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  1. reefernanoman

    Cutting rocks

    I think they did this with Pukani dry rock (which is what I'm currently working with). Are they similar? I got smart and asked for the rocks to be flat on one side, which made it much easier.
  2. reefernanoman

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - Going Bare Bottom

    Oh man sorry about your troubles! I have gone through that before (remember when my SPS were dying in my fusion 10G for no reason?) and not knowing exactly what happened. Yeah, I've done that before (moving my corals to my second tank to save them). Do it right now before it's too late! My last big issue (my dumb mistake with alk swings) with my SPS was in reverse, where all my sps in my 28G were dying so I had to shove them into my fusion 10G in order for them to survive. Maybe you have chemical warfare going on between so many softies, lps and sps inside your tank? that is one reason I only have SPS in my 10G honestly. I still mix things up in my 28G though. Remember that actual water volume in our tank is about 7G only ( at least with my LR and LS amount, which is not much).
  3. Update for mid December 2016! A super haul from cultivated reef (mostly Acros). I also added a PM1 module and BRS lab grade PH probe for my Apex Jr. New corals: myagi tort, montipora undata, blue monti digi, strawberry fields acro, palmer's blue milli, ORA bird of paradise (went into my other tank), tri color acro, aussie acan red halo (went into my other tank). With this order there are about 32 frags now inside here! A combo of acros and montis. Out of all the acros that I have shoved in here, only two didn't make it, so I'm doing pretty well. My current favorite monti: mystic sunset monti: FTS 12/14/16: My latest video. Check it out:
  4. reefernanoman

    italipinos Biocube 29

    Nice tank.
  5. reefernanoman

    Just bought a 28g nanocube.

    I saw some other guy with an LED nanocube. He's had his for about a year with good sps growth, so I guess the light is enough.
  6. reefernanoman

    Just set up a NC 28 LED

    As my water level is going down, my micro bubbles are disappearing.
  7. I got some big pieces of orange encrusting montipora that broke off while moving it. I also got some nice candy cane colonies with too many heads to count. These corals are fast growers. The montipora pieces are as follows: I got about a 2 and and a half inch piece. asking $20. I got some smaller pieces, one is about 1 and a half inches(asking $10). Asking $20 for the two colonies of candy canes(about 17 heads). Pics: The first is the big montipora, the second is the smaller.
  8. reefernanoman

    Just bought a 28g nanocube.

    thanks for for the reply. I was wondering for how long have you had your led nano cube? How is the growth on your corals? Thanks.
  9. reefernanoman

    The Arid Sea

    Looking good. Don't worry about the placement of your rocks. You will never be satisfied.lol.
  10. reefernanoman

    What you guys think?

    Nice tank. I took down my 75G since I couldn't keep up with the water changes. I think it was because I didn't have a skimmer. I also have a new 28g though. Good luck with your tank.
  11. reefernanoman

    Just set up a NC 28 LED

    I just got the same tank, except I don't have the led one. I didn't have micro bubbles at the beginning, but after I topped it off they began. Hm, maybe it has to do with the water level being too high maybe? I'm sure someone else figured this out already.
  12. reefernanoman

    Just bought a 28g nanocube.

    Does anybody here have experience with the led lighting for the 28g nanocube? The hood is only about $379, and the nano customs retro is $500 plus. I was wondering which light I should go with (nano customs or jbj). Thanks.
  13. reefernanoman

    Just bought a 28g nanocube.

    I went back to my old 150w and t5 combo. I took the hood off and will probably upgrade the hood to the t5 retro kit in about a year. I think these pc lighting would not have cut it for me. About keeping lps under pc, you might be able to keep some low light lps, but you will not get the growth that you get with T5 or mh.
  14. reefernanoman

    moving sale

    I decided to move with this stuff, so I still have the light, sump and the overflow box. Now I live in San Antonio Tx 78251. Price drop on light: $110, and make me an offer on the sump and the overflow box.
  15. reefernanoman

    Just bought a 28g nanocube.

    My 24g nanocube browser broke (i had 150mh light on it), so I found a great deal on a quad pc nanocube. I had phenomenoal growth from my encrusting montiporas and Birds nest sps. Will the light on the quad pc be enough for my sps? I will probably upgrade to LED lighting from nano customs in the future but for now I'm stuck with the pc lights. What do you guys think? Thanks for any replies.