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  1. I think they did this with Pukani dry rock (which is what I'm currently working with). Are they similar? I got smart and asked for the rocks to be flat on one side, which made it much easier.
  2. Oh man sorry about your troubles! I have gone through that before (remember when my SPS were dying in my fusion 10G for no reason?) and not knowing exactly what happened. Yeah, I've done that before (moving my corals to my second tank to save them). Do it right now before it's too late! My last big issue (my dumb mistake with alk swings) with my SPS was in reverse, where all my sps in my 28G were dying so I had to shove them into my fusion 10G in order for them to survive. Maybe you have chemical warfare going on between so many softies, lps and sps inside your tank? that is one reason I only have SPS in my 10G honestly. I still mix things up in my 28G though. Remember that actual water volume in our tank is about 7G only ( at least with my LR and LS amount, which is not much).
  3. Update for mid December 2016! A super haul from cultivated reef (mostly Acros). I also added a PM1 module and BRS lab grade PH probe for my Apex Jr. New corals: myagi tort, montipora undata, blue monti digi, strawberry fields acro, palmer's blue milli, ORA bird of paradise (went into my other tank), tri color acro, aussie acan red halo (went into my other tank). With this order there are about 32 frags now inside here! A combo of acros and montis. Out of all the acros that I have shoved in here, only two didn't make it, so I'm doing pretty well. My current favorite monti: mystic sunset monti: FTS 12/14/16: My latest video. Check it out:
  4. Honestly no. I had to my RG for like 5 years and he grew very big (like 3+ inches). I think that he would be too big for a fusion 10G like ours. Of it was up to me, I would only have the high fin in there and that's it.
  5. How big is your six line? It must have been a very small juvenile TPS, because when I had mine full grown (like 1.5+ inches) he was pretty vicious with that big ol snapper of his. Is this is your 10G fusion teeny?
  6. Enjoy the endless sand storms! Sometimes I regret putting mine in .
  7. Just put it my order! Last time I received some very beautiful and big frags!
  8. Update for mid November 2016. Video and FTS for mid November. The 7 Acros are still alive: FTS 11/17/16: Video. Now with live talk:
  9. Oh OK. I know that when I had my BTA healthy, it would stop moving at 65% (A160we and Nanocube 28G). All my other corals (easy montis, LPS and zoas) grow pretty well under 65% intensity.
  10. Probably not. I only have two fish and a shrimp in mine though. I do have a ton of corals. That desktop IM skimmer was loud, and I felt it didn't do much. I got rid of mine and depend on the 1G weekly water changes, dosing and light feeding.
  11. I just remove it from my tank and never see it again. Watch out for them little emerald guys. I have heard of them turning into little monsters than can eat coral and anything they can catch too. Everything looks happy! I have seen some really nice Iphone camera pics of tanks. People use filters etc. I have an S7 edge and a DSLR, but if I use manual mode in either, the pictures will be trash (for my tanks). I have to tweak both cameras and my light in order to get some good pics .
  12. One A160we wasn't enough for what? I have a mixed reef 28G NC and it has worked really well for me. The only thing I haven't tried is Acros.
  13. Oh yeah, I sent them like 10 emails at all times of the day/night and even on the weekends (not to mention the text messages) with all kinds of questions about my order. CR customer support is top notch indeed . Oh yeah, and they sent me mini colonies, not even frags .
  14. I went through the same thing pretty much. After adding more SPS and fuzzy ones like the screaming green birdsnest, I miss them less.
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