hoping to find a store who might carry the 130D locally. I ended up landing on a thread on sandiegoreefs.com from a guy who lives about 15 minutes from me, selling his RSM 250. With stand. With custom LED DIY retrofit installed. For $750. WOW.
  8. AIO Opinions Requested

    I saw that one, but I'm very partial to an actual hood.
  9. AIO Opinions Requested

    I showed her your thread when I suggested the RSM Seems the consensus is RSM if I can afford it, Biocube 29 otherwise.
  10. AIO Opinions Requested

    Whoaaa-ho-hooo! It's been forever since I posted here! Getting married, getting a new job, and moving to another state will do that to ya! So anyway, I've decided to get back into this money-sink of a hobby. The wife has authorized me to go ahead under one stipulation: It must be an AIO that will not require any sort of significant upgrade for at least a couple years. I guess I'm okay with that, as much as I love the idea of a fancy custom setup. So, I've been out of the loop for quite a while. From a bit of googling, it looks like the Biocube and the Red Sea Max are the frontrunners as far as AIO setups. What do you guys think is the best bang for the buck, taking into account my inability to mod? I'm leaning heavily towards the RSM at this point. Though, I wish it was LED lights. But for my purposes, the stock lighting is likely more than sufficient. Thanks all.
  11. 35g custom tank and stand

    lol i dont care, i just want it GONE. Taking up way too much space.
  12. 35g custom tank and stand

    Oh to hell with it. Free to good home!
  13. 35g custom tank and stand

    Last bump before this goes in the dumpster outside the condo building...
  14. 35g custom tank and stand

    Yea, considering it cost me close to $1000 for it, and has never been used. I've just moved on to other hobbies.
  15. 35g custom tank and stand

    Yea it's gorgeous, but its also taking up space. Valuable space. I currently have to climb over a spare bed to get to my desk. BUMP!