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  1. [ ten gallon nano ]

    DAY 29 All params are good (Nitrates were a bit high but did a WC and they have lowered, will do another soon to reduce even more) and the angel is quite happy these days. I rearranged the rock so the one on the left is mostly vertical and is resting against the back wall (with 6"+ swimming space infront) and the other is connected with some branches that I had in my HOB. Here's an updated FTS with pics of my fish See the angel in the middle. MUCH more swimming room. Not as big of an overhang with this structure, however the angel seems to be more curious, which shocked me. He loves swimming in and around the top few branches, and is coming out in the complete open more and more What do you think? Flick
  2. [ ten gallon nano ]

    Yikes, are they hard/picky when it comes to feeding? The place where I got this angel had a baby clown goby, super cute and *maybe* 1" long, or less. Super chill little fish, and super bright
  3. What are these?

    No the red one does not open, it's always "hard". I've got a few branching pieces of it located at the back of the same rock, can't get a good pic of it though. Thanks so much for the names montipora I wonder how big they will get with this crap lighting above them lol edit: WTF! The sponge is gone! I guess my angel found it, damn. The red tree foram is still there though..
  4. STSHY's 10G Nano

    Looks great so far! For my cuc (in my 10g) I got 4 blue legged hermit crabs (demolished bubble, green hair, and diatoms in sand and rock) and 4 margarita snails (for green hair and diatom algae on glass/equip). Works out great edit: on second glance, I'd recommend pointing one of the koralias towards the water surface for more oxygen exchange
  5. [ ten gallon nano ]

    Hey Brooklyngal, I also love those fish This guy's still doing great and eats like a champ. I'm feeding him once a day (4-5 pieces of mysis), do you think thats enough? As far as stocking, I've read (and heard) these angels can nip at inverts, so I've decided to not purchase any shrimp and will be adding 1 small fish (mainly for colour and movement), the choice is down to either a firefish, a clown, or a yellow clown goby. Flick
  6. apgaug's 29 gallon

    Sorry about the occellaris loss, but would love to see an updated FTS with black clown pics
  7. [ ten gallon nano ]

    No feed back at all? Thats pretty boring if you ask me.
  8. What are these?

    Thanks Xris It's the white fuzzy blob on lower right and red thing on the right... Thanks for any help
  9. [ ten gallon nano ]

    Meet the angel... In the tank lighting (and when he is not under the rock cave like in these images) his tail is bright yellow and his body is flourescent navy blue. Such a quarky and yper little fish, I'm pretty happy with his purchase. He's eating like a champ btw! Flick
  10. [ ten gallon nano ]

    DAY 24 All params are great and the fish did well overnight. Much more bold than yesterday (as figured) but it still jumps into the nearest cave when he see's any close movement to the tank. Oh well, maybe when I get a second fish he will be more confident, or as time goes on. My snails are also doing great, however one of them seems to be "lazy". He didn't move for a few hours after I put him on the rock in the tank, then suddenly I noticed he was in another location a few hours later. I went to bed as he was resting against a rock (in the sand) and this morning he is still there. Any thoughts? The other 3 have been moving non stop and all appear in great health.. ps- pics of the angel are coming Flick
  11. [ ten gallon nano ]

    UPDATE Went to my lfs, and bought... - four margarita snails (to remove hair (and other) algae on glass) - one 2" White Tail Pygmy Angel The angel has been in the LFS for 3-4 weeks now, and was fed mysis (upon request) before I bought it. I realize the tanks a 10g and they should be in a bigger set up, but with a goal of an upgrade in the future (3-4 months possibly) I opted for and bought it. It's got perfect fins with no damage, has a full belly, no spots, or any signs of weakness. He's been in the tank for about 45 minutes and although he's been swimming in the strong current under the main cave he's fairly bold. I also just offered 2 peices of mysis, both of which he ate ps- the snails have also started to destroy the algae issue. I'm glad I only got 4, I think anymore would have been too little for long term success (until upgrade) Flick
  12. [ ten gallon nano ]

    Hey gang, After checking out my LFS's website I came accross cleaner shrimp as an option for livestock. I've had one in my 46g and it was awesome. Do we think I could get away with 2 small fish (one clownfish and one _____) and a cleaner shrimp? Or just a cleaner and clown?
  13. Medic's 75g Mixed Reef

    This tank is disgustingly awesome. edit: how bigs the tang? Looks stunning for such a tiny guy.
  14. GregBox's 20gal Six Sided Reef

    I love hex tanks, and ones like yours make them even better! Love all the updates (although I loved the carpet anemone) and both the old and new pair of clowns are gorgeous. Keep it up