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  1. Just high enough to get into the cup. If it's too low, the skimmate will stay in the neck and reduce the effectiveness until you clean it. I notice every once and a while if I feed light or miss a day or two that that's what happens as there isn't enough crap.
  2. Yellow Wrasse died

    http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...&pcatid=386 Also sold as a Chrysus (crisis) wrasse
  3. where to buy cheap new mp10?

    I can tell you that even wholesale is $190+ and Ecotech has strict price controllers for all its authorized sellers. I would wager that if you purchase from eBay or a non-authorized seller that Ecotech would not honor a warranty because you would technically not be the original owner that is written into the warranty contract.
  4. Weirdest thing you have seen at a LFS

    Purple sea slug -- Nearly impossible to keep alive. http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/4316 Also saw a couple of these last week at different stores. Worst fish to have: huge, eats everything, destroys rock work.
  5. The New "Must Have" Clownfish?

    I prefer a $12 tomato/cinnamon but still miss my pink skunk.
  6. Yay! First Candy Cane!

    I do believe they are the same as trumpets but with different colors. My trumpet did not light super high light levels and would not inflate until they were on the bottom of my 40b with a 150w MH. The sweepers are very tiny and wouldn't even reach the other heads, let alone another coral.
  7. 4 chamber bucket sump

    I would make the baffles shorter than the total height of the bucket in case your holes get blocked somehow. That way the water could overflow the top into the next chamber instead of out of the bucket.
  8. New Algae Scrubbers

    You might look into what makes a snake oil salesman, and then look at his product and scheme again...
  9. Do you have a Clownfish?

    My pink skunk jumped yesterday I make get a tomato or fire clown on Friday.
  10. I noticed recently that if I didn't put enough water on the window that it gave me a crazy reading.
  11. If you're worried, you could look into one of the Spectrapure units that claims high efficiency, but that one is $$$.
  12. Sigh... DI Only?

    Just a question, can a DI filter accept the pressure from the tap? But an RO will extend the DI a bit and with that low of TDS the filters will last almost forever compared to most people's.
  13. This is the Coralife ballast. It's about 10lbs and I do believe it is magnetic. Still works with HQI bulbs though obviously.
  14. The used one comes with a new Phoenix bulb which is arguably the best bulb available and much better than a stock FNI bulb. The FNI does have a lighter, electronic ballast though. I don't particularly like the clamp on light fixtures so I ended up hanging mine instead.
  15. where to buy "AC" float switch

    You should use a relay. It would be cheaper than any AC float switch, if you could even find one. Look at autotopoff.com or Aquahub.com