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  1. tank looks awesome! nice and clean.. for now. hehe... keep us posted!
  2. JLTRUK... yea.. i saw one that you described at PetKingdom down in San Diego.. $74. looks pretty good.
  3. picture please..interested
  4. interested.. hook it up.. provide pic too. thanx
  5. FishingInMyNano, Like you tank!! excellent work. I'm trying to set up either a 15L or 20L but I'm having a hard time finding a 15L. Where did you get urs?? Thanks.
  6. can i get one with only 2 bulb??
  7. need speakers for 99 Civic Si (any SONY brand 3 way speakers?) i'll take an INTAKE too if the price is good for a good piece! How bout this... ask your friend to email me the list of stuff he has in stock and I'll select the ones i want and email the list back to you or him email: jlim1@san.rr.com thanx.
  8. lets see a pic of the hood please. thanks
  9. what size is the nano?
  10. the galaxy looks awesome!!
  11. wow.. i wish i can topoff every 2-3 days... but instead i gotta topoff everyday... my water evaporate too much.. no clue why.
  12. you can basically put them wherever and they'll attach themselves to the surface. after that, they'll start spreading. I know some people like to put the GSP on the backwall and let it grow all over it. I've seen one before and it looks really nice. Good luck.