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  1. STUNNING TANK!!! Where you live agian? I remember your a Canadian, just forget exact place... Im in Guelph. Whered you get your clown? I've been looking for true percs for a whille now!!!
  2. Hows shes doing??? Are they sinsitve??? They are my FAVOURITE FISH *EVER* but have heard they are *very* sensitive and i dont want to loose $50 Thanks!
  3. How are you finding the oriole angel? Ive wanted one for YEARS!!!! But i am thrown off as they are aparently VERY sensitive and die quickly after acclimation in captivity... Also, what size tank is it? Thanks! Flick
  4. I do hope this IS a joke.. Thats like putting you in a bathroom (relative to the bucket for the fish), with a bright light above you (also relative to the 'tank'), a snorkel tube for oxygen (for the undergravel jet 'filter'), and a couch (the live rock, something to sit aruond, and look at pretty much). This makes me sick, how dare you!!! And it's not even a dmasel or something, a Flame ANGEL!!! Angels need lots of space (30g), not 2.5g bud, this is obviously his first fish, and first pet for that matter. Why not get a gerbil and put it in a lunch container? Or a horse and shove it in your garage?
  5. What a nice tank man! I REALLY want to make my 46g bowfront (same as yours) as a SW tank with 2 chormis, 1 oriole angel, and 1-2 clowns (occellaris). Your tank really wants me to do it, however mine would just be a FOWLR for now How much LR does it have? I want about 40lbs...if not a bit more.
  6. I have a 15g tall too! Ive got a single clown, and a single chromis. Im getting rid of chromis, getting better lighting, another clown, and adding a hammer, xenia, and GSP within next month I love your tank man! So crystal clear! Perfect layout personally! Nice clowns, gorgeous shrimp! Whats your lighting, and is that GSP, shrooms, and frogspawn? What do you feed them? Or do they feed themselves... and what additives do you add? Thanks man!
  7. How does the water get back into the tank part? I dont see any hoses or anthing ?!?!?! Cool idea. What size tank, and what you plan on keeping in it?
  8. How do you have 3 clowns?...in such a small tank?...your moving one out right?.....I LOVE the idea...but i dont think its smart in a 12g.....
  9. I have 2 of those in my tank....Weird looking things! So they are good for my tank then?... Flick
  10. Whats the lighting on that sucker???...B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! ! Flick
  11. lol...who is it then? Flick
  12. lol....i just took ur pic....hahah, ill change if you want?...lol, i just love your clowns...lol, and this pic is awesome! Flick
  13. both dead now.....BUT!!!....i got my money back from the super duper store owner!...I shall be buying two N E W healthy guys in about 2 weeks..maybe 3... Flick
  14. sweet....what do you plan on putting in it?..and how man LBS of LR??? Flick
  15. lol...i love them. They are still going great.. gtg to bed Flick